Write for Ghion

Do you have a passion and a zeal for writing and expressing yourself? Do you love engaging with people and getting them to think from a different perspective away from conventional wisdom and dogma? Are you able to write with passion but without reverting to divisive rhetoric?

If so, Ghion Journal might be the place for a keen mind just like yours. We are looking to expand the circle of writers and add profound thinkers and creative minds so that we can broaden both our basket of ideas and the reach of the Ghion Journal. Though a lot of our articles cover politics and international developments, we are very much interested in highlighting everyday people who do tremendous work to uplift their communities and also publishing works that speak to our collective humanity.

Our submission guidelines are as follows, we call them the Seven Points of Ghion.

  1. We will not feed into the social divides and pit one group of people against another
  2. We seek critical analysis instead of presenting narratives that espouse ideologies
  3. We are not the public relations arm of political parties
  4. Our aim is to challenge the cult of personality that is stifling debate and gets in the way of rational conversations
  5. We do not subscribe to collective guilt or collective judgement
  6. We hold the powerful accountable but don’t bash the people
  7. Corporations are evil

If you want to get your work published at Ghion Journal and meet the above guidelines, please send an email to info@ghionjournal.com stating your interest in being a contributing writer. In that email, please include a sample article (ideally something that is topical in nature). We will follow up with you with the next steps.

Our Story and Our Purpose

Below is a video of co-founder and editor Teodrose Fikre explaining our mission and purpose and how we plan to take on the establishment media. Where a few are already putting this vision in place, a few more could accomplish something truly audacious.

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