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Vote: Lash (R) or Whip (D)

Our Democracy: being given a false choice between a lash and a whip. You vote for one and think you made a difference as you are getting a whipping.

Meet the lash: Republican Party

Meet the whip: Democratic Party

Meet the current overseer: Barack H. Obama

Meet the new overlord: Donald J. Trump

Meet the master: US Federal Reserve**

Did you know that the Federal Reserve was created by the Woodrow Wilson administration after JP Morgan cratered the US economy by starting a run on the banks? How did he do this? He got the media conglomerate he owned to start spreading lies about the smaller banks that was competing with him.

After the run on the banks by a paniced public induced by the “free press”, thousands of banks went out of business and then JP Morgan swooped in and consolidated market share by buying up distressed bank one after the other. Sound familiar? Are you rethinking the crash of 2007/8 yet? This is a playbook that has been used for decades; periodically our economy crashes and the same devils who crashed it pick up the broken pieces as they buy the distressed assets of Americans for pennies on the dollar.

The malignant 1% do this on a regular basis, they call it the “business cycle” where they reap profits by cratering the economy and then consolidating power and money. Look at the historical chart of Dow Jones since the great depression and if you look close enough, hot damn you will see that there have been recessions on a regular cycle for the past 80 years. This is what happens people have so much wealth that they can literally dictate the trajectory and machinations of the markets based on a combination of rumors, timing of trades and velocity of transactions. As our markets get more and more interdependent and digital, the more a few will be able to manipulate the world markets to bend to their will.

Back to JP Morgan, after cratering the US economy with his rumors abetted by the “fourth estate”, he then he did something even more insidious. By the way, real quick, why do you think the richest few keep gobbling up the media, did you know that 85% of all news we get is funneled through six owners. Six billionaires have committed a hostile takeover on free speech in America and now are the bosses of the so called free-media. Thus the free media has become a weapon of mass destruction on “we the people”.

Which dovetails to the story of JP Morgan and what he did in 1914. He got Woodrow Wilson to shepherd through congress a bill that created the Federal Reserve.

What is the Federal Reserve exactly? Anyone really know?

Well let me give a quick synopsis:

The Federal Reserve is an agency that is not federal at all. It’s a private corporation, a conglomeration of private bankers who are drawn up from different regions of America.

The Federal Reserve is not accountable to Congress, the President, or worse of all to any of us. They are fully independent, that is their business charter. Now they sell this to the people as “being independent of politics”.

What a crock of shit, what they are saying is that they are independent from accountability and that they are all powerful. For the Federal Reserve sets the monetary policies of America. They are the ones who set interest rates which impacts all of us; consequently, it is the Federal Reserve who is at the root of income inequality in America and beyond since their actions or lack thereof reverberates throughout the world markets.

While we are distracted by the whips and lashes and the current overseer runs game on us, the Federal Reserve run by Janet Yellen—a former Goldman Sachs executive—sets monetary policies. Monetary policies like Quantitative Easing which printed $10 trillion so that the incentive was to “invest” money into Wall Street instead of Main Street. The Fed’s (read Obama administration) QE normalized the very gambling that cratered the economy in 2007 and enabled professional speculators to wager our life savings.

Additionally, the Fed implemented ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy), which lets banks borrow money for free and then make a killing lending it to us—they are letting banks become their own independent printing press. Meanwhile, most people think they are getting by because of low interests, but then get depressed when they see their savings gaining no interest and inflation is actually making their savings worth less today than it was yesterday.

Told you, we fight over politics when in reality policies are what matter. I don’t blame people though, these things are complex and heck, even as I was finishing up my MBA at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, I did not realize just how devious and wicked these policies are. It’s only when the floor fell under me and got mugged by reality that I realized how tilted the playing field is to the wealthy and how the playing field is built on the backs of the 99% of us who have no idea how this game is played as we fight about politics.

So are you going to continue partaking in this nonsense. Are you going to give cover and legitimacy to a government that lost legitimacy with its people? I used to make fun of the 70% of the people who don’t vote as I was running around registering new voters on behalf of the Democratic Party not too long ago. I came within 3 votes of being a delegate for Obama from the 8th congressional district in Virginia in 2008; trust me, I was duped with the best of them. Boy oh boy how hardship can jar one awake from partisan parroting. I will neither vote for the whip nor the lash, I vote with my pen and stand against this monstrosity we call government. I am with the 70% who don’t vote instead of the 30% who vote thinking they are making a difference when most of them just view voting as a political sport or some sort of fantasy football.

Moral of the story: Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. You don’t have to pick between dung and piss—maybe the prudent think is to say no to the duplicity and get rid of both parties. That would be audacity of hope, not selling your soul for the sake of the presidency but to truly stand up to divide and conquer methodology that the powerful have unleashed on all of us.

Democrats are in “the wilderness”; Republicans are resurgent and have a “mandate”. Eight years of fiscal theft later, cyclical change flips paradigm. This is how the 1% stay screwing US.

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