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Look Back to Move Forward: It is Time for the Monarchy to Return in Ethiopia

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Johnny Corbin

Johnny Corbin served as a US service in the Ethiopia from 1970- 1973. He recently returned to Ethiopia where he participated in medical and Eye mission for the provinces of Gojjam, Gondar, Tigrai, Wollo. Shewa, Sidamo and Gemu Gofa. Johnny Corbin worked at Eye examiner and determined the value of children Eye during his 21 day visit to Ethiopia.
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After returning home from Washington, D.C. I have been thinking a lot about all I have experienced in the last three or so months. To be honest, I have experienced more than some people experience in a lifetime. Ethiopia, it had been more than 45 years since I left her! I refer to Ethiopia as her, for that is what she is; a mother—strong and beautiful.  I was not disappointed; the people were as I…