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Election? What Election? Europe’s Elite Will Censor Their Way Out of This Mess (or Die Trying)

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Helen Buyniski

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Helen Buyniski is a journalist and photographer based in New York City. She covers politics and sociology with a focus on propaganda and other systems of behavioral control. Motivated by a desire to expose injustice and hypocrisy and speak truth to power, she believes ending war and protecting free speech are the most important issues we face. Her work has appeared on RT, Global Research, Progressive Radio Network, No Lies Radio, and Veterans Today.
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Editor’s note: I’m pleased to introduce Ghion Journal readers to Helen Buyniski, who I’ve been reading with great interest for some time. Known in particular for her investigations into the ideological underpinnings of Wikipedia and its propagating of various kinds of misinformation, Helen conducts her research in depth and pens her words with bite. I hope you’ll give her inaugural piece your undue attention. . . . . . . . . . . .…

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