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Andrew Bartosik
May 20, 2017 10:57 PM

Good write, sir. I skimmed most but read the part about being for servicemembers, and true patriotism

Found this site by way of a card sitting on a table at Alley Cat.

L. Brooks
August 2, 2017 10:58 AM

Satan is over man’s governments including the military-Matt 4:10;Rev 13. Jehovah God thru His Son Jesus Christ will replace ALL of man’s govts with their heavenly Kingdom rule shortly-Dan 2:44;Matt 24:14;Matt 6:9,10;John 18:36; Psalms 83:18. Man was never meant to rule over themselves and those who are traitors of Jehovah’s heavenly Kingdom rule like apostate counterfeit hypocritical bloodguilty traitorous so-called Christians of Christendom churches will be destroyed at Armageddon shortly-Jer 10:23;Matt 7:21-24;Rev 16:14,16; Psalms 37:10;Jer 25:33. Jehovah God and Jesus Christ and the heavenly angels won’t feel sorry to see them gone forever-Ezek 7:3,4;Ezek 3:17-21;Rev 21:1-5. Jehovah God will very… Read more »

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