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Daily Ghion Water

Happy Friday all, in honor of “International Get to the Point Day” (that is not really a thing but we can make it one since everything else has a day), here is your Daily Ghion Water.

#MeToo Going too Far?

There had already been rumblings from men and even some women, including actress Catherine Deneuve, about #MeToo going too far, with claims of “witch hunts” derailing men’s careers and criminalizing commonly accepted sexual relations between men and women. Grace’s story sparked a rift between those wanting #MeToo to remain squarely focused on ending legally defined harassment and assault, and those who want so much more: to change the dynamics of all male-female interactions, whether in the boardroom or the bedroom. Indeed, reshaping the standards for how we interact is critical, and that will happen only when both men and women take initiative. [from Truthdig]

Shithole Policies are Bipartisan

The Nobel Peace Prize Obama, droned more black and brown countries than his predecessors (10 times more strikes in his first year than that of Bush), threw Libya into a failed state and created a massive slave trade, and not a word of pushback from liberal media or those who are now claiming offense of Trump’s words. Obama was so blatant about his lust for droning, that he and his administration created the Disposition Matrix, informally known as a kill list, a database of information for tracking, capturing, rendering, or killing suspected enemies of the US. This kill list was developed by the Obama administration beginning in 2010, however the “Disposition Matrix” went beyond an existing kill lists and intended to become a permanent fixture of U.S. policy. The process determining criteria for killing is not public and was heavily shaped by National counter-terrorism Director and former (CIA) Director John Brennan. A kill list that ultimately killed American citizens without due process or cause…implemented by the first black president! [from Politics Peach]

Bit Player or Bitcoin Future?

If bitcoin and its equivalents could deliver what its champions promise, what’s not to like? Even allowing for the recent gyrations, if you had bought $100 in bitcoin back in 2011, your investment would be worth millions today. But intuitively, it hardly seems believable that an instrument that bears many of the hallmarks of a classic speculative bubble realistically represents a cure for the ills described by Hayek. Having risen to a high of around $20,000 by mid-December, the price has recently fallen by almost half. The real question now seems to be whether this fall will have broader implications for the economy as a whole. [from Naked Capitalism]

Cancerous Corporatism Has No Limits

Few marketing gambits have been as successful as Pharma’s elevation of everyday symptoms into “mental illness.” The campaign has enabled Pharma to aggregate “patient” groups to petition lawmakers, insurers and Medicaid and Medicare for payment of high-priced psychiatric drugs. It has allowed groups like the Pharma-funded Active Minds and NAMI to infiltrate college campuses and proclaim the ups and downs of growing up and college life are “mental illness”––thus growing the market. And now it has even infiltrated Boston’s Museum of Science. [from Alter Net]

From College to Culture

I am not denying that there is a new type of rhetoric on the left that is critical of free speech as a social value, and I am certainly not denying that it is particularly prevalent among student activists. I happen to think that the instinct to shut down rather than persuade is politically ineffective and I’m very concerned by the damage that this instinct has been doing to the left’s cause. But I also know that “the most extreme examples you can find on Twitter” are not representative of “young people generally,” and that nobody who is searching for the cases that confirm their thesis (while ignoring the tens of thousands that don’t) is producing a reliable account of the world. [from Current Affairs]

First They Nibble, Then Comes the Chomp

Just Security wrote on the misrepresentation of the bill, relating that despite many lawmaker’s claim that the powers granted to the NSA would not target Americans, in reality, the law would permit exactly that. They also noted that the bill would hardly be used to target only terrorists or enemy combatants: “The NSA’s own slides on Section 702 describe it as collecting on topics such as “energy” and “political affairs.” [from Disobedient Media]

One of the Greatest Speeches Ever

This Day in History

1947- The French open a drive on Hue, Indochina. Only two years after the war that was supposed to end all wars, another war starts anon in East Asia. This war would eventually draw the US into the Vietnam War, proof that wars of imperialism never end, they just evolve and kill more humans.

Quote of the Day

“Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered – either by themselves or by others.” ~ Mark Twain

Profile of the Day

The picture you see above is of Queen Taitu and King Menelik II of Ethiopia. When Italy tried to colonize the only speck of land that was not colonized in “Africa” in 1891, Queen Taitu and King Menelik II rallied their nation to take on their would be oppressors. The whole of what was then called Abyssinia banded together and repelled the invading army from Europe. The Battle of Adwa, which was discussed in this Ghion Cast, became a seminal moment in history as Ethiopia became the first “African” nation to defeat a colonial power. Ethiopia gave hope to millions of recently freed slaves and oppressed people throughout the world. You can read more about Queen Taitu by clicking on this link.

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