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October 16, 2017


Yene Yene: Love Without Fear

Perhaps it started before I even knew what love was. Maybe it was the first time I felt infatuation in my heart and the desperate measures we feel when affinity floods our heart. I’m sure most of us have stories like this; remembrances of the first time we felt butterflies in our souls. My first brush


Solidarity Borinquen: Wall Street Degenerate Gamblers, Derivative Terrorists and the Havoc They Wrought

The gale winds and the utter destruction unleashed by Hurricane Maria upon the devastated island of Puerto Rico had nothing on the monster storm that developed in Manhattan and crushed San Juan and beyond starting last decade. While we Americans felt the dizzying pinch of the 2008 economic collapse, Puerto Rico—more than any other state


You Can’t Be Whole Until You Find Your Song

I write this in our moment of collective of lamentation. Once again, innocent lives are felled by mindless violence. It makes no sense really, the brokenness of the world. Where there is abundance for all, humanity’s default mode seems to be avarice as we let malice prevent collective progress. Flashing graphics and breaking news splinters the


Tribalism and the Problem of Peace

There is really no getting around it—Osama bin Laden got his way on September 11, 2001. He meant to create chaos and bloodshed and he did. He meant to bankrupt us and he did. But, most of all, he meant to divide us and he succeeded brilliantly. Through that division, he meant to tear apart


Myopia: We Defeat Us

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was poised to become the singular voice for all oppressed people throughout America. After spending most of the 50’s and 60’s focused on “black” equality, he had a moment of revelation. He realized the folly of seeking social equity without first gaining economic justice. King pivoted; he made