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Obama’s Legacy: Hope to Fraudulence

Let me say at the outset that I did not arrive at this path easily. In all honesty, I was one of President Obama’s biggest supporters. No need to go into all the details, but I will match the effort I expanded and the hopes I invested in Obama up against any of his most loyal staffers. Let’s just say that my endless contributions to the Obama campaign in 2008 led me to some pretty sublime moments as I toiled like a serf in order to get the first “black president” elected. Refer at the bottom of this article for a “eat accomplishment” that connected me to Obama’s election.

It was precisely because I was so vested and found my identity in politics that I looked the other way for years as he did the very same things which I used to rage about over Bush. For even longer, I blamed Republicans for Obama’s impotence while praising him for his empty gestures and token nods he gave to his base. It’s only after life crashed in on me and I became one of the statistics that I realized the true duplicitous nature of his policies–I got mugged into clarity about Obama’s political cunning. I now judge him exactly for what he is; a confidence man who leveraged his skin to get power and used the pains of those who suffered to gain status for himself. Goes to show, skin does not make one kin.

Let’s talk about race for a minute, since it seems the racial wounds of America are forever being torn open by pernicious folks on multiple fronts. It was this same “first black president” who had no problem throwing his congregation under the bus and tossing the church he attended for almost a decade into Lake Michigan when the time came for him to choose between principle and power. We were warned of course, Reverend Wright warned us that Barack was nothing more than a rank politician. I chose to look the other way and ignored Wright’s warning because Obama spoke to my grievance when in reality he was using our hopes to fulfill his ambitions.

Barack Obama also betrayed his own grandmother; the same woman he cited as being a loving woman who raised him in “Dreams of My Father” was all the sudden a “racist” as he chose to use her as a human shield in 2008. His whole presidency nothing but empty symbolism as he threw crumbs our way to represent advancement while his malicious economic policies were setting all of us back. Obama was just a token mannequin; he was selected to obfuscate the true powers who run this nation.

But let’s go beyond my own feelings of betrayal that I felt upon realizing that I was hoodwinked by Barack and discuss his policies. I’m going to point out some of the “accomplishments” of Obama, this is not based on bias or subjectivity–all that I am presenting to you is a matter of public record. Before you press on, though I express my frustration, the intent of this article is not to preach to people piously as if I too was not once part of this shell game that is our politics. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a video of me running to be Obama’s state delegate from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. I know very well the draw of political personalities, I too was once a believer. Now on to the presentation of the evidence:

1) $14,000,000,000,000+ to Wall Street by ways of bogus monetary schemes: Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), bailouts bailouts bailouts; all of it was nothing short of the biggest larceny and wealth transfer in the history of mankind as he directly funneled money from the 99% to the same criminals who bled our economy in 2008. People on the left were mad about Bush’s $400 billion dollar tax cut because it was a “giveaway” to the 1%; Obama gave away 25 times as much and we look the other way! All of the hubbub about everything being the Republicans’ fault is nothing but baloney; from Democrats to Republicans, Obama to Paul Ryan and all the double dealing politicians in between are colluding to fleece us regardless of their empty rhetoric. Notice there was no “gridlock” when the time came to give away the store to Wall Street; how serendipitous that paralysis sets in when it comes to the issues that we care about yet DC moves like clockwork when it comes to catering to the whims of the oligarchs.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, Republicans get to blame Democrats for nothing getting done and cast themselves as heroes to their schmuck base, and Democrats do the same to their schmuck base. Meanwhile, both parties are bought and paid by the 1% and they do exactly as plutocrat masters tell them. The rich got their bonanza. What did we get, the rest of us Americans? Nothing, zip, zilch. The same monsters who bled us in 2007/08 get bailouts; the rest of us get the hammer. Not one Wall Street criminal was locked up let alone indicted for committing the biggest larceny in the history of this planet. Meanwhile tens of millions of people lose their homes and millions become homeless. Take a look around next time you are in a city nearest you; if you have a heart go talk to some of the homeless, most of them became homeless AFTER 2008. Yeah yeah it was Bush’s fault, bullshit, this man has been in power for eight years and we are still blaming Bush? What was the purpose of his election if we are to just excuse Obama as a fragile dolt who can’t get anything done?

2) Wars wars wars: All of us were up in arms over wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well Obama out-Bushed Bush as he initiated countless wars throughout the world. From Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, I can go on and on about the endless wars that Obama, the fraudulent Nobel Peace Prize winner, has wrought. And that’s not even counting the tyrants he supports and arms to the teeth on behalf of the military-financial complex.

This is personal to me I’ll admit. This fraud Obama backs tyrants in my native land Ethiopia where endless lives are lost on a regular basis as the ruthless TPLF government destroys people using American armaments. You want to know who the biggest terrorists in the world are? It’s the monsters who arm terrorists in the name of profiteering as they use “national security” to camouflage their intentions. Guess who sits at the head of that table? Our boy Obama. He is a neo-con’s neo-con; fitting, a con man really is a new con artist. More like a neo-coon really, a continuation of servile house overseers who do the bidding of their masters in order to retain the status of being a token. An shyster who uses teleprompters and rhetoric as a whip and symbolism as chains to enslave the middle class into working class and the working class into a life sentence of poverty.

To be honest I can go on all day, I can talk about the state surveillance he was supposed to end as he instead expanded it exponentially. I can talk about the fact this cobra came in promising to reduce America’s nuclear arsenals; in reality he dedicated $1 trillion to enhancing America’s nuclear capacities—the biggest increase in nuclear weapons funding since the Manhattan project. Obama has done the unthinkable; he has set as precedent that our government can extra-legally murder US citizens without a hearing or habeas corpus? Where is the “liberal outrage”; the mob was up in arms over Abu Ghraib, well dear leader is now assassinating people without hearings and the response I hear from the left is “well they were terrorists anyway”.

Just because the government says it is, it must be? Funny how liberals refused to believe our government about WMD but now all the sudden the left tars people who dare question Obama as unpatriotic traitors. I feel like I’m in bizarro world as “Republicans” embrace Russians while maligning the CIA and Democrats are now war hawks acting like Joseph McCarthy.

Let me press on; you think the economy has recovered, do you know that the overwhelming number of jobs “created” under Obama’s watch were part time or seasonal jobs? Obama has normalized monetary terrorism against the middle class and meager wages as the new American dream for most of us. I’m not in the game of ranking presidents, that is a foolish venture because as far as I’m concerned most of our presidents have been the lackeys of corporations going back to Woodrow Wilson.

Obama is a continuation of Bush, Bush a continuation of Clinton and Clinton a continuation of Bush–we are led by duplicitous shepherds who make it their purpose to sacrifice the herd to the wolves. There was no change at all, Barack is a fraud who inverted the dreams of his father into a nightmare for his dad’s continent and the rest of the world. He used his slick tongue and his shuck and jive antics to give cover to greed and abject profiteering. Ironic, Barack means blessing, Obama means bent in Swahili; he bent his blessings to break all of us. Just wait, cognitive dissonance will hit as you keep struggling to pay your rent and you shake your head in disbelief when you can’t get fast food for less than $10. That would be monetary theft kicking your behind by means of inflation.

This is the Roman empire all over again; bread and circus distracting the populace as a bunch of politicians incestuously fornicate with each other in ivory towers while they screw all of us. Republicans and Democrats are two factions of the same broken ideology of crony capitalism and Obama is the titular head of this mafia government which is taking more and more from us. The gap between the wealthy and the rest keeps rupturing into a chasm that is swallowing the citizenry indiscriminately. As if Obama’s duplicity was not enough, we are now about to get a supposed billionaire oaf who made his fortunes by declaring bankruptcies and screwing everyday Americans. From the pan to the fire; a society more infatuated with videos of kittens and enamored with taking selfies while paying lip service to injustice will get a government that treats it accordingly.

Nowhere to be found in any of this is a fourth estate which is supposed to check authority and was supposed to be the conscience of society. Instead, the media—monopolized by a few oligarchs—has morphed into peddlers of yellow press smut. News aborted and transformed into an outrage factory where the Corporate State Media’s sole aim is not to edify us but to monetize pain, suffering, and sophism. Gone are esteemed journalists of the past; what we have before us are a bunch of infantile and vacuous suits who chase retweets on social media instead of hunting down corruption and malfeasance.

Sadly, too many disregard Obama’s policies and keep focusing on the superfluous things that have nothing to do with our lives. I don’t give two bits about his class and grace or how good he sang Al Green’s song or that he invited the equal toady Jay-Z to the White House. That is our problem as a society, always focused on flash and never focused on substance. Who cares if he was a good father, that is not why he was elected. Obama was elected to lead this nation not to be a symbolic Bill Cosby. Besides, I’m pretty sure Idi Amin and Pol Pot also had redeeming qualities and might have been beloved by their children while their policies were silencing and nullifying lives. You think it’s too much I compare Obama to these tyrants? Well tell that to the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who perished, the tens of thousands of Libyans who were murdered, and the countless victims around the world who are broken at the hands of our mafia government.

So then which is it, if we condemn Bush for his nefarious ways, then how are we going to condone Obama’s identical policies? If you say that Obama is just a president and he can only do so much, then why are we up in arms over Trump’s idiocy. Can’t have it both ways, situational morality and dependent outrage needs to end. It is precisely because we are getting fractured by these malignant politicians in DC that injustice seems to fester. Be consistent! If you stand against injustices when Republicans commit them, likewise stand resolute against injustice when duplicitous personalities like Obama do the same. This same goes to Republicans; will you be mum all the sudden as Trump rips apart the constitution and continues the executive overreach of Obama? Will your rage over Benghazi be nullified as Trump wages immoral wars in the name of profiteering and stealing the wealth of other nations?

I don’t take any pleasure in writing this nor do I derive any joys from tearing a man down. But I see things for what they are; we are being led by the nose as a society with separable grievances by shifty politicians, pundits, and personalities so that we attack each other instead of understanding the source of our anger. We are becoming a society of crabs clawing at each other instead of clawing at the barrel of injustice. We get diced and sliced as a people by race, gender, faith, orientation and endless forms of isms and a spokesperson is propagated to whisper to these grievances. We are getting shattered in order to divide and conquer us; as long as we are fighting, the few can run roughshod over the many.

It would be easy to join this circus, to speak to the mob instead of speaking against it. As a writer, I am committing business malpractice by speaking to our common humanity. The surest way to fame and acclaim is to be a small minded grievance peddler like our current president Obama and our incoming president Trump. What we need desperately are people who speak to our common aspirations and our better angels. So I’m asking you, as you read this, to please stop being deceived by these gnomes in DC who live to fracture us and instead forbear much of your neighbor and forgive more your fellow brothers and sisters. Obama was a sham–change by means of scripts and gestures–Trump will be no better. It will be up to us, the people, to be the change we want to be or forever reside fractured and suffer in hopelessness as we count the change in our pockets.

Spread this article far and wide, Obama once uttered with forked tongue about how change starts from the bottom. Well let us, from the bottom, repay his rhetoric with our two cents and then get to work uniting as one people. Forget bipartisanship, both Democrats and Republicans are morally bankrupt, let’s be one as a people and get away from both poisonous parties. Let’s work to forge unity and togetherness instead of being splintered by the powerful. #YesHeCon

“We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter.” ~ Denis Diderot

If you believe in this message and refuse to be duped by confidence men like Trump, Obama, Clintons and the rest of the hyenas in DC, share this article on social media to stir others from their loyalty to these double dealing politicians by using #YesHeCon

This picture below is a screen shot of a “speech idea” that I submitted to my once fraternity brother Mike Pitts who happened to live in the same neighborhood as the Obama’s while Barack was still a senator. The speech idea made it’s way to Obama’s special adviser Valerie Jarrett and Obama’s sister. They loved the speech idea and it would later be incorporated into the South Carolina Primary victory speech in 2008. Let this be an evidence of sorts, the entirety of Obama’s presidency was nothing but a sham. His speeches written for him by people like me, his teleprompter served as his master, and it was plutocrats who were ultimately his masters. Obama will one day go down as one of the biggest frauds in the history of America. Consider this article as one of the two tablets that is thrown at the false idol and the farce that is Obama. 

I don’t mean to belittle people who still believe in Obama, after all, I too was once his biggest of supporters as evidenced by this video of me running to be his state delegate in 2008.

Watch the video below to see how both Democrats and Republicans, from Bush to Obama to now Trump, play us for suckers.

For those who insist on talking about the “style and grace of Obama”, let me just put it this way in closing. If thief mugs you and in the process beats the hell out of you, you won’t mind as long as the thief sings Al Green’s song as he is blugeonging you? Well that was Obama’s presidency in a nutshell, an empty suit who was all style but his substance was feeding the middle class to the wolves of Wall Street and feeding the world to the wolves of the military-financial complex. There is a reason I mentioned a thief singing Al Green’s song….

Obama, borrowed words and broken promises, a man who turned the dreams of his father into a nightmare for the world #ObamaDeception

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