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Dem They Go Again: Definitive Ranking of 2020 Regurgitated Corporate Harlots

It never fails! Every off season, the NFL goes through an annual ritual of hiring retreads and anointing new head coaches who were fired a few years prior  for being an abject failures. Rarely do teams make bold moves, they keep returning to a stale pool of coaches and coordinators. Well my friends, when it comes to lack of imagination and reserving opportunities for only known quantities, football has nothing on our political system. We are more than two years away from the 2020 presidential elections, but already the same tired faces and hackneyed voices are being pushed down our throats as the establishment snooker voters to choose from a limited ballot listing the preferred choices of plutocrats.

Where tinpot dictators run on ballots unopposed and win elections by force, America has much more cunning and insidious ways to guarantee the outcomes of elections. The most blatant way they ensure the victory of a preordained candidate is by making it prohibitively expensive to run for political office. A presidential race requires hundreds of millions of dollars to organize and manage, this eliminates all but a handful who have sold their souls to corporations and wealthy extortionists. The same is true for a litany of offices from national down to local levels, money has poisoned our governance and replaced representative democracy with a repressive duopoly.

Cash is not the only virus that has infected our politics; there is a far greater weapon that is leveraged by the establishment to nullify the will of the people. Mainstream media journalists and pundits are willing accomplices who go out of their way to promote two parties and a few faces within those parties and exclude all other comers. Features, profiles, mentions, interviews and polls, these are some of the means the so-called “fourth-estate” clears lanes for establishment candidates. At this exact moment, CNN has a front page article with a headline that reads “the definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats” with a fancy graphic that highlights the top 10 candidates for 2020.

This is not a democracy, this is a spoon fed tyranny where we are conditioned to choose between a duopoly and vote on limited ballots

This is nothing more than a slick way to sheepdog the electorate, people who know the power of repeat messaging and marketing understand this to be nothing more than a veiled attempt to predetermine the presidential race before it even begins. Joe Biden is atop of this 2020 field according to CNN, they supposedly used polling and historic lessons to arrive at this conclusion. The polling that was used is one that is limited to only registered Democratic voters, which is another way of stifling the will of most Americans. Only 30% of registered voters identify as Democrats; considering the growing number of Americans who are not registered or walked away from our farcical “democracy”, the percentage of self-identifying Democrats dwindles is minuscule.

These facts are never mentioned by the mainstream media; instead they falsely present a rigged contest between Democrats and Republicans as a free and open election. In the make believe world of cable news, Kamala Harris and Steve Bullock are at the top of the rung when it comes to the desires of the people. If you look at every candidate that is listed by the good folks at CNN, they all have one thing in common. From Joe Biden to Sherrod Brown, each and every one of them are corporate bought and sold harlots. Click To Tweet

Some, like Harris and Warren, make a show of disavowing corporate donations. Don’t believe that lie for a minute, the party they belong is a corporation that takes endless millions from corporations. This money is funneled to each  and every candidate, add to this the endless stream of cash that seeps into our politics and you’ll find that Benjamins are the only votes that counts in a system monopolized by cartels which are passed off as political parties. Commentators and pundits conveniently overlook the pernicious effects that billions of corporate dollars have on our government and would instead have us believe that $100,000 in Facebook ads by “Russians” is the true threat to our democracy.

I asked Karena Acree-Paez, an organizer with Movement for a People’s Party, her thoughts on why the two parties and the entrenched interests in Washington DC seem so immovable. She gave a concise breakdown of the obstacle before us when it comes to our governance.

“Unless we radically reconfigure our relationships with truth, each other and the planet, we will remain on spin cycle. Propelling ourselves and the most vulnerable among us continuously into the aristocracy’s political circus…where we the people are their clowns. They really do balance their success on our ignorance.”

Albert Einstein once said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Well folks, voting for the same crooked politicians every two and four years and expecting change is the apex of lunacy. The problem is not the people we keep sending to DC but the system that has enveloped our nation’s capital and our politics as a whole. The system is a money driven enterprise that incentivizes the media-politico complex to bend their knees in order to get the acceptance and bribes of their corporate masters. #RegurgitatedDems

“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” ~ George Carlin

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