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CommUnity Space

Ghion Journal and all affiliated ventures will NEVER take a penny from corporations. This rule is sacrosanct. This is not because we are anti-business, rather it’s precisely because we are pro-business that we refuse to feed the beast that is corporatism. Where private businesses and local/regional companies provide services for their community, corporations exist to destroy markets and monopolize power.

In our continued effort to encourage people to empower private businesses and reinvest our resources and money with private companies instead of giving away our hard earned money to corporations, we at the Ghion Journal are opening up our website to give free ad space for small businesses and private companies that meet the following prerequisites.

  • Employs less than 1,000 people
  • Is a regional business that serves constituents within the community it is based in
  • Is a private company (not publicly owned)
  • Is not listed on any exchange (NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P)

If you have a business or a going concern that meets one of the four requirements stipulated above, send an email to with a subject of “Ads on Ghion” and include the following information:

  • name of business
  • who you serve
  • what benefits you provide your clients (what your company offers to clients)
  • a quick blurb about how you provide benefits to communities.
  • include a jpeg or png file of your company logo (200×300 pxl) with the email

Every month between 10-20 businesses will be selected to receive ad space on Ghion Journal at no cost. Following the business model of the FoCo Cafe where they let customers pay for food as they can (read about FoCo Cafe here), we will do the same and let businesses who get ad space contribute to the Ghion Journal as best they can to EMPOWER GHION. This is how small businesses and local companies can compete with big corporations, collaboration and collective effort is a giant slayer.

The ad spaces will run on the right margin of this website on desktop view and at the bottom of the website on mobile view. The sub-menu under this tab will have a running display of the various companies and entrepreneurs that are featured on a week to week basis. Businesses with the Ghion Journal Gold Ribbon are our way of encouraging others to shop locally and to empower communities instead of powering corporations. You can check out the COMMUNITY ADS HERE or by clicking on the Ghion Journal Gold Ribbon below.This endeavor is as much to encourage other businesses and communities to join in this collaborative effort and to empower communities instead of handing power to corporations. So if you are an entrepreneur or an executive of a privately owned company, send us an email to and let our exponentially growing audience and readers know about your business.

A Message from Our Founder