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How to Identify Political Sheepdogs

We live in the era of outrage all the time. You can’t go a day without some article, news segment or social media posting ranting about the excesses of our political system. When rage is injected into the public square on a continuous basis, it gets progressively harder to separate true injustice from manufactured sensationalism—this is by design. Likewise, it is hard to know truth tellers apart from political operatives.

It is with the last sentence in mind that I present this article before you. Our political system operates and thrives through subterfuge, the status quo remains fixed because the few who wield tremendous influence figured out that the best way to retain power is by rotating personalities. Every election cycle, we are fed the illusion of change even though the underlying policies never change.

This system of diversion and distraction works brilliantly in large part because it employs a large ensemble of dissembling pundits and politicians who have perfected the art of insincerity. On all sides of the political divide, you can find these two-faced charlatans pretending to be about the little guy when all along they are getting paid by the same purveyors of injustice they rage against. Establishment pundits are more corporate thespians than they will ever be champions of the people—sheepdogs who condition their herd through triangulation like Pavlov programmed his dog with a triangle. Click To Tweet

Who are these sheepdogs I speak of? How does one identify them given the way they conspicuously hide their identity with Tweets and shouts of indignation? Consider this a simple guide to spot the frauds who pretend to be about justice. This is going to be one of my shorter articles, if you want to know the authentic voices apart from the impostors when it comes to the punditry—we all know that politicians are con artists—all you have to do is follow this one rule:

Take heed of the last ten things that they say, type or post on social media. If all ten mentions are directed at one party, one person or one political affiliation, discount them immediately as either nitwits or grifters who are using people’s emotions to enrich themselves. Half-truths are often told by the greatest liars. 

Go ahead and peruse the various social media sites of your favorite pundit and apply the axiom I just laid out to each profile you scan. As you do so, ponder this additional nugget, the system of capital greed that is demolishing hope for billions around the world is a lot more complex than one person, party or ideology—there are many swine who feed at the trough of injustice. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise and presents complex issues through one dimensional political prisms is not worthy of your consideration. Case in point below.

The greatest deceivers are those who tell a partial truth while obfuscating the bigger picture. Con artists are great at gaining your confidence—that is why they are called confidence men after all—by seeming trust worthy and getting you to believe in altered realities. I used to think that only Fox News engaged in this level of duplicity, I now realize that the entire industry of mainstream media is built on the foundation of one sided journalism and ideological reporting. Corporate press professionals are not speaking truth to power, how can they when they are getting paid by those powers.

Before I close out this article, I must identify one last truism. For as much as we can point fingers at sheepdogs and the establishment that enriches them, they would not have power over us if we did not empower them. Sheepdogs proliferate because too many of us insist on being sheep as we bleat and repeat talking points and narratives without critical thinking. We equate fame and riches with wisdom and get starstruck by mere mortals who we keep turning into political idols. There is no Moses coming for us, if we want freedom we better free ourselves from this web of political lies and social castes that have been imposed upon us.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” ~ Voltaire

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