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June 29, 2017

About Ghion

The most famous river in the world is the river that flows from present day Kenya through Ethiopia all the way to Egypt. This river we know as the Nile. A historical lie, the true name of the river is Ghion. If that name sounds familiar, it's because the Ghion river is the second river mentioned in Genesis. This is how history is used to destroy nations and perpetuate injustice.

You see, history, much like politics and religion, has been used for years to divide people and to cleave people from the truth. While we at Ghion Journal do not claim truth, ours is to go on a journey to find truth along with our readers. The first step towards truth is to know when we are being lied to.

This is our raison d'etre of the Ghion Journal, our aim is to discuss history, politics, culture, faith and love in a way that is unifying and in the process serve to counter the divisive and derisive nature of the age we live in. Ghion Journal aims to reclaim journalism from the clutches of a corporate owned Corporate State Media whose sole aim is not to edify and inform but to misinform and profit from our misfortune.
Where the MSM has abandoned their principle, Ghion Journal—along with our fellow citizen journalists and independent reporters—steps into the breach to speak truth to power and more importantly convey stories and articles that speak to our common struggles and common hopes. We make no secrets about it, we are against the powerful and stand with the people.
Ghion Journal is powered by and through the people. We will NEVER take corporate money, corporations are not people and corporations are not welcome in this space. We walk instead with the people and reside among the people; we do not pontificate from a distance in the comforts of ivory towers. We are joined with the people and we are at the front line of the struggle.
Our mission is to redress historical lies, to reclaim responsible journalism, and always treat our readers as thinking adults instead of feeding unthinking followers empty calories of outrage and sensationalism.
We are not partisan, if we have a dog in the fight it's the underdogs throughout the world. Join us and be with us, we are always on a quest to find our "second"— as in the second person who will give wings to our audacious hopes. The second person, just like the seconds of the clock, are infinite because there is always another person (second) who can join us and walk with us on our journey. This is how change happens, one person dreams up an idea but it's the second person who turns a dream into a movement.
What we are writing is a revolution in the making; not a revolution of guns and violence, but a revolution of the mind and the heart. And this revolution starts with the most powerful weapon of them all, the power of words imbued by love. We are depending on you, the reader, to take the words you read here and plant them into the hearts of the world. #GhionJournal

Meet the Team

From one to many, E Pluribus Unum in reverse, where one starts many will soon follow through hard work, faith, and an eternal search for truth. We are Ghion Journal.


Teodrose Fikre

Founder & Observer

A few years ago, I was an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton making a six figure salary consulting agencies at the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir and Department of Treasury and a wide array of defense and civil agencies throughout the Washington, DC metro area.  I provided IT and business process improvement consultation for an alphabet soup of federal agencies and led a very comfortable life. I built up an "impressive array" of credentials and degrees; an MBA from Johns Hopkins, a PMP certification as well as a six sigma certified project manager. From the outside, I was the quintessential American success story. But these things, titles and accomplishments, could not fill the void I felt as accomplishments for the sake of accomplishment always felt like I was chasing unfulfilling pavements.

Then the swerve of life happened and in a fell swoop I fell into a crevice of turbulence. Equal parts malicious imposition and my own imprudence took me from upper-middle class comforts to day to day distress that comes with indigence. But where burdens exists, blessings are evident if we only look for them. It was precisely my two year exodus that gave me a revelation of true injustice and gave me the wisdom to pursue truth and justice without regard to the labels and constructs that separate us.

I am a published author and a writer whose speech idea was incorporated into Barack Obama's south Carolina victory speech in 2008 (refer to screen shots of email exchange below for proof since we live in an age of mistrust). Once thoroughly entangled in politics and a partisan loyalist, a mugging by way of reality shed political blinders from my eyes and led me on a journey to fight for universal justice.

I was born in Ethiopia the same year Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed by the communist Derg junta. The great grandson five generations removed (family tree link) of Atse (emperor)  Tewodros Kassa II, the greatest king of Ethiopia, I have been strongly influenced by the history and my connection to Ethiopia. Through my experiences growing up as first generation refugee in America, I writes about the universal experiences of joys, pains and a hope for a better tomorrow that binds all of humanity.

I have written extensively about the intersection of politics, economic policies, identity, and history. I am the author of "Serendipity's Trace" and newly released "Soul to Soil", two works that inspect the ways we are dissected as a people and shows how we can overcome injustice through the inclusive vision of togetherness.

What is my story? Well that would be complex, a whale can swallow us at times. Boy do I have a whale of a story. But I chose to give that to God, I focus on what I can change not instead of focusing on the impositions placed upon me. We all have choices in this way, to wallow or to overcome, I chose to become victor not a victim. I found victory in sharing this testimony (My Love, My Legacy) The rest of the story? You have a front row seat to it, I write it daily. To God is the glory, to humanity I pray for eternally. 



From One Many

Be patient with us, we are fixing the bugs as we write the stories *


I say we because I will one day soon turn into a collection of writers and thinkers who will revolutionize the journalism industry by taking it back to its roots. Have to speak things into existence.