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Posts published by “Tim Nuell”

Tim is a former reporter and a news producer who pursued the profession of journalism to seek out corruption and speak truth to power. After realizing that mainstream media's objective ran counter to Tim's purpose for pursuing a career in the "fourth estate", he exited the field of media and pursued life away from the limelight. Tim offers views and perspectives about culture and politics through the prism of media.

An Awakening from the Belly of the Corporate Media Beast

Funny how life forces a mind into flashbacks through the most bizarre of circumstances. All I planned to do was indulge in a decent dinner. Instead, the restaurant television tossed me down a memory lane that landed me at my laptop for this first-hand tale of fighting corporate media lies, and my “exclusive” that never was. Here in Berkeley, California, the chances of a neighborhood restaurant showing the NHL hockey network are remote. Yet there…

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