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Posts published by “Abigail Randolph”

Abigail Randolph holds two humanities degrees from state universities in Texas. Trained as a journalist but plagued by innumeracy, she will never “learn to code.” A single Mom, she currently works as a secondary school educator in Austin & will die before paying off her student loans. She is a recovering former Democrat.

Sanders Redux: Think Twice Before You Feel the Bern Again

During the 2016 Democratic primary season, I was one of the many “regular Americans” who donated $27 to the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Inspired by his uncompromising defense of the “disappearing middle class,” and hopeful that the enthusiasm at his rallies would make a difference at the polls, I really did believe—for the first time in a long time—that America had a “future to believe in.” As the 2016 season progressed, I watched in horror…

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