The MCSC Network: Niko House Interviews Teodrose Fikremariam


Teodrose Fikremariam appears LIVE on MCSC Network as he sits down with host Niko House and discusses the article he wrote in which details how a speech idea that he wrote and was forwarded to Barack Obama’s campaign was incorporated in the South Carolina primary victory speech and more. You can CLICK HERE to subscribe to MCSC Network or you can also watch the live stream below once the show is on the air.

Read the associated article that breaks down the reasons behind Julian’s persecution and the implications it could have on our own freedoms by reading today’s feature article “Julian Assange Arrested in London, the World Bears Witness

Previous Segments

Segment XVI: Rise Up for Julian

This is recorded segment of #Unity4J vigil hosted by Vivian Kubrick as she shares a conversation with Ghion Journal co-founder and editor Teodrose Fikre. You can read the associated article by clicking HERE.

Segment XV: Russiagate is Birtherism

Host Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with fellow Ghion Journal writer Stephen Boni. The backdrop to the conversation is an article that Teodrose wrote titled Russiagate is Birtherism. The discussion is centered on the deception of the US political system and how subterfuge is deployed to hoodwink all of US. Share the message using #RussiagateIsBirtherism to encourage people to stop being duped by the establishment.

Segment XIV: Discussion with Niko House

Join us at Teodrose Fikre and Niko House discuss the feature article that Teodrose wrote about Sirota, Gray and Bernie Sanders titled “Operatives Working for Politicians and Cultivating Sycophants“. The segment will be broadcasting live on this page, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you get instant notification when we go live.


Segment XIII: Conditioning US

Host Teodrose Fikre discusses his latest article “An Open Letter to the Media-Politico Complex” and how the media and political establishment condition the public and distract us from understanding the true sources of injustices. He covers the third rail of identity and ideologies and how race, gender, orientation, religions and the endless procession of labels lead to friction and prevents an inclusive approach to justice. Please use #WolvesNFoxes to spread awareness.

Segment XII: Zionism is Not Judaism

Host Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss from Neturei Karta, a group of Orthodox Jews who speak out against the immoralities of Zionism and stand against the Apartheid state of “Israel”. The article that inspired this conversation is the article written by Teodrose titled “the Lioness Who Entered the Halls of Hyenas” as well as an article he wrote about the dangers of tribalism.

Previous Episodes

Episode XI: Conversation with Mel Tewahade

Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with Mel Tewahade, an entrepreneur, business developer and an investor in hope for Ethiopia and beyond as they discuss the pressing issues facing Ethiopia and how a spirit of togetherness and shared success can turn around not only the plight of Ethiopia but here in America and globally. You can get an idea of what the discussion will be centered on by reading the latest article titled “Water for Fire” by clicking HERE. Spread the word and start the conversation by using #Hebret and #SeekTruthTV.

Episode X: Comedians as Truth Tellers, Corporate News as Jokes

Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with Jimmy Dore, a comedian who was inspired to seize the mantle of a journalist given the sorry state of mainstream media with his crew at the Jimmy Dore Show. The discussion is centered on the way the establishment tries to silence independent media, the lengths they go to do discredit free thinkers and the perils that await us if independent media is silenced in America.

Make sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube so that you get instant notification for future shows. You can subscribe to our channel by clicking HERE or on the icon below. This segment is inspired by article Titanic Censorship that was just published on Sunday.

Episode IX: from Exclusive Rhetoric to Inclusive Justice

Betty Beke interviews Teodrose Fikre as he shares his journey that led him away from using exclusive rhetoric like “white privilege” and “white superiority” to seeking desperately the dream of an inclusive justice. This Seek TruthTV segment is inspired by the article The Absurdity of Saying “White Privilege”, which really took off throughout the day and sparked a lot of passionate debates. This special broadcast aims to put into proper perspective why it is counterproductive at best to use rhetoric that does nothing but further the divisive nature of our political and social conversations that lend to more injustice.  Please use #InclusiveJustice to let others know about this special broadcast and to further the conversation on social media.

Episode VIII:  Israel, Palestine, Syria and USa

Host Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with journalist Vanessa Beeley about US foreign policy towards the Middle East, Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza and the endless wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond that are being fought not for freedom but for the sake of inflating the profits of the military-financial complex. Please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking HERE or on the picture below so that you can get instant notification when Seek TruthTV goes on air live. Peace in the Middle East and the world Inshallah. Shalom.

Episode VII: Humor and Politics

Host Teodrose Fikre interviews Pat Cote, the man behind “Peter Douche”, a popular satirist who garnered a large following after he started a parody account poking fun at Hillary Clinton operative Peter Daou. Use #SeekTruthTV to get the word out about this upcoming segment and to start the conversation in earnest.

Episode VI: History vs Our Story

Host Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with Professor Donald Jones, who is a Professor of Law at the University of Miami. Teodrose and Professor Jones will be discussing a wide range of topics centered on the very notion of history, imposed identities and how to reclaim our identities. Please make sure to follow @DMJones@TeodroseFikre and of course @GhionJournal.

Join in the discussion now and tomorrow by using #SeekTruthTV.  You can watch our previous segments by scrolling below.

Episode V: Challenging Media Narratives

Host Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with Rolling Stone’s award winning journalist and prolific writer Matt Taibbi. In this segment, Teodrose and Matt discuss the state of journalism in our time, how reporters navigate between seeking truth and the obstacles of agenda setting narratives and what the future holds for a media landscape that is being decimated by the consolidation of news outlets. Please make sure to follow @Mtaibbi@TeodroseFikre and of course @GhionJournal. Join in the discussion now and tomorrow by using #SeekTruthTV. You can watch our previous segments by scrolling below.

Previous Segments

Episode IV: Veterans’ Sacrifices, Society’s Complacency

Host Teodrose Fikre interviews Niko House, who is a veteran, a political activist and a media entrepreneur. The discussion is centered on the way war is used to profit few and destroy many. Teodrose Fikre’s latest write up, a Special Message to Soldiers, serves as the launch point for the conversation. Make sure to follow @nikoCSFB, @TeodroseFikre and @GhionJournal. Scroll below to view previous segments of Seek Truth TV.

Episode III: Special Message

Seek TruthTV: Episode II

Host Teodrose Fikre shares a conversation with Duan Ruff, a former adviser at Colorado State University who is now a yoga instructor and a community advocate dedicated to sparking change organically and empowering communities locally through a group he and his wife founded called InnatelyU.

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Previous Shows

Host Teodrose Fikre interviews Tim Canova as they discuss the toxic effects of the two major parties, how they monopolize power and what we can do to make our government more responsive to us. Please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can get an instant notification.

If you want an idea of what you can expect and the type of ideological free analysis you can find at #SeekTruthTV, check out a previous podcast by Teodrose Fikre as he discusses the election of Ralph Northam and exposes the duplicity of the media-politico complex.

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