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Independence Nay: a Revolution that Became What It Fought Against

I saw a video this morning of an elderly rabbi arrested for protesting the ICE concentration camps. He had to use a cane to stand up and walk, hands zip tied by the police, to the police van to take him into custody. An elderly rabbi had told a truth the Regime did not want to hear. They do not want you to hear that truth, either. Thus, the Regime arrests him and carts him away to jail.

I saw a video of a young African American man sitting on a curb. A police officer comes up behind him and shoots him in the back with a taser. This was simply an act of brutality and cruelty. But these are everyday happenings in the United States. The taser was developed as a “less-lethal” weapon to provide police with a method to subdue hostile people without resorting to deadly force. Instead, it is used as a tool to administer on-the-spot torture to non-hostile people and the deadly force is always used, too. The Regime simply does not care.

A rabbi, aided by a cane, slowly shuffling towards a police van, hands zip tied. A young man, writhing in agony on a sidewalk as he is electrocuted by a police officer. What do these things mean? They mean we live in a tyranny whose injustices are so commonplace, they happen every hour of every day. These are not isolated incidents. These are business-as-usual events for the Regime. They serve to keep you in line and to inculcate fear so you will stay in line and obey. And even if you do obey, you will be electrocuted anyway. Or shot to death.

The Democrats have become nothing more than a false opposition to the Regime. Basically, they serve to fool people into believing there’s a choice or that there is someone to thwart the power of the Regime. But if this is so, how is it I see an elderly rabbi arrested and a young African American man electrocuted in public? How is it that these things occur and what we hear now is, “Look what Russia, North Korea, and Syria are doing!” Excuse me! Those three countries did not electrocute a young man on an American sidewalk. They did not arrest a rabbi who needs to use a cane to walk and see him as so much of a threat, they zip tied his hands together. He walks with a cane! What threat could be possibly pose?! But that’s not why his hands were zip tied. No. They were zip tied for the same reason that young man was electrocuted. To show you that the Regime can do it any time they feel like it. To show they have the power to do it and you can’t stop them. So that you will fear them.

How can you say to the world that this is a free country, America? How can you say to the world that you have justice? You have neither. You have a police state with two corrupt ruling factions deeply embedded into the running of it. They play their silly games, slaughter people worldwide, cart children off to concentration camps, shoot people here, and arrest anyone who gets in the way of that. They arrest anyone who stands up in front of ICE buildings and speaks the truth. We have people saying this wouldn’t have happened had Hillary Clinton been elected. How so, when the serial murder of African Americans by the police has continued for two centuries? How so when the ICE concentration camps were there under Obama? You can’t tell me centuries of injustices will disappear because some career politician is elected. No, not when the United States government refuses to admit it has ever made a mistake in the first place. That’s like someone trying to recover from alcoholism without admitting to being an alcoholic. And without having to stop drinking.

Our government is a tyranny because we think we can change it with every election of replacing career politicians with other career politicians. That’s why you had another Bush and another Clinton in the 2016 election, along with other “deuces wild” that have been in politics since the Reagan Administration. Have you ever discovered the logic of asking young people to vote for people who were already in politics before they were even born? It’s like asking your great-grandparents to give birth to your great-grandchildren. It simply is wrong to think the people responsible for decades of failed ideas can present new ideas for a future they won’t even be alive in.

Instead of a minimum age to run for office, we need a maximum age one is allowed to serve. If you say people are too young to be president or whatever, then by that same logic, there are people too old to hold office. Be that as it may, there needs to be a cutoff. Someone serving for 25 years as a postal delivery person is admirable. Someone serving 25 years as a senator is a travesty. This country is so fossilized and calcified with failed policies and laws that remain on the books, it cannot even function properly to accomplish simple tasks in the common interest. Did you know the United States is the last nation on Earth refusing to adopt the metric system? That is the prime example of the stubborn refusal to catch up with the rest of the world in human progress. No, not technological progress. I mean human progress. That’s why we don’t have socialized medicine but all our European NATO allies do. By the way, because our NATO allies use the metric system, the U.S. military requires its members to know the metric system and use it. NATO insisted on that.

Because we have this backwards government chained to a failed ideology and a disastrous economic system, we have rabbis arrested and young men electrocuted by cops. It is because such a government became easy to corrupt and coopt that both political parties saw the tremendous power and wealth to be obtained by doing so. And so they did. Right now, Democrats are worrying about the Supreme Court. This court was supposed to interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not create legislation. Legislation was the job of Congress and the Senate. Whatever. It is obvious all three branches of government have failed to protect the people and, especially, the most vulnerable among us. That's not an accident. It's intentional. Click To Tweet

The Democrats haven’t got solutions. No, not when you have Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein in there with free health care telling the rest of us to be patient and wait. Keep in mind they’ve had free health care for the well over two decades the Democrats have allegedly been working to deliver a national health care system. Imagine planting seeds in your garden and, two decades later, still standing there basket in hand saying, “Any day now we should see carrots, cabbages, and turnips!” This is absurd. But this is exactly what the Democrats have been telling us to do for decades.

The Republicans are basically the military wing of the Regime. They’re the ones that carry out the heavy handed actions the Democrats tacitly support but don’t want pinned on them. In return, the Democrats do a favor for the Republicans and vent public anger promising “change” in the next election so the Democrats don’t have to actually do anything to stop the Republicans. Basically, they don’t obstruct the Republicans where it matters, while at the same time providing a safety valve for public anger in “Vote for us Democrats in the next election and we’ll change all this!” How many times have you seen Democrats actually abolish Republican legislation or correct Republican mistakes? The Democrats are of utmost value to the Republicans, not to you.

Yes, I just said the Republicans and Democrats both run the Regime. When Democrats are running the Regime, the Republicans serve the useful purpose of providing plausible deniability as to why genuine laws benefiting the people cannot be passed. Obamacare not being a real universal health care system is blamed on Republicans. “We didn’t have the votes to pass universal health care!”, the Democrats say. In truth, the Democrats never intended to deliver one. That’s why so many of them were getting money from health insurance corporations, after all. So the Republicans serve the purpose of appearing to thwart that which Democrats would not want to get blamed for not passing. The same with Obama’s “shovel ready projects” to put unemployed Americans to work on public works projects to rebuild American infrastructure. That would’ve fixed the Flint water crisis. But, again, the Republicans served the useful purpose of thwarting it and a severely watered down program was done.

This is why the Regime does what it does. Be that arresting rabbis or electrocuting young men, it needs everyone to obey without questioning it or any of its foot soldiers. It wants everyone to accept what they see and think the next election will magically fix it. Oh, and fix it without holding those responsible for the crimes accountable for their actions. People believe in this illusion and so we have people who think if only Hillary had been elected, they’d be sitting at brunch right now. Right. Watching an elderly rabbi being arrested across the street as a young man writhes in agony on the sidewalk, being electrocuted in front of The Complacency Café.

The Constitution forbids use of military domestically, our government skirted that issue by turning US into a police state.

If anyone thinks electing more career Democrats in 2018 and 2020 will solve these problems, it is a serious mistake. It’s also a lot of liberal racism where they want things to return to “their normal” and refuse to see the normal of African Americans shot and tasered by cops and immigrants carted off to concentration camps. And a rabbi carted off to jail for daring to call out the Regime in front of their own regional office. See, that IS the normal in America. We have to CHANGE that normal.

So, again, the 2018 and 2020 elections cannot change anything so long as we think America was normal before Trump. We have to admit that not only was it not normal, but remarkably aberrant in terms of the way human beings should be treated. We have to admit that what they called “normal” was wrong and evil. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Trump is a problem, but he is not THE problem. He is a facet of the actual problem. The actual problem is the Regime itself. #IndependenceNay

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” ~ Charles de Montesquieu

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