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Wealth Over People: Quantifying the Pernicious Effects of Capital Hoarders

Joseph Mitchener

Joseph Mitchener

Guest Writer at Open News
Older guy in Black Forest. Taught algebra. Did technical writing, programming. Did factory work, construction. Started the sport of Riverdancing. Came up with a way for children to solve algebra problems in their heads. Website is . Interests:economics,statistics,short rhymes,debate, representation of data.
Joseph Mitchener

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WOP is an acronym for “Wealth Over People”. WOP curves are modified Distribution of Wealth curves. The vertical and horizontal scales each show percentages from one to one hundred. We imagine all the households in a nation being sorted from richest to poorest. They are then shrunk down and lined up (richest at the left) along the horizontal scale. For any particular household, its point on the curve represents how their wealth compares (as a…

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