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September 21, 2017


We the Sheeple: a Bleating Shame

I used to think that Fox News loyalists were the biggest lemmings in the world. This conclusion of mine was further fortified when I read a book by Thomas Frank titled “What’s the Matter with Kansas”. In the book, Frank makes a convincing case that Republicans are letting red meat issues distract them from paying


Obama Still Peddling Change, Hey Democrats How about #CongressCareForAll

I admit, though both Republicans and Democrats are equal leeches, it’s the duplicity of the Democrats that bothers me more than the mendacity of Republicans. I can grudgingly respect their “truth in advertisement” when it comes to Republicans. They tell us off the break that their primary interest lies in serving the wealthiest few as they let


Obama Wiretaps, Trump Fatuity and MSNBC Liars

Oh my God! They are at it again. Folks, the yellow press hounds at MSNBC are back spreading disinformation and passing off propaganda as news. Today’s leading lie at the cable outpost for corporate shills and DNC hacks that is MNBC is that the Department of Justice just dismissed Trump assertion Barack Obama wiretapped him.


NGO Hustlers and Their Treacherous Charity

I read a Tweet this morning that initially rankled my nerves and then served as a proper motivation for me to write this article. David Beasley, the head of a United Nations Non-Government Organization (NGO) called the World Food Progamme, Tweeted a seemingly compassionate message conveying the need to do more to eradicate hunger and famines