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Daily Ghion Water

Unbeknownst to us, a theme developed at the Ghion Journal in terms of the focus of our articles and the independent journalists that were highlighted this week. The common theme has boiled down to empowering independent media and disavowing corporate media. This is not really an accident as these themes are part and parcel of our mission statement. Yet the powerful piece written by Tim Nuell two days ago and the focus on the “state of the people” has served to highlight the potential we all have to be citizen journalist.

Our aim is to foster a climate where independent journalism are the gatekeepers of the public trust and corporate media are rightly viewed as the alternative (fact free) media. As you read today’s chronicle of non-corporate voices, I ask you to use social media to highlight independent journalism by using #IndieMedia. Now, on to the dispensation of the Daily Ghion Water.

Dumping Patients; Inflating Profits

On a cold December night in Santa Cruz, California, a hospital employee at Dominican Hospital wheeled a patient out of the emergency room and left the patient on a bus bench in front of the hospital. The patient, a homeless man clothed only in a hospital gown was rescued by a passerby who realized that the patient had no clothing, no shoes, and no possessions and was unable to seek shelter or clothing. A nearly identical incident occurred in Baltimore around the same time. This patient was “discharged” from the University of Maryland medical Center Emergency Room clothed only in a hospital gown and was unable to seek help or shelter. That patient too was rescued by a good Samaritan passerby who documented these events on his cell phone. [from Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism]

Because Political Heroes are Fairy Tales

This is not an exception to the rule for Sanders, but one more addition to an already consistent and deliberate pattern. In February of last year Sanders delivered a widely viewed video message to his massive online audience solely geared at promoting the Russiagate narrative. At the end of March, he did it again.

In May, he did it gain. Over and over and over again, month after month after month, Sanders has been using his immense platform as the most popular and trusted politician in America to sell these world-threatening cold war escalations to the millions of Americans who adore him. [from Caitlin Johnstone]

Plutocrats = Neo-Plantation Owners

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man on the planet, currently owns a news outlet with more than 100 million readers; founded and controls an online store that accounts for 43 percent of all online retail sales and is more valuable than all brick-and-mortar retail stores combined; owns a new brick-and-mortar store, Amazon Go, that could spell the downfall of retail employees everywhere; is pioneering voice-recognition software that could pose security risks; founded an aerospace company, Blue Origin, that ultimately intends to launch commercial space flight trips but also makes rockets; invests in numerous smaller start-up businesses, including “collaborative robot technology,” “digital learning” systems and a company focused on “developing artificial general intelligence for robots.” Now he wants to get into health care. [from Emma Niles of Truthdig]

The Rest of Us are Corporate Chattel

On June 27, 2017, my son Alec was found dead, alone in his Minneapolis apartment. It shouldn’t have happened. Alec had Type 1 diabetes, a serious condition that is manageable with access to insulin and proper supplies. But Alec turned 26 years old on May 20 of last year, which meant that his coverage under my health insurance policy ended a few days later. Alec had a full-time, steady job. But, like a lot of US workers, he did not have good health insurance offered through his employer. [from Nicole Smith-Holt of Truth-Out]

Criminality in the District of Caligula 

A scathing report has just revealed that the now-former head of the Center for Disease Control, Brenda Fitzgerald was purchasing shares in drug companies as well as big tobacco—while heading up the organization ostensibly devoted to health. The hypocritical nature of her position at the CDC while simultaneously investing in companies contrary to her mission exposes the true control industries have over allegedly ‘objective’ government agencies. [from Matt Agorist of Free Thought Project]

Preaching Morality While Practicing None of It

“The USA speaks the language of human rights fluently on the global stage, but stumbles when it comes to applying human rights standards to itself. The Bush administration promised to put human rights at the center of its counter-terrorism strategy, but singularly failed to do so. The Obama administration has promised the same thing, but the USA continues to fall short of this commitment, despite what were undoubtedly positive initial steps in the right direction.” [from Nat Parry of Consortium News]

Power Does Not Reside at the US Capitol or the White House


This Day in History 

1870 – The press agencies Havas, Reuter and Wolff sign an agreement whereby between them they can cover the whole world. As corporate media covers the world, they stifle the news with disinformation and propaganda. Here is to the hope where the people enter into an agreement to empower citizen journalists to cover the world with the spirit of truth telling and seeking out corruption.

Quote of the Day

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” ~ George Orwell

Profiled This Day

I’m taking this occasion to clarify one point. I write a lot about the excesses of the military-financial complex and how we need to reign in the corruption that is taking place as a consequence of it. However, I do not want people to confuse my stance against defense contractors who enrich themselves through faux-patriotism and politicians who stuff their pockets by way of bumper sticker loyalty to nation with any type of resentment towards the men and women who put on the uniform to serve their nation.

There is a vast gulf between active duty military personnel and veterans who sacrificed all and the moneyed interests who use wars as a means to inflate their profits. Some of my greatest moments of my life has been spent next to soldiers, marines, seamen and airmen. The enduring kindness and loyalty of veterans I’ve witnessed first hand during my time of tribulation is something that will always stick with me. This is a silent salute to all active duty personnel and veterans around the world.

The Ghion Journal is a reader and viewer funded endeavor. We disavow corporate contributions and depend only on the support of our audience to sustain us. The “contribute as you can” model was emulated from one of our favorite restaurants in Fort Collins Colorado called FoCo Cafe (read a business case for kindness). We thank you in advance for your kindness. Click HERE or on the picture below to contribute to our cause. 

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