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Posts published by “J.L. Walden”

J.L. Walden is a Boston-based educator and journalist who has become preoccupied with the ways in which moral idealism is being used to distract from a materialist political project that can benefit all people.

Stuck: The Absence of a Political Argument in the Debate Over Reparations

On June 17, in Washington, D.C., Reverend William Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign hosted a presidential forum as a part of its three-day event called the Poor People’s Moral Action Congress. In his discussions with each presidential candidate, Reverend Barber hewed to questions that focused tightly on the way that voter disenfranchisement, especially disenfranchisement of Black voters, helps to maintain poverty for people of all races. He, in fact, took pains to note that…

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