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Lucy Aharish’s Most Powerful Dispatch: Humanity Made Irrelevant

I have long given up on the idea that courage could be found in mainstream media. This morning, on the metro to Washington DC, watching a video shared by a friend on social media made me reconsider my stance. In the video, I observed an anchorwoman who restored faith that establishment journalists and salaried reporters can actually speak truth to power instead of parroting the powerful. Her name is Lucy Aharish and the urgent appeal she made on behalf of Syrians and the victims of a most criminal genocide—a holocaust to echo Lucy’s sentiment—is a profile in courage that is sorely missing in the corporate media landscape. We are firmly entrenched in the paradigm of the irrelevant, too many present half-truths as news and propaganda as journalism—Lucy chose to be different. Click To Tweet

She did not cater to one side of the political divide or the other, neither did Lucy lash at one group while biting her tongue at another. She did not pretend to have the answers nor was her screed based on piety, Lucy just spoke from her heart and laid blame at all involved in this ongoing destruction of a country and the pillaging of our planet.

Most importantly, she put the onus where it belongs, on all of us. Below is the video with an intro message that I wrote to give context to Lucy’s most moving words. Scroll down below the first video to hear Lucy being interviewed on a broad range of topics that served to further my admiration for her ethics. #AgeOfIrrelevance 

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Albert Einstein

Check out the video below as Lucy is interviewed on a wide range of issues, my respect for her was only intensified by the way she continues to speak her truth based on fairness instead of manufactured objectivity. 

DMV Event: How Overcome Can Overcome Oppression

Lucy’s words had a profound impact on me for a lot of reasons. A two year journey of hardship taught me that the injustices of the world are interconnected. If we are to bend the arc of history towards justice, we can only do so through inclusiveness and by speaking truth to power without political, identity or ideological blinders. That is the aim of the event I’ll be hosting next Wednesday, March 21st, at Kaldi’s Social house.  The event was inspired by one of the most widely read articles here at the Ghion Journal titled “Greater than Wakanda”Click HERE or on the picture below to RSVP.

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