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Daily Ghion Water

Let’s kick off today with a bit of humor. Consider this the joke of the century. The New York Times is currently running their new multi-million dollar marketing campaign to once again dupe the public. I must warn you, before you read this next sentence, gulp down your latte before you read this next sentence or you will have coffee all over your screen as you laugh out loud hysterically. “Now is the time to support independent journalism #TruthHasAVoice.” This is a tweet the hacks at the New York Times sent out, they are using #TruthHasAVoice to promote themselves as the voice of independent journalism.

There is chutzpah and then there is fraudulence. The corporate mouthpiece that is the NY Times is referred to as the paper of record. They should be called the paper of recorders; all they do is copy and paste the talking points of neoliberals in government and the propaganda of multi-national corporations only to turn around peddle disinformation as news.

This is the reason d’etre of the Daily Ghion Water, we might not have millions to deceive people with campaigns created by Madison Avenue marketing firms, but we have truth on our side as we bring you news and notes from truly independent journalists and non-corporate voices from around the world. Without further ado, here is your daily Ghion water.

Neocon and Neoliberal Watch (they are the same thing)

President Trump, who has been demonizing Iran since taking office, and the neoconservatives, who always pursue war with Iran, have tried to exploit the demonstrations for their own political gains. In particular, they appear determined to use the unrest as an excuse to scrap the nuclear agreement with Iran, reimpose tough economic sanctions, and hurt an already fragile economy that is a main root cause of the hardship Iranian people are experiencing. Remember, Trump called Iran a “terrorist nation” and has been trying to scuttle a nuclear agreement with Iran that is supported by the international community and the vast majority of Iranian people. He imposed a Muslim ban on Iranians coming to the United States and has sided with Iran’s archenemy, Saudi Arabia, and his administration has been pressuring the European Unionnot to invest in Iran, investments that would lead to job growth and a better economy. [from Truthdig]

China Front

Chinese policies have moved 250 million people into urban centers, another social experiment that could have taken place nowhere else. One of the purposes of this “forced urbanization” strategy could be more efficient management of public resources in ways that might benefit the forthcoming elderly. The new urban population could be “educated” into buying more goods “made in China,” so as to create a stable demand for domestic goods and services. But while the idea seems promising, putting it into action is another matter. An aging population could work at cross-purposes to the consumption patterns required. Nor, statistically speaking, will an elderly China produce as many excellent students. [from Naked Capitalism]

About the Politics of Personalities

For conspiracy-minded Democrats, I was suggesting that a presidency they happened to like was the same as that of a Kremlin-colluding traitor who is hell bent on turning America into a totalitarian fascist state to please his master Putin. For conspiracy-minded Trump supporters, I was saying that a presidency they happened to dislike is the same as that of a populist hero who, according to the periodic 4chan updates of an anonymous insider with Q-level security clearance, is fighting the deep state to provide freedom and democracy to the American people. For everyone else, the notion that another US president is acting a lot like his predecessors is far less outlandish. [from Caitlin Johnstone]

Neo-Apartheid in Ethiopia

Protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia is not completely called off as some towns are still witnessing it. Qeerroo, Oromo language speakers translate it as “Youth”, movement which is estimated to have about six million members across the region, according to information from officials from the regional state. Pro-TPLF activists dare to liken Qeerroo movement to that of Al-Shabab – an effort to frame the movement for an attack. OPDO leaders, who oversee the regional state and who showed tendency to not blame the popular protest during press briefing following completion of EPDRF’s meeting, seem to be in a collision course with the federal authorities regarding the move to crack down on Qeerroo as they tend to have a position that they youth do have a right to peacefully demonstrate. [from Borkena News]

Because War is a Racket

According to The Washington Post, administration officials confirmed that in December the State Department had approved a commercial license authorizing the export of Model M107A1 Sniper Systems, ammunition, and other associated parts and accessories to Ukraine — a package valued at $41.5 million. At first, it was reported there had not yet been approval to export the heavier weaponry the Ukrainian government had been asking for, such as anti-tank missiles. However, by the end of December, reports began surfacing that the Trump administration was in fact going to provide 35 FGM-148 Javelin launchers and 210 anti-tank missiles. The Javelin is allegedly one of the most advanced anti-tank systems on the market. The total package is now valued at $47 million, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this figure continues to rise in the weeks to come. [from Anti-Media]

The Corporate State of Dystopia

The corporate structure means that decisions that affect a lot of people’s lives are often taken with almost no regard to those people’s interests or desires. My coffee shop is a trivial example: take factories. Factory closures decimate entire towns. Not only do they ruin thousands of people’s lives economically, but they often also plunge those people into a disturbing state of uncertainty and confusion: when everything you have known for 20 years goes away overnight, there is a loss not only to your finances but to your identity. But once a layoff has been announced, it doesn’t matter how the workers feel about it. [from Current Affairs]

Paying Tribute to the First Bank President

In stepped the man with an exotic name and big ears. What better way to let people think that change had arrived than by selecting a man who was radically different than Bush. Where Bush was an inarticulate oaf, Obama was a polished orator. Where Bush represented the lily white legacy of entrenched politics, Obama represented a supposed outsider. This is how cyclical change works; every four or eight years we are presented pre-selected candidates who are radical departures from the status quo in order to give us the perception that things are going to be different. It’s all slight of hand; the personalities we keep being transfixed to are nothing but thespians on stage—behind the curtains, U.S. foreign and domestic policies remain as constant as the Rock of Gibraltar. [from Ghion Journal]

From the YouTubes

This Day in HIStory

An uprising of over 400 slaves is put down in New Orleans. Sixty-six blacks are killed and their heads are strung up along the roads of the city. ~ January 10th, 1811

Quote of the Day
“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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