About Ghion

Mission Statement

Our aim is to revolutionize the way news is disseminated and consumed. The current model of information distribution and consumption is one where the Corporate State Media dictates news based on ideology and motivated primarily on the need to maximize profit. Greed is driving the news industry into the gutters of sensationalism and sectionalism in order to generate more clicks and capture more eyeballs.

We are a news publication of the people, by the people and for the people. We don’t depend on corporate largess, we have faith in the people we serve and believe the change we want will come from us or it won’t come at all. By treating our readers like adults and leading conversations based on ideas instead of ideologies, we aim to reclaim media from the hands of corporate hounds. This is the Ghion Manifesto

Our Aim

Our aim is to discuss history, politics, culture, faith and love in a way that is unifying and in the process serve to counter the divisive and derisive nature of the age we live in.

Why Ghion

What we are writing is a revolution in the making; not a revolution of guns and violence, but a revolution of the mind and the heart. And this revolution starts with the most powerful weapon of them all, the power of words imbued by love. We are depending on you, the reader, to take the words you read here and plant them into the hearts of the world.

Why do we call ourselves the Ghion Journal? It’s our way of reclaiming truth from the clutches of propagandists and liars. You see, in Ethiopia, we call the river that starts in Kenya and stretches to “Egypt” the Abay Ghion. This river was renamed to the Nile River by outside imposers as our history and culture was whitewashed by colonizers. The Ghion River is the second river named in Genesis, it was renamed to the Nile to diminish the significance of Ethiopians and subjugate people with lies. This is what the powerful do, they strip away truth and replace it with propaganda. This is what yellowstream journalists do, the Ghion Journal pushes back against these liars and in the process seeks truth instead of echoing the establishment and their corporate masters.

From the Editor and Founder

Audacity of Faith

From one to many, E Pluribus Unum in reverse, where one starts many will soon follow through hard work, faith, and an eternal search for truth. We are Ghion Journal.

*Be patient with us, we are fixing the bugs as we write the stories

One day soon turn into a collection of writers and thinkers who will revolutionize the journalism industry by taking it back to its roots. We speak and write things into existence::


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