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FBI obtained warrant to covertly monitor former Trump campaign advisor

As the Trump administration keeps trying to distance itself from the Russia scandal, another connection to possible Russian influence within his campaign staff has come to light.

Last summer, the FBI obtained a warrant to secretly surveil Carter Page, a former Donald Trump aide.

In the summer of 2016, at the height of Trump’s run to the White House, the warrant was granted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), according to a report by the Washington Post.

In order to secure a secret FISA warrant, the FBI and the Justice Department both had to show probable cause that Page was acting on behalf of Russia.

The FISA warrant was part of the larger investigation into possible ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign during the election. Officials also said Page was the only American monitored under the FISA warrant.

House and Senate Intelligence committees are both investigating Trump’s campaign organizers, and the possible connection to Kremlin influence during the primaries as well as the general election.

Page, a former investment banker, was targeted after admitting that he met with a Russian spy in 2013 while based in Moscow, but continues to deny any connection between his relationship with a Russian spy, and the Trump campaign.

“This confirms all of my suspicions about unjustified, politically motivated government surveillance. I have nothing to hide.”

Page and the White House continue to deny all allegations of impropriety or illegal activities.

FISA warrants are rarely granted, and require the approval from both FBI and DoJ officials. The FIA warrant for Page was initially granted for a 90-day period, and was renewed multiple times as the investigation has continued to unfold.

The initial warrant application also reportedly claimed Page was in communication with other Russian agents in addition to the spy he already admitted meeting with in 2013.

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