Heal Talk

Episode IV: Journey to Heal

Host Betty Beke interviews Teodrose Fikre. The discussion is centered on finding purpose after going through hardship and how adversity, far from being something to avoid, actually helps to form our character and helps to give us wisdom. Make sure to use #HealTalk to share the conversation in the social media realm.

Heal Talk : Episode III

Betty shares her journey to healing and how she found purpose and love. We all go through experiences that teach us as much as they test us, tonight’s episode centered on the personal process of growth we all go through in order to find our inner voice. Follow @bettybeke  and @ghionjournal on Twitter and use #HealTalk to start the conversation. Make sure you subscribe to the Ghion Journal channel by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the picture below.


Heal Talk : Episode II

Betty Beke as she interviews attorney Taalib Saber. Taalib Saber is the principal attorney at The Saber Firm, LLC, where he practices Education and Special Education Law, Civil and Human Rights, and Personal Injury Law. He is also a filmmaker. Lastly, Saber is a staunch pan-african community activist and organizer in DC. 

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Previous Show

This is the premier of “Heal Talk”, a new show hosted by Betty Beke as she interviews Reneca Ruff, who is a nutritionist and a yoga instructor in Colorado. Betty and Reneca are discussing the way to heal in a time of divisiveness, the journey of discovery and how to find purpose as we navigate life.


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