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Posts published by “Teodrose Fikre”

Teodrose Fikre is the editor and founder of the Ghion Journal. A published author and prolific writer, a once defense consultant was profoundly changed by a two year journey of hardship and struggle. Going from a life of upper-middle class privilege to a time spent with the huddled masses taught Teodrose a valuable lesson in the essence of togetherness and the need to speak against injustice.

Originally from Ethiopia with roots to Atse Tewodros II, Teodrose is a former community organizer whose writing was incorporated into Barack Obama's South Carolina primary victory speech in 2008. He pivoted away from politics and decided to stand for collective justice after experiencing the reality of the forgotten masses. His writing defies conventional wisdom and challenges readers to look outside the constraints of labels and ideologies that serve to splinter the people. Teodrose uses his pen to give a voice to the voiceless and to speak truth to power.

Note to the Broken

It is easy to share stories of resiliency once we have gone through the fires and emerged on the other side feeling like we have been made better through our struggles. The harder task is to acknowledge pains while going through a season of ennui. I write this article for anyone out there who is going through the doldrums and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer gravity of the moment. I include myself at the top…

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