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CommUnity Empowerment

First, a little bit of house keeping. Ghion Journal and all affiliated ventures will NEVER take a penny from corporations. This rule is sacrosanct. This is not because we are anti-business, rather it’s precisely because we are pro-business that we refuse to corporations who eradicate small-businesses and indenture workers. Where private businesses and local/regional companies provide services for their community, corporations exist to destroy markets and monopolize power.

In our continued effort to encourage people to empower small and locally owned businesses and prod consumers to reinvest our resources and money within our communities,  we at the Ghion Journal are opening up our website to give free ad space for any and all small businesses/private companies and individual entrepreneurs who meet the following prerequisites.

  1. Employs less than 1,000 people
  2. Is a regional/local business that serves constituents within the community it is based in
  3. Is a private company (not a “publicly” owned corporations)
  4. Is not listed on any exchange (NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P)

If you have a business or a going concern that meets one of the four requirements stipulated above, send an email to with a subject of “Ads on Ghion” and include the following information:

  • name of business
  • who you serve
  • what benefits you provide your clients (what your company offers to clients)
  • a quick blurb about how you provide benefits to communities.
  • include a jpeg or png file of your company logo (200×300 pxl) with the email and the website that we should direct our readers to.

Every month between 5-10 businesses will be selected to receive ad space on Ghion Journal at no cost. The ad spaces are located on the right hand side of the website if you are using a desktop or beneath the articles under the “Community Space” header. You can see that there are two entities that are currently being displayed.

We are following the business model of the FoCo Cafe where they let customers pay for food as they can, We will follow the same model and highlight companies that are doing good for their communities and have faith that companies will contribute to the Ghion Journal as they are moved to do so instead of charging a fixed price. What we hope to show in the process is that we can all succeed together if we collaborate instead of competing with on another. Beyond that, this is our way of encouraging people to shop, eat and spend our resources locally in order to truly empower our communities.

So if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner (no Mitt Romney, this does not include you my friend) send us an email to and let our growing audience and readers know about your business.

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