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August 22, 2017


A Call to Action: #OrganizeAndUnite

One of the main reasons a decision was made to launch the Ghion Journal was to empower localities. The change we want can only come from the people; Ghion Journal has the faith to believe that we can make a difference in our communities instead of having decisions dictated to us by elites who don’t


Dance Through It All #Eskista

It is easy to stare into the abyss and get lost in despondence. Though all of us have a right to be outraged by injustice and we must do our part to eradicate malfeasance, it is imperative to pause and find the goodness of the world. I say this in light of the political and


Imperative Detente: A Paramount Appeal for Humanity and Inclusive Justice

My grandparent’s generation in Ethiopia had a holocaust committed against them by Mussolini’s fascist military. Mustard gas was deployed against civilians and resistance fighters alike as men, women and children were bombed indiscriminately. The horrors of seeing children melt before their eyes as chemical weapons burn through skin to the bone became a normal facet


Peddling Dissension: Charlottesville, Demagoguery and Using Hate as Click Bait

Breaking Update: read the newest article that discusses the dangers of tribalism that is being foisted on us (read Communiqué to Mainstream Media Journalists, Pundits and Us). I write this article to speak against the antagonism and dissension that is being stirred up by the marches taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia. But I am not taking umbrage


Vindication versus Redemption

I was all set to write about the newest Donald Trump shenanigan or the latest Democratic duplicity. But then a moment of clarity hit me. Why spend more time discussing the brokenness of our political system? Those who get it understand the debauchery of our governance and those who call themselves public servants; others will


An Apology to Millennials: We Failed You

Over the past week, I was bracketed by two conversations which had the most profound impact on my outlook. For too long, I cynically joined the crowd in blaming the younger generation for being apathetic and casting aspersions their way for incessantly complaining. But after talking to an Ethiopian elder and then hearing a rousing speech