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Posts published by “Tim Nuell”

Tim is a former reporter and a news producer who pursued the profession of journalism to seek out corruption and speak truth to power. After realizing that mainstream media's objective ran counter to Tim's purpose for pursuing a career in the "fourth estate", he exited the field of media and pursued life away from the limelight. Tim offers views and perspectives about culture and politics through the prism of media.

From Facts To Fairy Tales: A Television Man’s Take on the New McCarthyism

Television news always seemed the perfect career choice for me, especially after my boyhood meeting with the local CBS anchor team. Raised in the pre-internet era, I worshipped all things TV. My mom spoke English when she arrived from Berlin in her twenties, but she desperately wanted to sound more like an American. So after I was born, we watched television and learned the language together. She loved Sesame Street. Mom was also a model…

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