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Shill With Her: the Continued Lunacy of Clinton Cultists

The Stillwithher Cult of The First Church of The Persisting Hillary and their clergy in the Democratic Party are all freaking out over Russia. Again. Let me just point this out: Russia is a nuclear superpower. The nuclear weapons they had while the major part of the Soviet Union (and, no, the USSR wasn’t just the Russians) did not pass their “Best By” date like a loaf of Wonderbread. Those nuclear weapons are still on standby. What’s more, they recently fielded 100 new Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, real crowd pleasers, all MIRV (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle) with 3 to 5 warheads per missile. That’s about 300 to 500 cities that can be vaporized with just the new ICBMs alone. Pull out your map of the United States and count just 300 cities and you do the math.

I don’t care what Russia allegedly did. Provoking a nuclear superpower over unproven allegations is madness. Even if they did meddle in the election, to get into a nuclear war over it is insanity not even Ronald Reagan was foolish enough to provoke. When the Soviets accidently shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 which had flown into restricted airspace, they did so believing it to be a USAF spy plane that had recently probed the air defenses in that sector. Reagan screamed bloody murder, but did not try and provoke the Soviets into a war over it. But look at the Democrats using language such as “we’ve been attacked” and “we’re at war” and other warmongering crap and you can see that had Hillary been elected, we’d probably all be orbiting the upper atmosphere right now. So far, the Democrats have not proven themselves any more responsible to be entrusted with the U.S. nuclear arsenal than Donald Trump has.

Truthfully, the Stillwithher Cult is a Doomsday cult, willing to kill all of us just to visit retribution on a perceived insult to their icon. I mean, really, look at the language they use and how can you arrive at any other conclusion? I’ve seen them say, “This country failed Hillary!” What?! This is the hallmark of a cult along the lines of Jonestown where they’ll all walk into a mass suicide event because the leader says so. Except the mass suicide event they want is a nuclear war. Jonestown on a global scale. Hillary and her cult of crazed followers are so hellbent on vindicating her failed candidacy that they are willing to risk the unthinkable in order to avoid accountability for a campaign that was rejected by most Americans. Click To Tweet

How can anyone think these people are reasonable?! My gosh, they’re frog marching us into a nuclear war over their egos! Over a corrupt career politician who lost the election because of her own incompetence. And if the Russians rigged the election, thereby proving elections could be rigged, then who rigged them prior to that? Wall Street, of course. Yet, before they’ll allow enough dwell time for reasonable people to think of that, they keep saying Russia attacked us. Hey, if Russia attacked us, none of us would be alive right now. It takes about 30 minutes for an ICBM warhead from Russia to arrive to an American city. Truthfully, if a pizza was ordered at the same time as the launch, the warhead might arrive before the pizza. A nuclear weapon launched from a submarine can arrive in 6 to 9 minutes. So don’t give me this crap about being attacked by Russia. Believe me, we’d know.

People that are willing to bring us to a nuclear war because the election didn’t go their way cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. The Democrats are more bloodthirsty than the Republicans, saving Republican Senator John McCain who has always wanted a war with Russia. I guess the Democrats plan for health care is just to euthanize all of us via a nuclear war. That’ll solve economic inequality, too, in a manner of speaking. The first detonations in a nuclear war will be air bursts so an EMP will wipe out all electronics. Zip! There goes the wealth of Wall Street in a vast second before everyone follows the wealth into oblivion. Wow, that’s some campaign! “Doomsday 2020”.

People ask me, “Aren’t you worried about Russia?!” No! I couldn’t care less! Even if they did interfere in the election, those are the karmic fruits we deserve for having done that to several countries for over a century. You reap what you sow. People that live in glass polling places shouldn’t throw regime changes. Even now, the United States behaves as if it has some right to decide what government Iran should have. Which we did in 1953, too. Which led up to the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The United States keeps getting run over by the wheel of karma, but keeps right on lashing the horse who pulls the cart forward.

Again, these fools are leading us into Doomsday. Keep in mind that rather than working on a universal health care plan, solving poverty, and shutting down ICE concentration camps, they’d rather concentrate on destroying the entire planet. I guess climate change isn’t fast enough for humanity, so let’s start a nuclear war. But before I end this article, let me leave you with this heartwarming fact: The Russian Strategic Rocket Forces are controlled by a system called “Permitr” or, “The Dead Hand”. It’s a Doomsday weapon. Basically, Dead Hand must get daily signals that everyone topside is still alive. If it does not get signals within a given amount of time, it launches everything they’ve got. Why?

When Dead Hand was developed by the former Soviet Union, they feared a “first strike” by the United States using cruise missiles and stealth bombers to evade radar detection could wipe out their control and command structure in a decapitation strike. Thus, there would be no orders to retaliate, no one could issue launch orders, and a follow up by ICBMs and SLBMs would utterly destroy their entire supply of nuclear weapons. Therefore, the Soviets invented Dead Hand to counter that threat. It needs input from the command and control to keep FROM launching everything. Which it will do if the command and control is wiped out in a decapitation strike.

The United States is all about these “decapitation strikes”. But it does not know where Dead Hand is or how long it will take for Dead Hand to launch if it thinks everyone is dead. So, remember that when you hear the Hillary suicide cult threatening Russia. #ShillWithHer

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