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This is Actually Happening in the United States

We live in a police state. Lest you think this is hyperbole, at this moment, ICE is carting human beings off to de facto concentration camps created in shuttered Walmarts. Children are forcibly snatched from parents by roving ICE snatch-and-grab teams and padlocked into these WalCamps where access is denied even to politicians. And when access is granted, we discover there is a corporate, private prison infrastructure behind these WalCamps. We are shown that murals of President Trump are inside, with slogans eerily reminiscent of the way the Nazis put the motto “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work Makes You Free”) above the gates of their concentration camps.

I wonder if the WalCamps officials are allowed to access are not similar to the “model camps” the Nazi used to try and bamboozle Red Cross officials with. In World War Two, after D-Day and the invasion of Normandy, the Nazis permitted representatives from the Danish Red Cross and the International Red Cross to visit the Theresienstadt concentration camp to try and quash reports about the extermination camps.

I also wonder if the president has authorized a long-forgotten U.S. government program called “Rex 84”. Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a scenario and drill developed by the federal government to detain large numbers of people deemed to be “national security threats”, in the event that the President declared a “State of National Emergency”. The plan was first revealed in detail in a major daily newspaper by reporter Alfonso Chardy in the July 5, 1987 edition of the Miami Herald. One of the protocols of Rex 84 was needing to detain large numbers of “Central American refugees” and so forth. Now I bring this up knowing this will get me labelled as a “conspiracy theorist”. But how was it the government built the WalCamps right under everyone’s noses without anyone noticing them until they were already in operation?

Also, how is it that the Border Patrol is operating hundreds of miles from the border, boarding buses and trains, and demanding everyone show ID? What, did this just suddenly start happening like the WalCamps just suddenly appeared? No. There is obviously a plan crafted by the federal government. Probably by the Department of Homeland Security who controls ICE, Border Patrol, and, FEMA. In Rex 84, FEMA would be the actual man behind the curtain with the detention camps. But whatever plan is behind all of this is much bigger than Rex 84. If anything, Rex 84 is probably just the rough draft of whatever was crafted afterwards that we don’t know about. No, not the Patriot Act. There is something else authorizing the WalCamps, ICE camps, and Border Patrol operating hundreds of miles away from borders. But we don’t know what that is.

Right now, we’re able to discuss this. At our peril, because we’re all being recorded as we know from the Patriot Act and the USA Freedom Act. Now, Americans think this is only to round up the “illegal aliens”. But are you sure about that? Maybe they’re just the beginning. But whether or not that is the case, here’s what’s missing from the conversation: These are human beings. The United States government forcibly snatches children from their parents and carts them off to concentration camps disguised as closed Walmarts. And why closed Walmarts?  Click To Tweet

There is a private corporation that hires employees to run these camps, which ensures those people will lobby to keep those jobs. And the corporation with the contract certainly won’t want to give up that money tree. Be not deceived, there is a lot of money behind this. Secret contracts were written with corporations who put in bids to do this. Supplies were purchased, people were hired, and infrastructure built. All the while this is going on, and no one knew it. People probably signed non-disclosure agreements with the government and probably had to have security clearances that also forbid them from saying anything. Also, who owns the actual properties the WalCamps are on?

But have you noticed the Congress and Senate are not asking these questions? No, they’re more concerned with Russia! But Russia is not running those WalCamps. The entire Mueller investigation is probably one gigantic McDistraction to keep people focused on nonsense while genuine crimes occur right under their very noses in their own communities. How very easy it is to mislead the gullible, especially Democrats who should be the ones bringing this to the attention of the entire world instead of fawning over some jaded FBI official. I daresay they won’t even care about the WalCamps until it is they who are being carted off to them.

The federal government has created Mueller as The Wizard of Oz to present this face people see right now that they may take refuge in. But the man behind the curtain is the federal government who created the WalCamps, the ICE camps, the roving ICE sweep-and-clear squads, and the Border Patrol acting as de facto internal security troops. See, having internal security troops is a hallmark of a police state. Their job is to stop citizens and check their papers, thus finding the wanted enemies of the state. Local police are unreliable to do this, therefore, dictatorships use internal security troops for this function.

We live in a country where people want to shut their eyes, look away, and pretend this isn’t going on. Indeed, it might be too late. But one thing is certain. If we are silent, it certainly will be too late at some point in the very near future.

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Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.
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