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Ghion Spotlight: Rachel Brown Music

Today’s Ghion Spotlight on music is on Rachel Brown from New York. Rachel has quite an interesting story and a musical flair that is even more eclectic. She reprises the era of acapella and acoustic music, often singing with just a guitar as she hearkens us back to a time where music was an intimate look into a singer’s soul.

Rachel was born and raised in New York City. She is the daughter of Ethiopian-American fashion designer Amsale Aberra, an accomplished entrepreneur who focuses on couture wedding gowns and high end lady’s clothing and accessories. Her father, Neil Brown, is also a successful executive whose roots trace back to Bermuda. Rachel was born into a family that knows hard work and success. After graduation from high school, Rachel bought her first guitar and taught herself to play and shortly thereafter started writing songs.

Rachel’s diligent studies and acumen paved the way for her to be accepted into Harvard University. It was at Harvard that Rachel developed her passion for music and fine tuned her craft. After graduating Cum Laude from Harvard, where she was selected one of Harvard’s “15 most interesting seniors” by the the school’s renowned paper Crimson, Rachel decided to focus her sights on music. She returned to her roots in New York to record her album, “The Band EP”, at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Rachel’s talent and unique music received critical acclaim from Vanity Fair. the New Yorker, InStyle, BlackBook, OkayPlayer, WWD, BBC and beyond. Established singers like John Legend and renowned musical geniuses noticed Rachel as well as she was invited to open concerts and events headlined by both. Rachel has become a fixture in the New York thriving music scene as she frequently performs live with Wyclef Jean. Check out her music for yourself below and make sure to read below the YouTube video to find out how to follow her music and her presence on various social media platforms.

More about Rachel Brown

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