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Sometimes I feel like movies are a metaphor of my life. I have learned so many lessons through flicks; many times the lessons are evident, other times the messages are hidden within the narrative. One of my favorite TV shows growing up was “the Wonder Years” where the main character named Kevin would relate his life through his favorite movies and shows. Some will see the irony of me channeling Kevin and using “the Wonder Years” as an allegory of my own life for that was the premise of that show. I am sure though that I’m not the only one who does this; all of us distill life’s ups and downs by using movies as analogies of our lives.

This afternoon, while talking with a few co-workers about life, this dude proceeds to tell me about the horrendous night he had the previous evening and how he made a fool of himself. But he did one thing that made me nod my head in approval; instead of hiding in shame and letting regret be his status, he decided to own the whole story and made light of his failings. Perfect! This man is going to be OK in life I thought to myself for there are no mistakes if we: A) learn from them and B) don’t let the mistakes own us.

I used to say all the time “own news before news owns you”. I said this as a throw away line not too long ago, but the past two years of deep self-reflection and inspections of my life have led me to this one revelation. Guilt and shame are the building blocks of anxiety and depression. The growing pains we go through in life serve to make us better people as long as we see the oversights that we make as a process of continual improvement.

Companies like Google and Apple became successful based on this very notion of continuous improvement. Whether this process is called lean six sigma or Kaizen method is irrelevant, what matters is the concept of launching a product they know to be flawed and then go about continuously modifying the product and bettering it over time. They don’t wait for the perfect product before they launch, they launch an imperfect product and then perfect it over time. This is life in a nutshell; the mistakes and missteps that we make are nothing but us perfecting ourselves as we go.

There are no mistakes in life. This is a mantra I had to repeat on loop back until it sunk in, I finally understood that my past lapses were nothing more than a means for me to enhance my knowledge and in time apply the lessons that I learned from what I once thought were failures. But this world being what it is, our past will be dug up and used against us as cudgels and baseball bats. In the age of social media and Google, a mistake we made in a flash becomes a permanent record that can be pulled up with a few strokes of and some clicks. Bones no longer exist in a closet; our secrets and past lives are made evident by even the most amateur detective (read nosy coworker or neighbor).

In this age of instant information, all of us are reduced to anxieties and worried that past errors in judgement can come back to haunt us. The news is full of one politician after another getting exposed for lewd behavior and this practice has trickled down to people who are not public figures. Lest anyone think this is good, the same way that a teacher gets fired for posting a rant about her boss could be the way you get the ax for posting a status about politics or social trends. We have become a society of a circular firing squad; everyone has an itchy trigger finger aimed at someone else even as we have a nuzzle pointed at our own temples.

The way out of this jam is to do precisely what Rabbit did on 8 Mile and, in a way, what my co-worker did as he told me about his most embarrassing evening. Do not wait for the news to break; you break the news first and in the process own the narrative. The mistake public figures make all the time is letting fear dictate their decisions. The public is forgiving if we sense someone is authentic; we are like piranhas in a feeding frenzy if we sense any level of deception and duplicity. Instead of waiting for the news cycle to wrap them in a cocoon of sensationalism, those who are caught up in a maelstrom should step up immediately to the mic and own up to their failings.

That is the profound aspect of the final rap battle between Rabbit (Eminem) and Papa Doc. Rabbit knew what was coming; he knew that Papa Doc was going to use his past and humiliating aspects of his life against him in the climactic freestyle duel. So Rabbit did what every public relations expert must have been gleefully endorsing, he grabbed the mic and owned every detail of his life and then pivoted to shred Papa Doc for being a fraud that he is. Rabbit took his weakness and made it his strength by humanizing his shortcomings and then turned Papa Doc’s strength into feebleness by exposing his bravado as counterfeit bullshit. Brilliant!

The takeaway from this scene and the movie as a whole is that we don’t have to let the past define us. There is no need to be ashamed of the past for the past is what led us to the wisdom that we have at this moment. Next time someone tries to diminish you by using your failures against you, do not shrink into the shadows. Puff up your chest and own the information and in the process turn a perceived weakness into strength. None among us is flawless for all of us have made many mistakes in the past. Let us look backwards always in thankfulness as a means of acknowledging how far we have come—never look back in regret or else that 8 Mile will become an indefinite road called regret. #8MileLessons

The root of our power is the very source our our perceived weakness. Fear becomes strength the minute we uncover this axiom.~ Serendipity’s Trace

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Check out the final battle between Rabbit (Eminem) and Papa Doc, a DOPE freestyle. Eminem belongs in the top 10 of all time greatest rappers. 

Check out this Ghion Cast below that talks about Candle Blowers, people who make it their point to blow at our blessings, and how to deal with those who make a profession of trying to extinguish the light of others. 

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Blowtorches for the Sake of the Gentry! Wed, 24 May 2017 15:13:55 +0000 Once you step away from the madness of it all and look back, the sheer absurdity of society’s miscues starts coming into clear focus. We are so trained to look at the leaves of injustice that we miss the trees as well as the forest. Henry David Thoreau once noted that there are a thousand hacking at

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Once you step away from the madness of it all and look back, the sheer absurdity of society’s miscues starts coming into clear focus. We are so trained to look at the leaves of injustice that we miss the trees as well as the forest. Henry David Thoreau once noted that there are a thousand hacking at the branches of injustice for every one that is hacking at its roots. Sadder yet, we end up hacking at each other thinking that we are fighting for justice when in reality we are just watering the tree of iniquity with our sweat, tears and blood.

It took a rendezvous with hardship and a dance with lady indigence for me to shed my ideological blinders and realize that humanity suffers outside the confines of politics and partisan talking points There was a time not too long ago where I used to go ham on all Republicans and found sheer enjoyment skewering conservatives in order to defend the honor of a president that I never met and a man who could care not care any less about me. I found my identity through politics and saw everything through partisan prisms. Thus, accepting the label of a loyal Democrat begat the need to declare a holy war on anyone else who did not think like me.

This is the futility of being a partisan parrot, while I was feigning to care about justice, what I cared more was my political beliefs. In the process, I used the pains of people in order to prove the superiority of my political convictions. This is the poison of politics; it reduces human suffering into intellectual debating points as too many use injustice as nothing more than political footballs. Opportunism trumps virtue as time and time again people let politics get in the way of both common sense and decency towards our fellow neighbors. This is why our nation, and by extension the world, is seemingly going to the dogs. The common folk are willing to take bullets to defend the honor of the aristocrats who are at the core of global tribulation.

All sides do this, the “right” and conservatives are willing to pick up pitchforks in order to skiver anyone who dares criticizes Donald Trump and their political idols. The “left” and liberals gleefully do the same as they step into the breach in order to defend the honor of Barack Obama and their ideological deities. Barack Obama and Donald Trump have this one thing in common; they used the hopes of their adherents and the antipathy of their base in order to emotionally manipulate the masses and gain power. Cognitive dissonance being what it is, the loyalists who elected both refuse to see that both sides got played for fools and will go down with the ship before they awaken to the fact that they are defending con artists who sold them dreams.

We keep conflating the achievements of the elites as some sort of accomplishment for the masses. This is how the upper crust of society continues to crush the hopes of the rest. We elected the “first black president” only to see Obama catering to the whims of Wall Street as he funneled over $14,000,000,000,000 to the same gnomes who crippled this economy as he paid nothing but lip service to his most loyal supporters. Trump does one even better as he got elected by promising to “make America great again” even though he spent his whole life swindling everyday Americans by declaring endless bankruptcy and stiffing Joe the plumbers and construction workers who built his empire. The rich got rich by shitting on all of us, as we go around protesting our circumstance we continue to throw roses at the very anuses who gave us the feces we wallow in. This would be laughable if it was not so tragic.

Not only are some unwilling to change their minds and reflect within, they go one step further and are willing to declare an Armageddon to protect the legacy of their political heroes. This tendency goes beyond just the most obtuse useful lemmings, friendships have been lost and marriages destroyed over something as absurd as political differences. Social media is a fascinating yet sad commentary on the state of our society as grown adults revert to childish antics in order to demolish people they never met with the most hateful and vile language. This is how .001% of our society is able to lord over the rest; we are convinced and programmed to fight each other instead of uniting to defend our common interests. If people would just reflect for a second, they would realize that  the “base” of both parties and the various political wings are fighting for the same thing and are being outraged by the same injustices. We let political differences get in the way of our common interests.

But who has time for common sense when we are relishing the scuttlebutt. So society keeps hacking away at the branches of iniquity all the while their folly is nurturing the roots of injustice. This is what happens when human suffering is turned into a game and when we turn the rich and famous into political idols. While we declare war defending the honor of politicians and the gentry we will never meet, those same elite and upper crust of society laugh as they fly by in their Leer jets as the rest of us are struggling to pay our rent. We fight over crumbs worshiping the aristocracy while the gentry dismiss us by saying “let them eat Monsanto cake!” #Blowtorches4Gentry

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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Watch the Ghion Cast below as I discuss how both parties make suckers out of all of us and play us for fools. When we stop fighting over political idols and fight instead for each other, we can arrive one day at universal justice. 


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Blues that Birth Beautiful Tunes: Relish All of It Tue, 23 May 2017 23:39:15 +0000 Do you remember those paintings where you stare at a focal point and all the sudden a picture appears out of in the midst of random dots? I wish I did; no matter how hard I tried to see the picture everyone swore they saw, each time I glared into the frame, all I got

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Do you remember those paintings where you stare at a focal point and all the sudden a picture appears out of in the midst of random dots? I wish I did; no matter how hard I tried to see the picture everyone swore they saw, each time I glared into the frame, all I got back in return was the same pixelated dots that I saw ten minutes earlier. Every time I heard someone say “oh I see it!”, I would get vexed and be moved to try yet again. I literally tried for years to see the picture that everyone saw except me.

Irony. This allegory was nothing more than a theme of my life story. So intent was I in seeing something that was not there, I would keep analyzing and trying to make something materialize which refused to come into clear focus. Thus, I spent most of my twenties and thirties chasing my own tail. No matter how much I accomplished and achievements I checked off, all I kept seeing was a pixelated existence of happiness. This tendency of mine haunted me even as I attained all that I could have wanted in life. I thought I had the love of my life, I landed a job at one of the consulting firms that people nod their heads over when I told them here I worked at, got a masters degree at a university that would make people say “wow” each time uttered the name.

Yet external conquests refused to beget internal joys. I was a tree planted by the water but I kept finding myself sauntering in the desert. Temporary happiness followed by lulls of emptiness, in time I crashed and dejection became my existence. All the sudden, my status went from hollow to exigent adversity. My first taste of profound ennui struck me in 2007 right in the midst of a season of abundance. Bracketed by good fortunes, I felt nonetheless like I was being pinched by turmoil and uncertainty. It was at that time I opened up the bible desperate to find some sort of light in the midst of my darkest moment.

A random flip of the page landed me on Jeremiah 17:8. What I read spoke to me, but I yet to gain the wisdom to understand what the verse was trying to teach me. With an trembling heart but an unknowing mind, I read the following words:

“Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD. For he will be like a bush in the desert And will not see when prosperity comes, But will live in stony wastes in the wilderness, A land of salt without inhabitant. Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD. For he will be like a tree planted by the water, That extends its roots by a stream And will not fear when the heat comes; But its leaves will be green, And it will not be anxious in a year of drought Nor cease to yield fruit” ~ Jeremiah 17:6-8

These words were meant to heal the very pains I carried in my heart since I was a child. The first gash at my heart took away my innocence before I was old enough to understand iniquity. From the first time malice patted me on my forehead and discomforted my soul, I was greeted by one too many incidents that made me decide to turn my life away from God and to chase flesh instead. My walk in the desert began the minute I blamed God for my circumstance; each tribulation only furthered my resolve to rebel against my once source of happiness.

There was a time when I was young where I wanted to actually minister and be a part of the church. This desire of mine I crumbled up and tossed into the fireplace when I kept seeing men who were pretending to be of God using their position to take advantage of others. Add on top of this memories of seeing the closest person to me hurt herself in ways that still gnaw at my spirits as memories of her inert body still visit me in my dreams, I had enough of God and chose to manage all outcomes in my life. I became a control autocrat; a czar intent on accounting for all variables and charting my own future. I had no need for God in my life; my ego became my master even as I thought my ego was serving me.

This was all fine and dandy as long as it was just me. But the minute someone else came into my life and love became a variable I could not longer control, I started to fray at the edges. I went from serving my ego as God to serving the source of my affection as my lord. But I would learn this one lesson, no one likes a needy person and nobody wants someone who does not have a mystery about themselves. I lost my first love the minute I started fearing losing her. It took more than a decade of continual heartbreak and banging my head into the wall before the ex factor became a factor no more.

It was during one of my breakups that I broke apart into the chasm of sadness. For years, I danced between fulfillment and desolation. It’s only now that I look back and finally understand what Jeremiah 17:8 was telling me! Wisdom gained through two years of mind bending tribulation made me finally submit and give control over to a power greater than my ego. Though I still struggle to control for all variables, the more I have faith, the more the abundance pats me on my forehead–it’s like I’m living my youth in reverse as understanding replaces insolence. Eight months ago, tears and fears were my normal and I’m not talking about the band from the 80’s. To say I was planted in a desert is to do my situation no justice; I was rooted deep in the scorching sands of a wasteland that is depression.

As I gave up on myself, God refused to give up on me. One person after the other was sent into my life to keep the ember of hope kindled even as I wanted nothing more than my candle to be snuffed out. Many things happened along the way that led me away from dejection and delivered me to this path of redemption. One of the earliest kind acts I remember that gave me hope was something that most would look upon as a minor gesture. One day about 9 months ago–when I went to the laundry room to put my clothes into the drier after taking a nap–I found my clothes not only put in the drier for me, they were then folded neatly and put into my hamper. To this day, I have no idea who did that for me, I just remember a spark of hope where there was none before that moment.

A spark soon enough led to fireworks. A most sublime connection led to a five hour conversation. A five hour conversation led to an emotional connection. A hello gave way to a butterfly that continues to bless me with encouraging words as she washes away the hurts others visited upon me with loving advice and encouraging words that moved me to start Ghion Journal and in the process to stop looking backwards. In the midst of the desert, when I learned to have faith in God again and decided to stop being in control, the hot sands shifted into brooks as my leaves bloomed in the very place where I once only had sticks and a stony existence.

It was my need to see the picture when I wanted that prevented me from seeing the picture to begin with. If only I learned to relax and let the picture come to me, I could have avoided a prolonged pixelated state of distress. But this too is a blessing, the only way I gained this wisdom to be in the moment is by first going through the hardship. Too often we keep chasing happiness not realizing that we have to go through the sad parts of life before we realize the blessings that come after wards. I write this not as a preacher or a minister but as a person who endured hell and emerged on the other end better off than I did when I went through it.

For those who struggle and find themselves in sorrow, please hang tight and in time there will come a better tomorrow. Life might never be a bed of roses and daisies might not always greet our footsteps, but if we learn to appreciate the muddy moments, in that same mud one day will grow a beautiful flower that will bless you when you least expect it. I went from a caterpillar always searching for happiness to being cocooned in utter distress. Temesgen, to God is the glory, I found a butterfly at the end of my exodus and for that I am eternally thankful. I finally see the picture after twenty years of staring, come to find out I was looking in all the wrong places. #RelishAllOfIt

” It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.” ~ Psalms 118:8-9

One desert

Led to this abundance

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Hate that Begets More Hate: This is Cyclical Insanity Tue, 23 May 2017 15:02:02 +0000 When I wrote the article yesterday titled “The Wolf We Feed”, I wanted to highlight the choices we have in life and how these choices have a direct implication on whether the trajectory of our lives bends towards happiness or bitterness. But I left out one central facet in the presentation for there is a wider

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When I wrote the article yesterday titled “The Wolf We Feed”, I wanted to highlight the choices we have in life and how these choices have a direct implication on whether the trajectory of our lives bends towards happiness or bitterness. But I left out one central facet in the presentation for there is a wider ramification beyond just our own happiness that comes along with the decision to repay hatred with yet more hate. When a society chooses the zeitgeist of hostility instead of opting for kindness, that society will eventually consume itself.

I write this in light of the senseless bombing in Manchester, England which took the lives of 22 civilians, including young children that only the most depraved and wicked would choose to harm. Let me make one thing clear, there is no justification in this world that allows for the taking of innocent lives. People who target civilians and try to claim they are serving God or a greater good are serving only the devil himself. Apply this to ANYONE or any nation that goes after civilians and rationalizes this act by using holy books or fancy words like “collator damage”. What occurred yesterday is not an anomaly; on a daily basis civilians and innocent lives are being ripped apart and torn to shreds by an endless war that is being declared in the name of power and money. We only take a second look when the bombs explode in a city that is like ours yet we overlook the endless ordinances that explode in city after city from Syria, Libya and beyond.

The root of terrorism is revenge and the feeble leaders we keep electing who think of it as virtue to declare war for the sake of keeping us safe. This is absurdity of the highest magnitude. George Carlin once said, fighting wars for peace is the equivalent of fucking for virginity. Excuse my language, but there are certain statements that are so profound that I’m willing to risk offending sensibilities. The absurdity is not in the curse word as much as the sheer insanity Carlin’s joke exposes. How much longer will we keep declaring wars before we realize that these wars are only begetting more warfare?

Sixteen years after 9/11, the absurd“war against terror” ravages on with no end in sight. Tens of thousands of American soldiers lost, hundreds of thousands coming back home with PTSD and war horrors, millions of civilians lives lost and displaced from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and beyond. Yet almost 20 years later, we are at a stalemate. The ones who benefit from this perpetual war are the “jihadist” bomb makers in the Middle East and the corporate nihilists weapons manufacturers on Wall Street.

There are other beneficiaries who are making a killing as the killing continues:

  • politicians who slither their tongues feigning patriotism while having none of it
  • pundits and “terror” experts on TV and social media who sell copious books as they smile with glee each time a bomb explodes for tattered bodies beget more books and guest appearances
  • The yellow press mainstream media who get to air live broadcasts of crying mothers and dead children with news hounds pretending to be shocked when all along they are just chasing ratings and clicks
  • The brokers on all sides who use senseless killing to gain more adherents and followers and in the process acquire more power as their people succumb to sheer terror


This is an indication of a planet that is sick and in dire need of an intervention. We are letting people full of bravado march us right over the cliff while they use the globe as a chessboard. When will realize that hatred will not drive out hatred? How much longer before we understand that adding fuel to the fire will only lead to infernos that consume yet more innocent lives? We have come to accept human suffering and mini-genocides committed in the name of the industrial-financial complex as a cost of doing business. But this cost cannot be locally contained, the bombs that tatter lives in far off places eventually boomerang in our own cities and homes.

As long as there continues to be a profit motive in wars and conflicts can inflate the bottom and top lines of corporations who are enmeshed in warfare, the mindless menace of terror will continue ad infinitum. Too often we let our political leaders cut for stones as they misdirect the public debate from the root cause of terrorism and keep us focused on the symptoms. What is being done to us is the same thing that people like Osama bin Laden in the past and now ISIS is doing to their lot. The masses are emotionally manipulated to react to the outcome but few question the reasons why these wars keep erupting, anyone that tries to look beyond the surface is immediately libeled as a terrorist sympathizer. Our mass media does to people who question official narratives by way of character assassination what ISIS does with a knife to people who are branded collaborators. When it comes to terrorists, the ones who pull the trigger are no different than the ones who supply them. Terrorism is one big circle with instigators on all sides needing one another in order to perpetuate conflict and consolidate power.

When will we get leaders who will be brave enough to say stop and broker a cease-fire in this never ending warfare we have entangled ourselves and the world into? Perhaps it is time to stop blaming the malignant upper crust of society for we only get the government we deserve. Politicians are just a projection of our brokenness as they are only emulating the contempt we keep unleashing on each other. Malice towards all has become the our motto as people justify vile rhetoric by saying “I was hurt first”. Some don’t even understand that their guiding light is actually a flame as they go around bashing “white people”, excoriating Muslims, shellacking Mexicans, and castigating anyone that does not look like them. Exclusionary talk is the new normal; we have turned into a society of trolls that screams victim when we are attacked yet most have no problem victimizing others.

May the victims of terror in Manchester rest in peace. Likewise may the victim of the military-financial terror complex who perish in Aleppo, Sana’a and throughout the world rest in peace. May the mothers who cry as they miss their perished children be comforted and their hearts be healed. If we cry for England, may we have the heart to cry for Afghanistan too. Above all, I pray that we pause and reflect and seek healing within our hearts. Maybe when we learn to be more forgiving and forbearing with each other, we will finally start to rehabilitate the world and in time get leaders who want to mend this planet instead of electing politicians who want to terrorize this world as they let revenge be their moral compass. Love is power, revenge is cowardice–may love win the day. #LetLoveWin

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Please listen with an open heart to the words spoken by Robert Kennedy Jr., may he rest in peace, he was speaking love to this world before hate took him away. 

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The Wolf that We Feed: Vengeance or Forbearance Tue, 23 May 2017 01:50:53 +0000 Sometimes I feel like it is utterly pointless to talk about forgiveness and kindness. Not only because of the paradigm of anger and animus that we find ourselves drowning in, but also because of my own inability to get my heart to understand what my mind knows to be true. When someone harms us, enmity

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Sometimes I feel like it is utterly pointless to talk about forgiveness and kindness. Not only because of the paradigm of anger and animus that we find ourselves drowning in, but also because of my own inability to get my heart to understand what my mind knows to be true. When someone harms us, enmity is a reflexive response; it seems only natural to be pissed off when someone pains us so. Yet my own journeys over the years have shown me that there is nothing as futile as returning fire with fire and repaying injustice with acrimony.

For years I used to dismiss the wisdom of elders who used to tell me that forbearance was a better way forward. I thought turning the other cheek was a sign of weakness that invites yet more mistreatment. Using the rhetoric of self-defense as a way of justifying petulance, most of my adult life was spent wreaking rhetorical infernos on anyone who came at me with a matchstick. In the age of social media, the need to sear and burn anyone who utters the slightest disrespect at us is the new norm. Everyone thus claims that they are being trolled yet no one claims the title of being a troll. It’s always someone else’s fault and we are always the aggrieved party. This paradigm of claiming victimization is turning our society into a morass of endless conflicts. For every one person that extends grace, there are a thousand who declare warfare.

I had a conversation yesterday with pastor Lewis Brightheart. I asked him how to forgive those who go out of their way to be petty and vindictive. I told him about my continual prayer to one day genuinely pray for people who seem to get enjoyment by trying to break others. This is one of my biggest weaknesses, my mind knows that people who do this—those who get enjoyment by tormenting others and elevating themselves by debasing others—are only doing so because they are hurt themselves. People really do one of two things when they are spiritually fractured, they lash out and try to injure others or they lash in and hurt themselves. The right thing to do in both cases is to be kind to those who are spiteful for they are only doing what they do because hopelessness has robbed them of happiness and purpose.

But what I know to be true, that people only hurt because they are hurting too, runs head on into my own brokenness. My natural inclination is to make people smile and to make sure others are having a good time. But this inclination is instantly abrogated when I am met with the slightest of belligerence. When I perceive others are trying to diminish me or trying to shine at my expense, whatever jovial nature I have is withdrawn and I lead instead with vengeance. You know that saying “how did that work out for you?”. Seeking retribution and trying to always get the last word has not been very good to me, to put it mildly. In many ways, my need to pay back hatred with animus is what landed me on a two year journey of repentance that was not of my own choosing.

Distracted by reflecting on this this travel of mine, pastor Lightheart told me a story that brought me right back to the present moment. He told me a Native American folklore of a son who was asking his father about life and the way to pursue happiness. The father turned to his son and told him:

“We all have two wolves inside us, there is the wolf of goodness and kindness and there is a wolf of evil and wickedness. The people we become and the lives we will beget depends on which wolf we choose to feed”.

This story made the most profound impact on me. We can’t control and account for the endless variables in this long journey called life. Live long enough and all of us will be visited with one injustice or another; none of us can escape the slings and arrows of injuries that others will imbue in our hearts. Agony is an invariable aspect of life, we can’t mitigate pain nor can we guarantee those who we love won’t pass it on to us. Yet, no matter how cruel of a hand we are dealt, the one thing we can control is how we react to injustice. Happiness in this way becomes a choice; we can choose to feed the wolf of vengeance and that wolf will in time devour us. Or we can choose to nourish the wolf of kindness within us and in time that wolf will liberate us. I am writing this as much for myself as I am for the reader, if I do not find a way to forgive those who hurt me, seething indignation will be my lifetime sentence.

The only way forward is kindness. The other way of animosity and revenge is bankrupt and will lead to nothing but emptiness. The easy road is to respond with emotion and to pay back hate with yet more hatefulness. Trust me when I tell you this, easy paths will lead to nothing but the dead end of loneliness and sorrow. The harder path—but the one that bears fruit—is to be kind to even those who are unkind to you. I have a long way to get there for my first reaction is still to return fire; two years of seeing the utter uselessness of this option has yet to loosen my heart of this conniption. But someone very close to me said to me last evening “we can say one day or we can see today as day one”. Day one starts with me deciding to feed the wolf of kindness and pray in time that the wolf of love will drive out the wolf that still wants to seek revenge. #WolfWeFeed

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss the duality of life and how we go by going through darkness in order to reach the light of love within us.


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Pence and the Pious: Between the Sanctimonious and the Hypocrites Mon, 22 May 2017 16:03:35 +0000 I wonder which party is worse. Is it the Democrats who pretend to be for justice while hobbling the masses into indigence with their pernicious monetary policies? Or is it the sanctimonious Republicans who pretend to be for family values and Christian principles while they implement policies that are the polar opposite of everything Jesus

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I wonder which party is worse. Is it the Democrats who pretend to be for justice while hobbling the masses into indigence with their pernicious monetary policies? Or is it the sanctimonious Republicans who pretend to be for family values and Christian principles while they implement policies that are the polar opposite of everything Jesus stood for? But then it dawns on me that this a pointless deliberation; trying to decide who is worse between the jackasses and elephants who have thoroughly monopolized power through anti-trust behaviors is like trying to decide which is worse between cancer and heart disease.

Both parties are lethal and injurious to the masses for their raison d’etre is to transfer money from the masses to the few who have hijacked our nation. Political theater prevents the public from seeing the true nefarious nature of these two political parties as too many are focused on the day to day soap opera going on in DC to understand that we are all being fleeced blindly by the fiscal and monetary policies of this two-faction farce we are led to believe is a Democracy. Where Republicans serve their wealthy patrons on Wall Street by way of tax cuts and catering to the whims of rent-seeking corporations, Democrats do the same thing by implementing monetary policies (see Quantitative Easing and ZIRP) that serve to transfer wealth from the very people they supposedly speak for to the plutocrats they pretend to be against.

We are a nation that is being led by hypocrites on one end and pious assholes on the other. It’s like we are right back in biblical days as modern day Pharisees and Sadducee argue over ideologies while both wings continue to bleed the masses with their immoral laws and unconscionable policies. Our two-party system is nothing more than a veil that covers the continued theft from the public; we live in a state of oligarchy where a vast and pervasive pyramid scheme has literally made slaves of us all. The American dream is dead and gone, the new normal is a reality of never ending economic uncertainty and fiscal anxieties felt by everyone except a few at the very top.

I circle back to my contemplation; even as I realize its futility, I nonetheless occasionally try to figure out who is more duplicitous between Republicans and Democrats. There are days I look up at my TV screen and see lying prigs like our Vice President Mike Pence preaching morality and Christian values as he hopes we forget his days as governor of Indiana where he declared war on the poor. Pence was a through and through plutocrat enabler—imagineTeddy Roosevelt if he was reverse engineered. He pushed and enacted laws that capped the minimum wage and employee benefits and was a champion of corporatism as he pretended that he was for the workingman. A man who preaches on Sundays about Christian values, he goes about the other six days working for the same globalists and corporate wolves who are destroying this nation. I respect the Republicans a bit more than Democrats in one sense, at least they have the decency of telling us that they care only about the 1% and push policies that only benefit the wealthiest among us. They use the scam of supply side theories and “trickle down” economy to sell one-sided policies to their base and get away with it. For those who are not blinded by idol worship, it is evident as the morning sun who Republicans work for.

The Democrats on the other hand, if you combined Sidney Poitier with Ingrid Bergman you could not get better actors than the alternative humans in DC who call themselves liberals. The Democrats do to their base what Republicans do to theirs but they do it more cunningly. The whole of the Democratic platform can be boiled down to two words: rank paternalism. These elitist Democrats and double dealing liberals pretend to be fighting against injustice all the while they make millions taking money from the very source of iniquity they speak against. Paternalism is bigotry and racism wrapped in the blanket of kindness; they pretend to care for us but as they are use our pains and suffering to advance their agenda. Democrats have no interest in ending injustice; their whole business model is built on grievance peddling and amassing power through the aggrieved as they collect money from the aggressors.

Washington DC is built on once swampland; this is poetic and fitting given that we have Republican alligators and Democrat snakes who act the predators while wearing sheep’s clothing. By the by, did you know that Washington DC, vis-à-vis the Act of 1871, is a nation unto itself. Much like the Vatican, the District of Columbia is effectively a sovereign nation that is not bound by the rules and laws of the United States when it comes to interstate commerce and the endless laws that our immoral congress enacts. Truly, we are ruled by the lawless where pious Republicans romp around in DC from bar to bar gulping and snorting every vice they can get their grubby hands on as they party it up, drink it up, and literally sex it up with the same Democrats they pretend to be fighting against as they screw all of us.

It is sad to watch Obama loyalists and Trump devotees duke it out and bicker over these two vacuous puppets who were imposed upon us. When you peel back the politics of these two empty suits, what is left are identical fiscal and monetary policies that continues to explode both the gap between the haves and the have-nots and the nation’s debt. Just as Obama was given hundreds of millions of dollars by the Wall Street aristocracy in order to whisper grievance to his crowd, Trump was given the same billionaire largess by way of free media in order to stoke animus to “the right”. Both of them kneecapped this nation as they serve their globalist elites while continuing to bleed the planet by declaring immoral and illegal wars in the name of profit and greed. From “yes we can” to “make America great again”; a people led by memes and empty slogans gets the government we deserve.

Finally it dawns on me; I will never be able to figure out who is worse, how can I choose the greater of two evils when my options are to pick between sanctimonious conservative gnomes and hypocritical liberal imps. In reflection though, maybe the answer is to stop looking at the top and waiting for the upper crust of society to lift the rest of us. The change we want will only come from the people—the bottom 99%—for the 1% are at the top precisely because they are profiting from the same system of repression that is killing hope for the rest of us. We need to stop letting the rich and powerful divide us and we must stop being a cult of personalities. Only when we decide to unite as a people, irrespective of race, ideology, orientation, religion and the endless ways we are divided as society, will we have a shot of ending injustice and restoring hope to a nation and a world that sorely needs it.

A reader of this publication asked me what is the better solution since I keep rejecting the status quo. I humbly submit that the solution is to stop falling for the antics of the demagogues who pretend to be speaking for us and instead listen to the love within our hearts. Tyranny has a shelf life of zero the minute we decide to hold hands with fellow strugglers and think outside of ourselves to realize that others are being victimized by the same injustice we rage against. Let empathy be our guiding light and love be our moral compass. When we do this, we won’t need bankrupt politicians preaching diversity while nullifying prosperity and we won’t need political activists pretending to care about human rights when all they want is the right to gain power. We can loosen hatred from our hearts and unite or we can continue being screwed by the pious right and the hypocritical left. #PenceAndThePious 

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God” ~ Mark 11:24

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Check out the Ghion Cast below and see how the pious Republicans and the hypocritical Democrats work together to fleece all of us. The sooner we wake up to the deception of our political system, the sooner we can reclaim our nation.


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Klandestine Korporate Klan: In Albert Pike They Trust Mon, 22 May 2017 01:11:53 +0000 “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. This statement uttered by Verbal Kint, a verse take from a Charles Baudelaire poem, was one of the most memorable lines from the Usual Suspects. When it comes to America and the innumerable ways moneyed interests and oligarchs have hijacked our nation, the

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“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. This statement uttered by Verbal Kint, a verse take from a Charles Baudelaire poem, was one of the most memorable lines from the Usual Suspects. When it comes to America and the innumerable ways moneyed interests and oligarchs have hijacked our nation, the line from Verbal Kint could not be any closer to the truth. We live in a two-tiered society, an alternative reality for the common folks where the 99% are told that we are the bosses of this country and led to believe that we are in control. Then there is the real reality where a fractional few have co-opted all levers of government and have initiated a hostile takeover the likes of which none of us can truly comprehend.

The nefarious brilliance of our democracy is that it serves to hide the  invisible hands of the true forces who are in charge of our country. The two party system does nothing more than act as a smokescreen; Republicans and Democrats pretend to be fighting each other in order to keep us all in perpetual conflict. Behind the scenes, both parties bow before truly demonic people who have amassed so much clout and wealth that they are able to buy the souls of politicians, pundits and media personalities alike with their checks. Money has always been the root of all evil; when global markets and currency systems are all interwoven under the auspices of central banks, those who control the central banks control us all.

In order to distract us from this truth—the fact that we have all been made indentured servants of the few—demagogues are constantly being unleashed upon us so that we are in perpetual conflict. They make us think that the struggle is between “black” and “white”, man versus woman, believer versus non-believer, liberal versus conservative, and the endless ways we are made to declare war upon each other. Ideologies and dogma turns otherwise logical people into pawns; the masses are convinced they are chess masters the likes of Garry Kasparov when in reality all of us are playing Yahtzee. The game is beyond our comprehension; the root of injustice is deeper than the surface we keep scratching.

This weekend, the statue of Robert E. Lee was brought down in New Orleans. This was a hot button issue that pitted communities all across America. Some saw it as a victory for justice as we keep relitigating historical grievances. As long as they have us fighting about the past, they can keep impoverishing us in the present and into the future. “Civil rights leaders” all across America puffed up their chest at this hollow victory, but how many of those same leaders know that there is a statue of a Confederate general named Albert Pike who was a Klu Klux Klan grand officer and an avowed Luciferian right in front of the US Congress. You read that right, Albert Pike, a man revered as a god by Freemasons, has a statue in his honor in the middle of Judiciary Square!

If there is ever a man who could unite “black” and “white”, the north and the south, in agreement it would be one Albert Pike. This coward was a war criminal during the Civil War and was arrested and pushed out from the Confederate Army. His men universally hated this despicable monster. So then how is it that a man who was hated in the South and who fought against the North has been deemed noble enough to earn a statue right in our nation’s capital? That would be because he joined the Freemasons and shortly thereafter wrote the Luciferian manifesto which has been used as a blue print titled Morals and Dogma. This same manifesto has been used as an encyclical by pernicious people who sold their souls and joined various secret societies for the past 140 years. The Constitution has been ripped apart and replaced with the canons written by Albert Pike and passed on to this sons—the sons of Maia otherwise known as the Masons. These same sons of Maia are at the intersection of every social ill and injustice you can think of, people who want a taste of power join in order to be part and parcel of the ruling class who are kneecapping our nation and bleeding the planet in the process. The vast degrees of Masons are being used as pawns to cover up the vile nature of the top echelon of Masons who partake in devil worshiping and demonic rituals behind closed doors.

To cover this depraved society that resides square in the heart of DC, they give us politics and manufacture thesis/anti-thesis disturbances. The partisan infighting that is going on in DC and the endless political drama is nothing but one big Hollywood production in ways that WWE wrestling could never come up with if Vince McMahon smoked a forest of the dankest weed. I’m not even sure who the biggest hypocrites are, is it the would be “family values Christian conservative” Republicans, who partake in more debauchery in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah that is Washington DC? Or is it the duplicitous Democrats, who pretend to be fighting for justice using paternalism as a social weapon of mass indigence in order to get people dependent on them? This is like arguing what is worse between Anthrax and Ebola—both of them are utterly bankrupt and immoral to the core. Sadly it is us, the 99%, who will pay the cost for letting a few turn a city on a hill that was once America into the Babylon that is around one last economic downturn from destruction.

Go to Washington DC and you will see all kinds of demonic symbols. Turn your dollar over and you will see the words “in God we trust”. Who is this God they are trusting? They God I believe in and the savior that I follow the teachings of speaks explicitly against icons and idols, yet the entirety of Washington, DC has been turned into a Masonic temple honoring Lucifer as one building after another has pentagrams and Satanic symbols that pays homage to a “god” that none of us would ever worship. You know the endless times you hear Illuminati being uttered and how one name after another is bandied about as being an Illuminati member? That is because the best way to murder the truth is to drown it in a sea of conspiracy theories. The Illuminati do exist and one of their grand masters is Albert Pike, a man who looks over our nations capital as those who bow before him do the work he laid out a century and a half ago.

Did you know that EVERY president, except one, is blood related? Obama is related to Bush, Reagan is related to Roosevelt—all the way back to George Washington, the bloodline of our presidents are one. Almost all, at one point or another, have been a member of a fraternity or a secret order that is affiliated with Freemasonry. This is the farce of our democracy, we are told we have control through our votes but in reality our candidates are pre-selected for us. The playbook of divide and conquer must have been invented by the devil himself for no mere human is diabolically smart enough to come up with a way to pit brother against brother and have us fighting each other as all of us are being oppressed. That blueprint was passed on to Albert Pike and his ilk who nullified the American dream and sold us a facade of freedom instead. The devil exists; his pitchfork is one part corporations, one part cash and one part politics—this is how we stay forked. #KorporatePike

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin

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Another trick of devils is convincing us that we are colors and having us fighting for labels that are not of us. Watch the Ghion Cast below and you will see how malicious these artificial constructs of race really are and why they were imposed upon us all.

Call for Unity

Here is a modest idea, how about ALL Americans unite and demand this despicable statue comes down, not on the basis of color or political blievfe but based on human decency and the refusal to bow before Luciferian idols. The Albert Pike statue is located in Washington DC at the intersection of Third Street and D Street NW. Here is to hoping some interspersing folks organize a unified effort to get this statue thrown into the trash heap of history. This is the Albert Pike monument in DC below.

History’s Malevolence

The middle ground is treacherous
Preaching unity to all sides dangerous
I mean trying to find a universal language

Creating consensus out of chaos
Is often laden with insults—profoundly onerous
It’s easier rebuilding the tower of Babel
But lend me an ear brethren and sisters

What if I told you history was malevolent
Facts rewritten by victors and conquerors
In order to split the masses into opponents
Propagating propaganda to prolong injustice

What if I told you that the Civil War
For example to pick one of many instances
Was not truly about slavery
It was about the economy
Forcing one ideology over another

The powerful versus the feeble
A clash of aristocrats and the prosperous
Who duped the powerless to fight each other
Most “white folk” in the south
Were struggling as indentured servants
Deteriorating in barrenness

Now the powerful spread lies
Fracturing society into encampments
Pains of the subjugated
Being used to hide intentions of a system
In the process pitting one against the other

Racism is about power
But they deceive you into thinking
That fellow victims are racists
To obfuscate the true malevolence of bigotry
Hiding the hands of those who bleed society

What if I told you
That poor “white” folk in Antebellum
Had more in common with “slaves”
Than they did with nefarious “slave” owners
And only a fraction of society, the wealthy aristocracy

On both sides of the war irrespective of location
Thrived in the midst of hardship
The multitudes on both sides
Living in destitution and squalor

As they teach that Lincoln was the “Great Emancipator”
Educating us to elevate a president
To the status of God for “black people”
Maybe you should read Lincoln’s speech
“A House Divided”
And you would realize that history
Is full of utter bullshit

Injustice only prospers
When the people are splintered
And feed into the propaganda of the system
Did you get mad, think of me as a sellout
As if I was dismissing the horrors of slavery
Or diminishing the pains of its legacy
Do you think I am trying to erase Jim Crow

Will you accuse me of negating
The terrors of Reconstruction
Or do you understand
That the ancestors of “black” and “white”
The children of the masses
Irrespective of color
Are besieged in poverty and squalor
At this precise exact moment

For the Civil War is still raging
As they pit races against each other
Trying to instigate strife and friction
As they manipulate society
To rupture into racial warfare and hostility

Think about this for a moment
Who shares the burdens of the broken
Of “black folk” who shiver in Chicago?
Is it the bourgeoisie Congressional Black Caucus in D.C.

Is it the “first black president”
And the jive talkers like Sharpton
And his ilk who live in Manhattan partying in the Hamptons
Attending soirées in Martha’s Vineyard chalets

Or do poor “black” folk in the cities
Have more in common with their brethren
The impoverished “white people” in the Appalachians?
It’s always easier to speak to individual grievances
To impassion flames instead of spreading light

Insults follow the ones who preach universal justice
Applause given to those who demagogue incessantly
See history is meant to cleave people
To teach that others are dissimilar

But in truth the lives of most are unbearable
Slavery has taken on a new concept
Where debt has become the new bondage
And poverty is the new shackle
Most of us are ensnared in irrespective of identity

More and more falling into this depraved captivity
When it comes to historical injustices
The sins of a diabolic few
Cannot be blamed on the masses

I mean Mussolini’s army not too long ago
Terrorized my native land Ethiopia
As mothers and children
Innocent civilians
Perished by the hundreds of thousands
Charred up by chemical weapons
A holocaust visited upon my ancestors

But I can’t blame Italians
For the horror of a murderous cabal
For there are masses in Italy
Suffering just like the masses in my country

This same message I preach to my fellow Ethiopians
Those who are blinded by tribalism
As they insult their countrymen
Letting animosity overcome their emotions

This is the reason Ethiopia is shattering
And why tyrants rule with iron fists
Injustice making us forget our common heritage
Making us disregard that we are one people
United by one common struggle

It’s always easier for the powerful
To pilfer the citizenry and fleece us blindly
As long as we are distracted by differences

To “white people”
This message I reiterate
So called “minorities” have identical struggles
The same burdens that you go through
So why get mad at the meager means
Of those who are broken by poverty

The pittance given to those caught in bleakness|
Instead of being outraged
By the thievery being undertaken by the few
The billionaire class who we worship
As they swindle our life savings

History is mendacious
Truth subverted into propaganda
Instead of dwelling on past pains
And residing in separable grievances

Why don’t we unite as one people
If you want to end injustice
Stop monopolizing pain
And understand one thing

We are all in this together
Or we will suffer forever fractured
This is why I keep using quote marks
Around the words “white” and “black”
Because these labels are pernicious

They prevent us from realizing our cohesion
For we are more than labels
We are humans united by the same purpose
History is full of lies and divisiveness
It’s in our hearts we find humanity’s oneness

~ Excerpt from Serendipity’s Trace, a book of our common struggles and connective hopes. Search “Serendipity’s Trace” on Amazon, click HERE or click on the picture below ~ 

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Politics Is the Bump; That Makes US Useful Idiots Sun, 21 May 2017 02:59:31 +0000 Pickpockets work in pairs. The first is the bump; the second is the sniper. You see, the person who is evident, the one out in the open, is nothing more than a diversion that is meant to catch your attention. He does so by bumping into you and occupying your mind with an immediate threat

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Pickpockets work in pairs. The first is the bump; the second is the sniper. You see, the person who is evident, the one out in the open, is nothing more than a diversion that is meant to catch your attention. He does so by bumping into you and occupying your mind with an immediate threat you have to assess and determine how to deal with. This is when the second crook, who is lurking in the shadows, emerges from the crowd to pick your pockets clean and leave you with nothing but lint in your pockets—the change you can believe.

This is exactly how our fraudulent political system works and how our two parties operate. Democrats and Republicans—and the endless shenanigans they both manufacture in Washington DC and beyond—is nothing more than catnip that is meant to focus our eyes away from the true source of injustice. The whole of the nation—aside from those who have thrown up their hands and decided that they want no part of this mass deception that we call the Federal government— has been splintered over idiotic political labels . The ones who have yet to wake up to this nonsense are the ones who keep thinking that we, the people, actually a voice in the way our immoral government is run. Thus, the loyal bases of both parties keep giving legitimacy to a government that has none of it.

As the citizens are busy infighting over ideologies that don’t pay their rents and keep bickering over the crumbs they are given, the powers who run this nation behind the scenes emerge from the shadows to pick our pockets clean. Our government is nothing more than one big pyramid scam where politicians serve their masters on Wall Street as they shit on the rest of us on Main Street. Both Democrats and Republicans are in on this as are the vacuous pundits on TV and the stars who pretend to be standing up for justice. All of them are getting paid to divide us so that conflict and friction is perpetually generated. As long as we are fighting each other, the larcenists in New York and their bought and sold puppets in DC can go right ahead ramrodding us into submission.

A friend of mine named Mikey Bikes (link) noted earlier something that made me pause and really reflect which served as the inspiration to this article. I was discussing how endless grievance groups like the “Tea Party” and “Black Lives Matter” are created and funded by the same billionaire class who are behind endless conflicts being perpetuated around the globe. I noted that that these same billionaires are destabilizing America too. Mikey stepped in and offered this nugget:

“All this time we thought it was a fight between oppressor and oppressed, but really it’s just oppressed versus oppressed. With oppressor creating and conditioning the mindset of insurgency as part and parcel of the science of domination. Power not just as a means, but the end too”

Sadly, people are so focused on the day to day soap opera that is going on in DC that we lose focus on the nefarious policies which are hobbling the masses. If only schadenfreude could pay the light bill, poverty in America would be no more. People push on regardless as they beg to be used as punching bags thinking that saying “we” actually makes them part of the team. There is no “we” in politics, either you are getting paid by being a partisan or you are the useful idiot getting squashed by it. The funny thing, actually it is sad when I think about it, is that both sides of the political divide are absolutely certain that the other side are idiots and that they are the enlightened ones. Republicans and Democrats laugh at both wings as they dismissively call their most loyal supporters “their base”—as in their underlings and slaves—while they build their fortunes on the backs of these same partisan parrots.

People who fight over politics are the like the passengers of the Titanic arguing over which color to paint the walls while they are in the hull of the ship. Meanwhile, the rich are taking the life boats.The “base” of Democrats and Republicans will go down with the ship as water is tickling their esophagi. Cognitive dissonance being what it is, they will drown yelling “make America great again” and chanting “hope and change”. Just today, the idiot in chief Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia to bow before his Petro-bosses and a soon enough he will go before Israel to bow before America’s Zionist pimps. To say we are the leaders of the free world is laughable on its face; the whole of humanity has been made into indentured servants of those who control the creation and dispersion of currency—politics only serves to hide this truth from us.

What happened in 2008 was just child’s play compared to the next crisis that is in the offing. The laws of economy have not been suspended no matter how many trillions the overseer Obama shoveled to the wolves on Wall Street. What he did was borrow from the future to prop up a system that is already broken. This is akin to getting a payday loan to forestall a home foreclosure. The bill is coming due and the next time the economy takes a downturn, the mafia at the Federal Reserve have no more bullets left in the chamber to stimulate the economy and apply Keynesian policies to breath life back into the economy. Next down turn will be a free fall.

The damage Obama wrought , Trump is now continuing as he perpetuates the same policies of globalization the orange ogre pretended he was against. Trump is the biggest bump of them all; why do you think all of the drama and the endless outrages are emanating from the White House. They gave us a reality show clown to act as the biggest diversion yet. The Trump bump is going to lead to a wallop of 1929 proportion. Until then, keep enjoying the carnival as our eyes are focused on diversions. The crooks are currently in our pockets; by the time we realize that have been robbed once again, the crooks will be in their chalets as we get mugged into a town called indigence. #PickPocketUS

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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To see how these two parties play us and how Wall Street games us, check out the Ghion Cast below. 

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Connecting Cultures; Honoring Music–Wayna Sings It Sat, 20 May 2017 17:59:29 +0000 It is easy to travel this long called life on autopilot mode and not be in the moment–we can fake a lot of things in this way. But when it comes to art and those who are blessed and burdened to create it, faking it is impossible for the very notion of creating requires full

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It is easy to travel this long called life on autopilot mode and not be in the moment–we can fake a lot of things in this way. But when it comes to art and those who are blessed and burdened to create it, faking it is impossible for the very notion of creating requires full presence. This is why I pay endless homage to artists; in a world full of specious personalities, artists stand astride the path of least resistance and defiantly dare to be authentic. The revolution we all have been waiting for is not about guns or imposition of power; the revolution needs to happen in our hearts and it will be artist who will lead that movement.

I write this as I am currently listening to the music of Wayna in my earbuds. Let me get this out of the way, I know Wayna from back in the day so I’m not writing this from a purely objective basis. But then again, when it comes to writing–which is an art unto itself–there is no such thing as objectivity for writers cannot scribe unless they are inspired by serendipity first. So when I write about music and the singers behind it, I do so because I myself have been moved by the words that are sung and the melodies that are strummed. I put ink to pad to write about Wayna because she is a prodigious talent who has a voice reminiscent of Billie Holiday and a grace befitting of Bizunesh Bekele; I also write this missive because I happen to be a fan of Wayna’s music.

Talent can’t be faked; when it comes to music, we are either born with it or we listen to it. This truism is getting harder and harder to synthesize in an age where auto-tune and audio software can make even the most discordant singers seem like they are Etta James reincarnated. But the flimflams are set apart from the gems the minute singers have to sing live; a microphone on stage is like Kryptonite to any singer who is passed off as a musical hero. A live concert–a a jam session–lets us hear for ourselves whether a singer is gifted or just assisted with production and musical effects. The real singers are those who can sing a cappella or little background music and their voices are enough to grab our souls and make us sway to their melodic inflections–Wayna passes this test with flying colors.

The first time I heard Wayna sing live at Zanzibar club in Washington DC, way back in 2009, I knew I was listening to the real McCoy and a singer who was connected to the true roots of music. In all honesty, I hold singers to a higher standard than I hold others including myself. I demand music as it should be and songs that remind me of my youth; perhaps it’s a sign of me aging faster than I want to but the music I listen to the most are the tunes that cajole memories of Marvin Gaye, Betty Wright, Stevie Nicks and the singers from the golden age of music. Most of the time these days, I find myself uninspired by the music of my generation and the state of the music industry. But then–once in a while–a singer comes along and rekindles my love for music as it was and as it always should be.

This is the reason I have such respect for Wayna, she honors music and pays homage to the singers who came before her. She could have chosen the easier path to fame and sang ditties that are all hook and have no depth to them. Instead, she chose to pursue music that has depth and we can actually enjoy listening to. Wayna sings about love, life, and the struggle to overcome injustice and does so with a voice that is enchanting. Wayna is not just a singer, she uses the microphone to imbue hope in her audience in a time where hope is as fleeting as snow in the waning days of April. Listening to her live is an experience unto itself, she does not sing as much as she serenades everyone in the room.

Wayna was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and immigrated to the United States with her mother when she was only three years old. She grew up the way most of first generation immigrants grow up; trying hard to fit in and attempting to find a new identity in America while holding on to the culture that gave birth to her. Wayna spent her formative years in the suburbs of Washington, DC–the limelight hit her at an early age. As a child, she found herself emerged in the world of acting and singing. Musical giants such as Minnie Riperton, Billie Holiday, Donna Hathaway and Aretha Franklin started to infuse Wayna’s soul with harmonic tunes and soaring ballads. She was also heavily influenced by Ethiopian musical legends like Tilahun Gessesse, Mahmoud Ahmed and Bizunesh Bekele—Wayna became the quintessence of an Ethiopian-American through the auspices of music.

While Wayna was attending the University of Maryland, she was crowned Miss Black Unity. This proved to be a milestone for Wayna; when life presents us opportunities, the smart ones strike while the iron is hot. Wayna struck perfectly; from that moment on, she started to pursue her dreams in earnest and soon enough embarked on a musical career even as she was working day jobs and continuing to pursue her degree. Eventually, she was invited to perform at University of Maryland’s “Tribute to African Women”—what Wayna referred to as “a watershed moment” for her. A dream started to pixelate into reality; Wayna was astute and driven enough to chase her destiny. As much as I love to listen to Wayna’s music, from the first time I met her, what I was astounded by was her work ethic and her drive to make it. Wayna’s music is part melody and full tenacity; this is what gives Wayna the ability to at once pay homage to the past as she continues to chart new territory for herself and the community she grew up in.

There is another aspect of Wayna that I hold in high esteem. Since I professed that I’m not necessarily writing this from the most objective perspective, let me divulge one more reason why I admire Wayna and her music. The same reason why there is a hint of Ethiopia in a lot of what I write is the reason I extol the virtues of Wayna. Ethiopia has a special place in my heart and anyone that pays homage and respect to the land of my birth is someone that captures my reverence. This is why I was in awe of the Weeknd (link) when he paid respect to his heritage. What I always wanted for Ethiopia and her children is to have the audacity to think big, to achieve the impossible, yet have the connectedness to honor the culture and heritage that gave birth to us. Wayna does exactly this; she is a through and through dynamo who worked hard to get on the stage but she never forgot where she came from.

Our eyes should always be forward but we should always be thankful for those who came before us. This is true of Ethiopians as it is true for all of humanity. The chase to find modernity and accumulate possessions can blind us about the very aspects of community and cultures that are as essential to humanity as the air that we breath. True art reminds us to remember the very essence of what makes us human; the minute we forget that we are a  part of a broader community and we get lost in the chase to fulfill only self is the minute we get lost in emptiness. Artists–musicians, painters, and those who love to create–are driven to connect all of us through the products of their labor to something that is bigger than just us.

Those who choose the least traveled path to fame and work hard to honor and hone their craft in time get acknowledged. Wayna became the first Ethiopian-American singer to get nominated for the Grammy Awards. This is but one step; I know in time Wayna will be singing at sold out concert halls and the honor will not stop at just nominations. Wayna connects her audience to past musical greats and concurrently blazes new trails with melodies that speak to our current zeitgeist. Perhaps we need to stop looking for the change we have been looking; the revolution is already before us. All we have to do is look in our hearts and listen to the music all about us. Love is the revolution; Wayna sings it. #WaynaSingsIt

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ~ Maya Angelou

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Check out Wayna’s prodigious voice, a sound that reminds of Billie Holiday

Artists like Bizunesh Bekele are my connection to Ethiopia, Tizita is my memory of my once home.

Check out Wayna’s page on Facebook by clicking HERE or on her picture below.

 If you are in the DC Metro area or will be on the weekend of June 9th, check out Wayna live at Bethesda Jazz & Blues. Click HERE or the picture below to RSVP or get more info.


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Confluence of King and Malcolm: the Common Denominator of their Death Sentence Fri, 19 May 2017 21:18:44 +0000 The powerful kill first then they own the narratives of the victims they silenced. What usually comes next is a systematic retelling of history through the prism of the assassins. Using the indoctrination system we call public education, propaganda is sold as truth and lies are force fed to our youth. In time, the lives of

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The powerful kill first then they own the narratives of the victims they silenced. What usually comes next is a systematic retelling of history through the prism of the assassins. Using the indoctrination system we call public education, propaganda is sold as truth and lies are force fed to our youth. In time, the lives of the the victims are inverted and made to propagate the very system they fought against. This is brilliance that is so diabolical that it must have came from the devil; to silence once prophets and then use their voice in their absence is something only the prince of darkness could have came up with.

The most glaring example of this exact scenario I painted above happened in the 20th century and is still going on to this day. The playbook of slaughter and then deflect is how the Federal government and moneyed tyrants murdered both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and then white washed their death in order to distract the public from the reason why they were assassinated. There is another component of how this system of injustice works, the official narrative is told by the very authorities who were behind the wicked deeds and anyone else who proffers an alternative narrative is dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. Society is so trained to only listen to those with titles, badges and the “experts” that are accepted by the elites, anyone else who speaks against the propagandists are dismissed as unbalanced.

But my friends, if you believe that Martin Luther King was killed by a lone assassin and you don’t see how his death was tied in to the endless ways our own government was harassing King until his death, then I have a vintage 1812 Ford Mustang to sell you. To say that Martin Luther King was being harassed is to actually do an injustice, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, led by the cross-dressing sociopath J. Edgar Hoover, unleashed psychological warfare on Martin Luther King in ways that was so pervasive, it led to King having breakdowns on several occasions. The FBI not only targeted King, they targeted his entire family because King had the audacity to speak out for justice.

What led to King’s death was a radical departure from his initial foray in the Civil Rights movement. As long as MLK was talking about just “black rights” and his focus was narrow and not wide, he was tolerated by our bankrupt Federal government. The “liberal” elites loved him as well; as long as he stayed in his lane and kept his focus on the “black” cause, he was accepted by the status quo. At some point though, the more King observed what was going on and realized that injustice was bigger than just one race, he morphed from being a useful tool to being a menace to the system of oppression that was–and continues to this day–bleeding the entire world.

Integration without economic liberation was a fool’s errand. MLK woke up to this fact and realized that the Civil Rights struggle was flawed in one central area; the race to integrate was leaving behind the aim to find true justice. King, upon waking up to this reality, said:

“What deeply troubles me now is that for all the steps we’ve taken toward integration, I’ve come to believe that we are integrating into a burning house.”

This was a pivot point for Martin Luther King, no longer was he going to be a one dimensional voice–he decided to stand up for universal justice. This became a clear and present danger to the system of greed and wickedness that was making all Americans suffer irrespective of race. MLK’s decision to speak against this system and to become a voice for all became his death sentence–he had gained too much clout to be ignored and he could not be bought out. Complicit in his death were part of his inner circle who got bribed with the bait of money and status and shortly started to peddle lies as historical truth. James Earl Ray might have pulled the trigger in Memphis, but the conspiracy to kill him was birthed a long time before April 4th, 1968 by SESs (political appointees) at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. Google COINTELPRO when you get a minute and you will realize that our government has been and continues to target American citizens in ways that is mind bending.

The same playbook of silence and inversion was used against Malcolm X. The way Malcolm X is presented now by Hollywood elites and these overseer professors is a once sided story of a firebrand Malcolm that spoke of “white devils” and used fiery rhetoric. True enough, this version of Malcolm X is factual but just like King, Malcolm X underwent a profound transformation where he decided to stop being divisive and started to speak out for universal justice. Malcolm X traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and that trip served as a moment of clarity for him. Observing a sea of humanity praying together, eating together, and traveling as one to find redemptive love made him shed his “white devil” rhetoric and he started to speak for all without respect to these artificial constructs that divide us.

When the system decides to kill prophets, most of the time they send the people that look like them. This is done so that blame is assigned to the wrong source and as a means to abort justice. The blame thus has been placed on the Nation of Islam for the death of Malcolm X; in reality, the same people who were tormenting King as he was alive were using PSYOP on Malcolm too. Just like the Feds went after King and his family, the same horrors were unleashed on Malcolm X. His life was being turned upside down by the same authorities who are supposed to protect American citizens. You see, freedom of speech is a farce for that right ends and nightmares begin when people start to speak for justice and they actually have the ability to make a difference.

Not only did Malcolm X’s freedom of speech end, his freedom to live was eradicated as two gunmen were sent by moneyed men to kill a man who decided to stop speaking through anger and chose to be about togetherness instead. How fitting, one of the gunmen’s words before a hail of bullets rang out was “get your hands out of my pocket”. Those pockets were stuffed with the cold hard cash given to them by the very same monsters who were behind the death of Martin Luther King. That same cash is what lines the pockets of so-called “civil rights leaders” who were convinced to keep their mouths shut in order to attain fame and status. A conspiracy of silence gave way to a reality of outright lies and deception; the stories of both Martin and Malcolm have been turned upside down in order to fit the agenda of the same devils who killed them.

There is one sure fire way to find out the frauds from the real. If people are truly agents of change and they become famous, wave goodbye to them because these people are killed off by the very same Federal government that is serving the whims of the corporate agenda–here is to hoping I don’t get too famous. But if supposed change agents actually live and thrive within the status quo, discount these souls as snakes and agents of the very system they supposedly speak against. Pause for a second here and consider the fortunes of our “first black president” and I’ll let you arrive at your own conclusion. The playbook of assassinating prophets has been the same since the time of Jesus, kill the messenger then co-opt his message. This is why Christianity has been inverted as the same pharisees who nailed Yeshua to the cross are now retelling his story and using His teachings to advance their power interests while exchanging money in churches.

It’s sad, as a vast system of theft and wickedness continues to take from all of us, our eyes are constantly focused on the insanity and inanities going on in Washington DC. These politicians, Barack Obama to Donald Trump, Democrats to Republicans, are all part and parcel of the shell game that is meant to have us fighting each other instead of uniting to take on the root of injustice. We keep idolizing politicians who are utter frauds, if they were authentically for us they would not be allowed ANYWHERE near the stage and they would somehow be silenced. Sadly, we do this to ourselves as we avert our eyes as one messenger of peace after another is erased and instead we turn to the rich and famous to rescue us. The rich and famous became rich and famous by stepping on us, thus Obama is now a millionaire getting paid $400,000 a speech by the same plutocrats he bailed out. From the pan to the fire, we now have a pugnacious supposed billionaire who is doing an awesome job of feeding us cat nip and taking our eyes off the excesses of Wall Street and the military-financial complex.

Always, the struggle is between pharisees and prophets. For too long, one prophet after another has been getting exterminated by the pharisees and then their stories subverted into lies in order to perpetuate the very same system of injustice these prophets spoke against. But death in the end is inevitable, the honor belongs to those who died to advance justice even if the privilege is showered for those who pretend to be fighting injustice as they are getting paid by the very system of oppression they feign to stand against. The arc of history might not bend to justice in our lifetime but in time there is a hammer that comes down; the wicked souls who were behind the death of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and countless messengers of peace eventually roast in hell. J. Edgar Hoover is currently being licked on high heat in hell along with his illuminated masters while King and Malcolm are resting in eternal peace. Justice. #KingMalcolmTruth

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Listen to this Ghion Cast below, it talks about the battle of Adwa (a battle that defeated colonization in Ethiopia) but in reality it is a wider discussion of how to overcome the a systematic oppression that is bleeding the world.

Do not be afraid to speak truth to power. Those who purvey injustice are not powerful, they are weak the and will be revealed as such the minute we unite. Stop listening to the voices of hatred, listen to the voice of love within you and answer “Send Me” when your time comes.

Sweet justice! Today is Malcolm X’s birthday. Seventeen days ago, it was J. Edgar Hoover’s birthday. Prophet trumps pharisee in the end. I hope the bastard Hoover roasts in perpetuity, Malcolm has the last word! #Poetic

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.” ~ Malcolm X

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