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Posts published by “Salimah Valiani”

Salimah Valiani is a poet, activist and researcher. She has published four collections of poetry.
She is also the author of Rethinking Unequal Exchange: the global integration of nursing labour markets (University of Toronto Press: 2012) and editor of The Future of Mining in South Africa: Sunset or Sunrise? (2018).

Homage to Mwalimu Samir Amin, Africa’s Preeminent Radical Economist

On receiving the news of Samir Amin’s death, one of the first thoughts that struck me was that two of my greatest mentors have passed this way: tumours discovered quite suddenly. In the case of Giovanni Arrighi, nine years ago, the tumours were discovered some ten months before his death. Giovanni recalled his grandfather who had always said of his grandson that he never did things in moderation. Giovanni’s tumours were many and malignant and…

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