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June 29, 2017

Ghion Cast

Ghion Casat 4: Identity

Ghion Cast 3: Politics

Inception: Birth of Ghion Cast | 1:10:17::


Inception: Birth of Ghion Cast | 1:6:17::

Ghion Cast is a weekly show where Ghion Journal’s editor, Teodrose Firke, does a 30 minute podcast that will be uploaded and available on this tab. The format of the show is an informal conversation that Teodrose has with the audience. The show will be at once topical and reflective where Teodrose will talk about the intersection of politics, culture, and faith all of which are interconnected by love. Ghion Journal and Ghion Cast are the songs of revolution, not a revolution of bullets but a revolution of our minds and our hearts. The only way to defeat ignorance is through knowledge; the way to defeat hatred is through love. Ghion Cast is a continuation of Ghion Journal, a means of spreading knowledge and love through a shared journey of discovery. Below is the first broadcast of Ghion Journal, check back regularly for future segments and as always, let others know about this website and this show, what starts with one can become millions if only the “second” joins in the effort. Thank you for being the second, may there be endless seconds into the future.