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May 24, 2017

Tag: Atse Tewodros II

Light of Lamar: Self-Awareness that is Confused for Self-Hatred

Kendrick Lamar, not too long ago, ignited a firestorm on social media as he spoke a truth that gave birth to a procession of people cackling endless insults. Here is a helpful guide: when you see a throng of people running in one direction, stop and walk the other way for nothing draws herd like thinking

Etege Taitu: the Lioness of Judah who Crushed Colonization

It is said often that men are the heads of households. But a head is nothing unless the heart of the home provides love, courage and a lifeblood of fortitude to us. Too often we honor bravado and hubris, but we would be nowhere if we did not have the emotional strength and the enduring

Tedros Adhanom: the Butcher W.H.O. Cuts for Stones

You can’t make these things up. Sometimes the irony of life is thick enough that even the butchers of Ethiopia by the name of TPLF can’t shoot it with their Lockheed Martin imported guns. I wrote an article about Atse Tewodros II (link), a true hero of Ethiopia, less than 12 hours ago only to wake

Viva La Deha Limon: the Abundant Blessings of the Least Among Us

A sublime reflection hit me at the most random moment. Seeing all kinds of people flocking to the store to get corn tortilla chips, Coronas, avocados and lemons last evening at my job made me chuckle at the delicious irony of it all. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the Mexican army’s

Reich Resistance: the Cunning Hypocrisy of Ivory Tower Democrats

“Once more into the breach!” These words, spoken by King Henry V in Shakespeare’s play, might as well be the official motto for people across this globe who choose to rise up and refuse to give their necks to thugs in boots. Tyranny is a fool’s errand, despots can oppress the masses, but eventually enough

Woyane to Tyranny: Vengeance that Perverts Justice

Make sure you read the article below the Ghion Cast (YouTube clip) as the words below the video are more meaningful by magnitudes for what I write is closer to my heart than when I speak. Words are worth a thousand pictures in this way. Nuance. This is the one word that radicals and demagogues

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