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Ghion Cast: 9:10:17 :: 5 Point Mission

This is the second installment of Ghion Cast, a weekly broadcast where host Teodrose Fikre discusses history, politics, culture, faith and love in an informal dialogue with the Ghion Cast audience.

The aim of the broadcast and the reason these five areas are specifically discussed is because, at the core, we the people have been fractured with the elite few using history, politics, culture and faith to divide us and in the process leaving the people seething in hatred.


Teodrose discusses the very issues that divide the masses in ways that is easily comprehended by all. The purpose is not to speak to the crowd or to demogogue, rather, the mission is to speak against the very tactics of divide and conquer and build bridges between natural allies who have been turned into adversaries through manipulation, indifference and frustration.

The same way history, politics, culture and faith has served to divide us, the 99%, for as long as one can remember, Teodrose’s objective is to discuss these very issues in ways that is inclusive in order to instill an idea that we are truly in this together. Whereas history, politics, culture and faith have been used to foster hatred, Teodrose is intent on talking about these subject areas so that we can instead walk towards love.

Ghion Cast will be aired every Tuesday going forward. To listen to current shows or older broadcasts, go to and then go to the Ghion Cast tab in the header menu.

Ghion Journal and Ghion Cast, fighting fire with water

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