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Gaza Unheard: When Human Suffering Is Met with Silence

Today, there was a massacre in Gaza. Now this has been ongoing, with Israeli snipers picking off human beings at seeming random. Today’s body count will surely go up in the days ahead. Why? Because no government with the power to stop it will step in and stop it. Keep in mind the loud wailing of the United States over “human rights violations” by Iran and see how the silence in the face of genuine human rights violations bookends that hypocrisy.

I don’t know what to tell you. The mainstream news media reports this as if the Palestinians provoked the IDF into shooting them. How so? Where are the IDF casualties? Where are the KIAs that the IDF took in this so-called “battle”? They cannot show any of it and, therefore, they cannot prove that this is anything but an outright serial massacre. The Israelis have proven themselves supreme hypocrites and if it is said “never again” in regards to genocide, I will ask “Which one? The one during World War Two, or the one you are perpetrating right now?”

Of a truth, the world tends to look away at things like Gaza. They want business to go on as usual, nonstop entertainment to keep going on, and the dull torpor of complacent apathy to reign unchallenged so that jaded consumers will continue making bloated fat cats rich. If Gaza was happening in a Western country, NATO would be mobilized to the point that nuclear weapons use would be an option. That is, after tanks rolled in and confronted the aggressor. But Gaza? No one cares. Besides, the West has a lot of investments in Israeli industries and businesses. If there is one thing the West hears louder than human screams of agony, it is the sound of money being counted. Click To Tweet

Those of us speaking out are shouting into a wind tunnel. But I would be more afraid for my soul if I was silent in the face of mass murder. Now I’m going to tell some secrets that many people don’t know about in regards to these snipers that the IDF seems to be using quite a bit of. People don’t really know how snipers operate, so it’s important to understand what the whole “theory” is in regards to them.

When soldiers assassinate civilians and target women and children, the world must put aside geopolitics and demand justice.

The value of a sniper is not to win a war or even a battle. Their purpose is actually psychological warfare and to create a demoralized enemy afraid to show himself. This was what Soviet snipers proved in the Battle of Stalingrad during World War Two. Snipers do provide useful “services”, as it is, in eliminating enemy machine gun crews, officers, and NCOs. But there’s a very secret, untold tactic used by snipers that the public rarely hears about. And that is to create havoc by not killing the enemy, but wounding him. This sows panic and ties up personnel who have to render aid. But there’s a second tactic on top of that. The sniper will wound an enemy and use that wounded man to bait people into coming to his assistance. At which point, all of those people coming to help are shot. Macabre? Yes. But that’s how it works.

A few days ago, Israel basically said Gaza was not covered by the laws of war. There is a reason they said this. This gives them the fig leaf of legality to use another tactic of snipers: The targeting of high priority personnel. Who are they? The press (so word can’t get out) and medical personnel (so the wounded cannot be retrieved or assisted). People might think helmets and brassards identifying medical personnel should keep them safe against a sniper using a scope and therefore able to know those are medics. But in the world of the sniper, those are the identifying marks of a priority target. The same goes for the press. Make it unsafe for the press and they will not be there. Then people can be mowed down with machine guns and no one will see. So they think.

The snipers here are being used in a role of psychological warfare and also to tie up people recovering the wounded and evacuating them. It’s a sound tactic in a war. But this isn’t a war. These are not an enemy on a field of battle. These are unarmed civilians. And Israel might have just blundered into a gigantic mistake. See, it’s one thing if your two or three snipers can keep the fear going. A sniper is always outnumbered because to be effective, they have to be alone or with a single spotter. Provided the fear level stays high, a sniper is relatively safe. When people lose that fear and know that the sniper is simply one man with a scoped rifle and that game can change. You can only use this fear tactic for so long before peoples fear turns into anger and a desire for revenge.

Israel is not only murdering innocent people, but provoking a much larger conflict. And if people defend themselves against Israel, then we’ll hear Israel whining about how they were “attacked”. But let’s not hear any whining, ok? We know who started this. We know whose snipers began shooting unarmed civilians. And we also know whose stupidity decided moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem was a winning idea. These are the clowns who endlessly provoke violence in the Middle East and complain about it at the same time. If you want peace, here’s a thought: Stop shooting unarmed civilians.

Israel created this massive reservation called Gaza. They probably learned this from the United States when it forced Native American tribes on to reservations. And, truthfully, Gaza is an open air concentration camp. But understood as a reservation, Israel plays the same card the United States does with its reservations: “Well, gosh, they’ve got their own land! It’s not our fault if they can’t make a go of it! They just don’t want to work! It’s not our responsibility! That’s their own sovereign territory!” That’s how the U.S. government wiggles out of the fact that they stole 99% of the land and said, “Here! Have our generous 1% as a reservation!”

The face of the oppressor goes from the U.S. Cavalry of the 1800’s to the one of an IDF sniper looking through a scope in Gaza. The end results are the same. From Wounded Knee to Gaza, the end results are the same. #GazaUnheard

“A sniper is only a coward, not a hero.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

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