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Posts published by “Mousumi Roy”

Mousumi Roy is an author, whose writings are published in Times of Oman, Khaleej Times, etc. She is based in Muscat, Oman and she is also a visiting professor of International Relations.

Will the World Ignore Kashmir’s Tears?

Four centuries of subjugation tell the tale of long nights. The first “foreign” domination began from 1586 after Akbar extended his domain over the Kashmir valley. This was followed by the Afghans, the Sikhs, the Dogras, and now by the Indians. Kashmir’s 5,000 years of history have the answer. How touching was Jehangir’s poetic utterance, “Gar fidaus bar rue zamin ast / Hamin ast, Hamin ast, Hamin ast” (If there is a paradise on earth…

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