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Zombie Nation: the Democratic Party is Dead, and Everyone Knows it But Them

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Helen Buyniski

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Helen Buyniski is a journalist and photographer based in New York City. She covers politics and sociology with a focus on propaganda and other systems of behavioral control. Motivated by a desire to expose injustice and hypocrisy and speak truth to power, she believes ending war and protecting free speech are the most important issues we face. Her work has appeared on RT, Global Research, Progressive Radio Network, No Lies Radio, and Veterans Today.
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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, thought to have finally retired from politics after an embarrassing electoral loss to a politically inexperienced reality show personality, is threatening to enter the 2020 race, serving up reheated Cold War fear-mongering and an ironclad sense of royal privilege to a Trump-weary populace. A morally and fiscally bankrupt Democratic Party is poised to enable this sick drama with the help of a spineless and compliant media. How could this possibly happen? Surely Democrats learned their…

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