Low-Tech to Beat High-Tech Censorship

Going forward, the links to get the printable PDF handouts will be located at this space. This is our way of fighting the high-tech censorship of Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn. Be a part of a noble effort to combat speech suppression and defend our God-given right to free speech.

  1. Reflecting Martin Luther King and Robert Francis Kennedy: Only Love Can Cure the Mindless Coronavirus of Hate [published July 18th, 2021] – https://ghionjournal.com/reflecting-mlk-rfk/

  2. Dispatch to the US Military: God, Honor, Country, Remember Who to Obey First [published April 2021] – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hA1Ox-lia18ZlhnG7MjnFjbQ_xTkDW3t/view?usp=sharing