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Ghion Library

One of the ways we fund the Ghion Journal is from the profits derived from the following books written by Teodrose Fikre. Both books were written in 2016 during a time of great uncertainty, proof that struggles birth our purpose. We thank you for being a continued supporter of the Ghion Journal and your continued readership and viewership. As we add more writers, some who are published, the library of Ghion writers will continue to multiply. Click on the pictures of the book covers below to get a copy of one or both and continue to love for justice.

Serendipity’s Trace

Serendipity’s Trace is a book about our common struggles and common hopes. Written during Teodrose’s plunge into the abyss of homelessness and hopelessness, a spark lit by a random act of kindness delivered him from indigence into a place of love and purpose. It’s poetic redemption, fitting since Teodrose’s first love was poetry.

Serendipity’s Trace is a collection of poetry that conveys painful experiences and gives meaning to hardship. It’s also a book of hope and determination as one poem after another speaks of a language common to all of us. Where we fall, we stand. Where we cry we smile. The overarching theme of the poetry in these pages is one of resilience.

In a time of strife and continued conflict, Serendipity’s Trace is a reminder of the very things we all have in common. This is part of Teodrose’s life story and he tells it through moving prose and poetry in ways that will inspire all who read it.

Soul II Soil

Blessings come through unexpected tribulations. Life truly is a binary, happiness and sadness cannot exist on their own any more than can light exist without darkness. This is what makes life at once magical and tumultuous; it’s like the most wonderful enigma built on the pillars of uncertainty and clarity. It is with this binary paradigm in mind that Teodrose wrote his second book Soul to Soil.

Someone once said that people don’t always get to choose their circumstances in lives; the choice is how people react when a season of bareness darkens their doorsteps. Soul to Soil represents Teodrose’s decisions process and a continuation of his journey; where Serendipity’s Trace was a reflection of the past, Soul to Soil is Teodrose’s contemplation of present circumstances and how to move forward.

Soul to Soil is a collection of observations and prose that synthesizes the essence of our common humanity. The root of humanity’s power is the very source perceived weakness. Hope through prose.