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Posts published by “Stephen Boni”

Stephen Boni is a writer of socio-political missives, children’s books and emails. Lots and lots of emails. A conflicted New Englander with an affinity for people, music and avoiding isms, he lives in Oakland, California with his wife and young daughter.

We’re Just Not Their Constituents

If you’ve ever had occasion to read political theory, you’ll often come across critiques of capitalism that throw out phrases like “contradictions in the system”. It’s always bothered me that political theorists will use phrases like this and then move along as if there’s nothing to unpack. Like readers are just supposed to understand and think to themselves…”yup, ya got it right there, pardner. If’n yer system has got any a’them…uh…contradickshuns…hehehe, well, that’s a real…

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