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The Supreme Courtier

The Supreme Court, we are led to believe, is supposed to be the one branch of government that is free of politics and fair arbiters of fairness. But one only needs to have a cursory knowledge of the Federal Judiciary’s role in advancing the cause of corporatism and furthering the interests of Big Business at the expense of the public good to understand that the nine robbed judges are actually aborters of justice. For more than two centuries, time after time, the Supreme Court has sided with corporations and private businesses while putting a screw to the the little guy.

The discussion about the Supreme Court’s insidious decisions are always obscured by the constant focus on wedge issues. This is, of course, how the media-politico complex prefers it; the ruling class does not want the citizenry to realize that every lever of power has been hijacked by the neo-aristocracy. Both political parties and interest groups on all sides of the social and political divide would rather we bicker about petty politics and divisive topics instead of realizing that all of us are getting bludgeoned by a runaway agenda of greed and wantonness.

I write this as CNN and their counterpart in mainstream media are popping champagne at the thought of fiery nomination hearings as Republicans and Democrats get ready to declare political jihad over Trump’s Supreme Court pick. All of it is nothing but a kabuki dance of irrelevance as all sides engage in duplicity and sensationalism in order to antagonize their base and incite the emotions of their most devoted followers. Roe v. Wade will be the main bait that will be thrown out to the ever pliant electorate. Guns, gays and other hot button issues will also be ran up the flagpole as a means to sheepdog constituents and present a farce of  competing ideologies.

Spoiler alert. Roe v. Wade will not be overturned one way or the other. Not now, not ever. Why do I say this. Because abortion is a cash cow for too many interest groups, “non-profits” and lobbyists. The friction between pro-life and pro-choice has spawned a cottage industry where fortunes are made by political insiders who pretend to care about the vulnerable as they use people’s suffering to advance their own interests. Abortion—along with all other wedge issues—are a vital tool the debased use to keep us perpetually at each other's throats and distracted. Click To Tweet

Lest you think this time is different, I refer you back to the early 2000’s when Bush was first elected and the left was convinced that Roe v. Wade was going to get overturned. Bush ended up picking two Supreme Court justices, Roe v. Wade never came up on the Supreme Court’s docket. I know we have become a society imprisoned by the moment, but there was actually a time where Democrats once thought George W. was the worst thing that ever happened to America, that was before Dubya became neoliberals’ new BFF. As reprehensible as George W. Bush’s policy of wealth transference to the 1% and endless wars were, he kept the status quo in place when it comes to social issues that splinter society. Bush’s SCOTUS picks ended up being dutiful servants of Wall Street.

Obama came in promising hope and change, yet for all his rhetoric and his telegenic performances, Obama’s largely kept Bush’s legacy intact as he lavished wealth to the gentry and continued wars of imperial aggression. Just like W, Obama also picked two Supreme Court justices who have shown no inclination to resist the Supreme Court’s corporatism. Meet new boss, same as the old boss. Every election witnesses candidates promising change only to revert back to the mean of malevolence. Trump is no different, he is another jester who used the hopes and frustration of his base to gain the White House only to become a doormat for plutocrats. His pick, Brett Kavanaugh, will continue serving the will of the powerful while ignoring the needs of the people.

If we only stopped focusing on our differences and turning politics into sport, we would realize that all of us are getting jobbed by paid puppets who are on the dole of the oligarchy. The Supreme Court is no different, all the pomp and circumstances can’t hide the fact that the judges who pretend to be about justice are actually tipping the scale in favor of the wealthiest among us while laying the gavel down on the rest of us. #SupremeCourtier

“The fawning courtier and the surly squire often mean the same thing—each his own interest.” ~ George Berkeley

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