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Predictive Programming US: Reality that Imitates Art; Media that Forebodes Eventuality

Given enough information, our habits become almost 100% predictable. Society is one big algorithm that is easily decoded and coded by those who own the means. This is how Google’s predictive search, works; when enough data points are accumulated based on previous search inputs, Google is able to fill in the blanks with uncanny accuracy. Write in one word and, like magic, Google starts to fill in the blanks for you. It’s amazing yet understandable; although the human mind is complex in ways that can never be emulated, we are nonetheless utterly predictable.

It is our predictability and the fact that we are creatures of habit that lends to another form of predictive programming that is a lot more complicated and has a far wider implications on humanity than Google’s predictive search feature. Given the innumerable armaments that humans have conceived and perfected over the years, the most powerful weapon that has ever been invented is one which does not kill but rather alters perceptions. Those who own superiority of guns and missiles can defeat people, but only those who own media can subdue and subjugate entire nations without firing a single shot to do so. Mass communication is a weapon of mass deception; without their knowledge, society is continually programmed and conditioned to accept narratives and to walk lock-step to the agenda set by those own media empires.

Most people think of it a quaint tidbit that the Simpsons aired an episode titled “Bart to the Future” in 2000 alluding to Donald Trump being president (link). But if one analyzes media content over the years, one would almost get chills at the level of predictive accuracy mainstream media has in their ability to foretell events that unfold in the future. It’s as though Hollywood and the Corporate State Media (CSM) employs a bunch of seers and soothsayers in their newsrooms and production studios. I mean hot damn they have been telling us all along about wars, 9/11, elections and economic developments using fiction as a means to forecast what is going to take place in the future.

But what if they are not predicting what will take place in the future as much as they are programming society to act according to their schema. It’s as though we, the people, are one big orchestra who are following along to maestros as they conduct behaviors and outcomes using media as their wands. In this context, entertainment and news become interchangeable and a difference without a distinction; the intent becomes not so much edification nor dissipation but a way to condition society to accept injustice as a foregone conclusion and to get us to suffer the excesses of the powerful as a norm. The only way to get 99% to accept being pillaged by the 1% is by weaponizing media and turning it loose on the public in order to brainwash the masses into collective compliance.

I’m writing this article inspired by very profound exchange of ideas with a group of like minded thinkers on Twitter over the past 24 hours. My heart sings with joy when I see people using social media as a means to fight back against the narratives of the Corporate State Media instead of swallowing whole their twisted agendas or using social media to spread inanities. A new friend and a United States Air Force vet named David sent out a tweet (link) about a YouTube video that discusses how Hollywood uses predictive programming and hidden messages to project future occurrences. In a mind bending point by point presentation, the narrator shows endless streams of scenes that kept alluding to the destruction of the twin towers. The earliest mention of the World Trade Centers being demolished goes back to the late 1960’s; forty years before the cherished towers were shattered, Hollywood kept insinuating of the horrific set of events that would take place on September 11th, 2001.

Lest anyone doubt the power of media, let me point to a less intricate yet more easily understood set of events that took place about 15 years ago that nearly wiped out beach season in Florida. The Corporate State Media and their yellow press anchors sank their teeth into a narrative of shark attacks and soon enough inculcated a state of fear and hysteria into the broader public. A nation of 300,000,000 was thus paralyzed to go anywhere near beaches, 20 shark attacks in a month was turned into a drum beat of sharks chomping at anyone that dared to enter the waters. I was shocked to see nearly empty beaches in Daytona in the heart of summer; when I asked one of the locals why the beaches were empty, he responded “everyone is terrified of sharks.”

If you want to know what will be taking place in the future and what the powers that be are trying to hide from you in the present, there are two simple steps you must take in order to separate the real from fraudulence. First step is to discount everything that is being peddled by the Corporate State Media as bullshit and complete disinformation. The minute “journalists” and opinion leaders get paid a red cent by corporations and their work is financed by corporate sponsorship, they cease to be journalists and reporters and are instead nothing more than shills and mouthpieces of the corporate agenda. The second step, and the more complicated task, is to connect the dots when the CSM start to report news through a common theme. Always ask why when a narrative is being set and refuse to go along with the thinking of lemmings and the sheep. It never ends well for lemmings and sheep, they are either being led over cliffs or to slaughter houses by wolves in wool clothing who live to fleece all of us.

Most of what we are being fed by the upper crust of society is sophisticated and state of the art disinformation. In this context, education is nothing more than indoctrination, news nothing more than state propaganda and social justice advocates pushed by the CSM nothing more than demagogues meant to deceive us. It’s like the world is upside down and we are seeing mirror images of lies that is being passed on to us as truth. The brilliance of this scheme is that the plutocrats use our grievance and our sense of outrage against us. To each side a firebrand an emotional manipulator is deployed so that we are perpetually kept in a state of outrage. People who act out of emotion are always defeated by those who are able to set agendas using cold-calculated logic and reason. Obama and Trump are part of this cold-calculated agenda; the same way Obama sold false hopes and used the pains of his side to get elected, Trump deployed the same deception to give voice to the grievance of his side. Both hyenas dressed up as lambs and both played the America like a fiddle.

Think about this for a minute. The moneyed gentry plucked an unknown empty suit out of nowhere in 2004 because they realized that the public was turning away from the Iraq war and coveted change from Bush’s endless wars. On that basis of one “speech” Obama gave on a street corner with few people around, Obama was sold to the public as a change agent and a peace candidate. From unknown to cult hero, overnight the Corporate State Media was able to turn BHO into an idol for the left and progressive base. I was one of those who fell hook, line and sinker for the fraud Obama (link); it took cognitive dissonance induced by a mean mugging of reality to wake me up to his duplicity. I know now that Obama is a part of the deception and an overseer; true change agents don’t thrive, they don’t even live to tell about it.

Eight years after Obama’s empty rhetoric, the status quo needed another change candidate. So they plucked a carnival barker Trump and sold this immoral gnome to the conservative base. This is the same Trump who was thrice married and has weird sexual ideations about his own daughter Ivanka! Moreover, the same Trump who leveraged globalization and the race to find the cheapest labor source is now supposed to be an anti-globalist? The same man who fawned over Hillary Clinton is now the hero to the same base who detests Hillary? How is this possible that people could suspend logic on this level? But their die hard loyalists and sheep followers refuse to see the truth behind Obama and Trump–facts be damned! We underestimate the power of the media at our expense, it’s owners get us to act against our interests at all time because we keep accepting conventional wisdom without questioning them.

Herd thinking is no joke, we are susceptible as a people to mass conditioning and programming in ways that very of us understand. Even those of us who study media and partake in mass communication as a profession are nonetheless prone to be indoctrinated without knowing it. There is a reason that corporations spend billions in advertising and collecting data about consumers; the more they know about us, the more they can easily program us to think and act according to their will. The only way to unplug from this level of pervasive conditioning is to–at the very least–be aware of the ways and methodologies of agenda setters and the media personalities that they use.

Be careful though, waking up to the mass deception of the Corporate State Media (Hollywood and the Fourth estate alike) might lead to a vicious bout of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance for some is liberating; for others can be deadly. Realizing all held dear to heart is a false construct is dangerous. It’s like Neo in the Matrix and how he nearly flat lined when he woke up to the lies of the Matrix and understood reality for what it was. While we might never understand the truth in our lifetime, at the very least we can know when we are being lied to. The oligarchs can have less power over us when we as a society understand just how powerful the media is and how they have weaponized it against us. We can start to reclaim this planet from the clutches of war mongers and billionaire ogres when we stop depending on the Corporate State Media to be the basis for understanding our reality. #PredictiveProgrammingUS

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” ~ Malcolm X

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Watch the Matrix with a critical eye, “they” are telling us how they construct our understanding of the world.

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