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Breaking News: Julian Assange Arrested in London, the World Bears Witness

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks and the bright beacon of muckrakers throughout the world, has just been arrested by the London police after Ecuador denied his asylum status. After enduring nearly seven years of self-imposed imprisonment for fear of being renditioned to America, Julian is now facing a perilous future. What he feared all along, the thought of being tortured by the American government the way whistle blower Chelsea Manning was tormented, Assange was left no other choice but to seek the safety of confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy. What he feared is now before him.

Many within the US and UK government and the broader media-political establishment have cunningly noted that Assange was free to leave anytime. Their duplicity was revealed this afternoon in London, Assange was never free to leave because he knew he would be arrested on sight the minute he left the Ecuador compound. Where is the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), where is Human Rights Watch, where are the people who cry crocodile tears for journalists who are killed by tin pot dictators as Julian Assange is being tormented and silenced by the American and British governments in real time? This entire episode is showing the world that we are being served by public serpents who pretend to care about justice when they are really accomplices of the invisible hands who are bleeding our planet.

As noted earlier, what Julian Assange faces now is a certainty, he will be tortured by his jailers and ultimately prosecuted for doing his job as a journalist. Rest assured that I’m not reverting to hyperbole; sleep deprivation, solitary confinement and psychological abuse are tried and true methods used by the American government against whistle blowers and people who speak up for justice. These practices are, in fact, forms of torture according to the Geneva Conventions. Chelsea Manning endured all these things and more for exposing the lies of the Iraq War; after serving undeserved time, the feds are torturing her yet again for refusing to testify in court. Have we become so impotent as a people that we allow this type of malfeasance?

Contrary to the outright lies being peddled by government authorities and being echoed obsequiously by the Washington Post and their peers in corporate media, Assange is not being arrested because of what happened in 2016, he is being persecuted for daring to expose the pervasive corruption and institutional graft of governments around the world. The United States and their lapdogs at 10 Downing Street are after Assange because he and his peers at Wikileaks showed the world how unaccountable bureaucrats act lawlessly as they spy on citizens, initiate wars to profit their corporate patrons and enrich themselves as they bleed the planet. Assange is being railroaded because he was brave enough to shine the light on misconduct; he is now about to pay for being a truth-teller.

This article is a plea to the people of the United Kingdom and especially Great Britain, you know full well what happens when rulers get too big for their britches and are led with hubris. The first victims of tyrants are always his own people, the people of the United Kingdom have suffered under the thumbs of aristocrats in the past and are enduring the full brunt of globalism at this exact time. After voting to exit the EU, your voices are being nullified by unelected technocrats who think they know what is better for the Brits. These are the same malicious voices of globalism who are about to send Assange to America to be tortured and potentially locked up in a high security prison. As they do to Julian Assanage, they will eventually do to us—the boil cometh.

Let me take this occasion to reach out to the very institution that are propping up the status quo. From the police in London to the intel communities, military personnel, veterans and beyond, I know that there are a lot of you who wake up each day to serve and protect humanity and to do right by your fellow neighbors. However, it has become crystal clear that we are being led by soulless monsters who serve their billionaire patrons while stepping on the rest of us. A time has come to choose for a very wise man once observed that you can’t serve two masters. For all things there are costs to be borne, one way or the other everyone will be judged according to their deeds. I ask you, I plead with you, to disobey malicious orders and stand up for the least among us.

I wrote this previous article titled “rally point”, the intended audience are the rank and file who serve powerful institutions but beyond that it is written to all of us. I ask everyone reading this now and into the future, irrespective of what happens next, to stop being misdirected by a corporate press that revels in sensationalism for a purpose and to stop worshiping political idols. Help will not come from the top, the only way we can redeem humanity and save ourselves from the perils ahead, trust me there are dark days ahead, is if we disavow our differences and rally to our common interests — we better unite or we will perish apart.

Admittedly, I have a keen interest on about Julian Assange’s maltreatment because tyranny is something I’m intimately aware of. I am a first generation immigrant to America who was forced to flee my birth land Ethiopia due to the despotism of the Derg regime; in my heart I bear the scars of war and its horrific ramifications. More than 500,000 Ethiopians lost their lives as a government that rose to power under the false pretenses of serving the people ended up feeding us to the guns. My family, as well as millions of families throughout Ethiopia, suffered greatly at the hands of consolidated power that cared more about turf than it did about the people. What took place in Ethiopia in 1974 is not exclusive to that era, my grandfather, General Million Tedla, was assassinated at the behest of Emperor Haile Selassie because he refused to submit to him when he returned to power once World War II ended. My grandfather five generations removed, Atse (Emperor) Tewodros II,was also silenced by imperialists for having the temerity to speak against the principles of power.

One thing that binds every Ethiopian is pain; pain of exclusion, pain of losing agency, pain of being homeless in our own land. As goes Ethiopia goes the world.

This sense of indignity and loss of agency is endemic of our time. Governments throughout the world don’t listen to the people anymore, they just use us as stage props. How much longer are we going to abide this level of global malevolence? We have been conditioned through mass-propaganda and veiled psyops to react to outrage instead of acting to prevent injustice. We must wake up from our slumber or else the very fire that is coming for Julian Assange will one day arrive at our doorsteps. When that day arrives, who will speak up for us? These are the very issues I cover in the video below; this is my message to the marginalized majority, this is my message to all of us.

I want to take this occasion to invite the readers of Ghion Journal and people who care about justice throughout the world to use the comment section below and share your thoughts on this ongoing abortion of justice. I will compile your feedback and will publish a follow up article on Sunday tat includes as many of the comments below in the article. I ask that we use social media for a purpose, instead of echoing the establishment and the buffoonery of public serpents, let us unite and demand justice on behalf of Julian Assange. #RiseUp4Julian Click To Tweet

“How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look.” ~ Bob Marley

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