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Go Stealers! Cheering Politics as Sports

Owners = Donors (billionaires, oligarchs, 1%)

Players = Politicians, Pundits, Media Personalities

Fans = voters (the rest of us, the poor schmucks, the 99%, working class/middle class)

This is the only way I can describe the insanity of politics. Everyday folk, the 99% as they are called, view politics as sport; all of them thinking that they are stakeholders in politics when in reality all they hold are empty bags and having stakes driven into their collective hopes.

Just like in sports, the fans identify with various teams (liberals, democrats, republicans, conservatives etc.) and then cheer like fanatics (fan being a derivative of fanatic) thinking that they are part of the “team”.

But the team are the players who are getting payed to play; the millionaire class who game the system as they are patronized the owners. The owners are the true centers of power; they pay their servants (read politicians and pundits) to wholop all of us and in the process incite hatred and separable grievances. The millionaires working for the billionaires, the players and owners understand that their wealth is tied in to the mindless following of the fans. The fans empower both, in return the players and owners impoverish the fans.

The fans though build their identity around the “team”, going around saying “we democrats” or “we republicans”, just like how fans of football teams say “we are going to win the super bowl this year”. Ain’t no we here unless you are getting paid to play; if you are a loyalist (fan) you are “them”—the suckers who fall for politics thinking that identifying with a party gets one into the party. Nope! You are just the political tool and a stage prop standing in the line waiting to get in; meanwhile the players and owners are partying it up together while you shiver in line hoping to get an autograph from players and owners.

It’s crazy ain’t it, how we latch on to the fame and fortune of others even though their fame and fortune is built on our misfortune. The sport goes on endlessly, just like how Redskins fans are willing to fight Eagles fans, politics is actually worse because “democrats” and “republicans” revert to the pettiest insults thinking they are standing for their team while the players and owners of those teams are laughing at them and standing on all of our backs.

It would be funny if it was not so tragic; unlike sports, politics has real life consequences. People keep identifying with teams (parties) that are eviscerating hopes of tens of millions of people in this country and billions globally. This fanaticism will only stop when reality comes knocking and mugging fans into abject reality.

It was not an accident that I used a picture of Obama holding up a Steelers jersey nor is it an accident that the article it titled “Stealers”. All of these politicians are stealers of dreams and peddlers of false hope. When are we going to stop being fans and instead be the owners of our nation?

Take a look at the picture above; this one picture is worth a billion words of that slither from the tongues of these duplicitous politicians. Notice who is at the podium (the owner Rooney who is a billionaire) and peep the smooth player politician Obama, both of them elevated above the fans (voters) who are being used as stage props in the background. Please let that sink in; this same message goes to the other side for you too are being played by Trump and the Republucans.

We will always be fans as long as we keep identifying and fighting for the ideologies of oligarchs and crooked politicians instead of uniting and fighting for one another without regard to the endless isms which fracture humanity.

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