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The Many Faces of Mental Illness with Advocate and Sports Writer Travis Pipes

Travis Pipes was a featured speaker at the ’17 ‘Many Faces Of Mental Illness Conference’ and hosted by Siouxland Mental Health. His presentation focused on lived experience in both substance abuse recovery while struggling with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. It’s a story highlighted by perseverance, acceptance and finding the freedom to change. Travis was featured in the ‘National Council Magazine’ (Issue 1 of the 2015 edition) and brings his story of strength and hope as a survivor of addiction in collaboration with suicide prevention advocate Kevin Hines. They’ve collaborated to develop mental health content for articles on Huffington Post. Travis also appears in Hines’ upcoming documentary film “Suicide: The Ripple Effect.”

Travis is also a member of the ‘CNQR (pronounced ‘Conquer’) Collective’ based out of Atlanta, GA. It’s a program of the Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation. It’s a social impact initiative that aims to eradicate suicide and champion brain health by collaborating with change makers and social entrepreneurs.

Travis is a Midwestern native currently residing in Wisconsin. He is a published sports writer and studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

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