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Washington Yellow Post: Peddling State Propaganda; Resuscitating the Legacy of William Randolph Hearst

“Russia’s interference was the crime of the century.”

This is the leading header in today’s Washington Post. To call this rubbish hyperbole is a vast understatement; the Washington Post has now officially jumped the shark and has entrenched itself at the forefront of yellow journalism. If this article was written by the National Inquirer or even the Daily News, I would just shake my head in disbelief and move on. But the Washington Post is an institution that informs and shapes public opinion in ways matched by few in the media world, thus the hacks at the Post are committing an act of treason against reason itself and their depravity needs an call to action against their assault on the very notion of a free press.

To be honest, I stopped reading the Washington Post a long time ago. I now just scan their headlines and read a few sentences to see what the lie of the day is. I don’t mean to single out the Washington Post; the fourth estate as a whole, from Fox News to CNN, New York Times to Wall Street Journal and any news entity that is corporate owned or dependent, ceased being a source of news a long time. The Corporate State Media has become the official mouthpiece of the Federal government which in turn is the enforcer of the corporate agenda.

But today’s article titled “Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault” deserves a deeper scrutiny beyond just a generalized condemnation of the Corporate State Media. The news executives at 1301 K Street have morphed into a mix of Tokyo Rose and Joseph Goebbels as they publish outlandish lies and partisan talking points while pretending to be the arbiters of truth. The same entity that supposed to be keeping power in checks has instead become recorders of the government as they echo authority and refuse to speak truth to power. Their tagline is an exercise in chutzpah at its apex; “Democracies die in the dark” they say as they stab our republic with piercing disinformation and stabbing deception.

Jeff Bezos has become the 21st century William Randolph Hearst. This is no compliment, Heart was a shyster and a lying bilker who built a media empire by perfecting the art of yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is a clear and present danger not only to Democracies but to the very foundation of our republic. Hearst played a major role in pushing the United States into a major war with Spain as his newspapers jumped on the sinking of the Maine by peddling rumors and innuendos as established facts. They blamed the USS Maine’s sinking on Spain without any proof and cast the dye of war with the yellow ink that was running from the Morning Journal.

The Journal was an also-ran publication until they started printing wholesale lies about the USS Maine on their front page. All the sudden, the Journal became a lightening rod as their subscription grew to more than one million. Peddling fabrication and printing myth became a way of doing business for Hearst and his media empire. Nothing attracts emulation more than the sound of cash registers; shortly thereafter the rest of the established “fourth estate” followed suit and started to mimic the methodologies of the two-bit hustler Hearst.

If this was just about the Corporate State Media’s mendacity and their practice of pretending to be something that they are not, we could just shake our heads and move on. Except those who own media and shape public perception have in their hands a power akin to the Poseidon’s trident in their hands. Not only did the Spanish-American war start under a false pretense of the sinking of the USS Maine—a narrative that was thoroughly debunked by the 1974 Rickover investigation—the Corporate State Media would usher the United States into one war after the other since the Spanish-American War in 1898.

A lie from yellow press peddlers pushed America into World War I as the sinking of the RMS Lusitania became a pretext to the United State’s entry into a war that took innumerable lives in a war that was supposed to end all wars. Once again, news hounds and propagandists started publishing rumors and innuendos as facts and then sat back and counted their millions as millions were being chewed up and ground into dust by the military-industrial complex. There exists an axis of evil between reporters in news rooms, bureaucrats in DC and plutocrats on Wall Street; all three conspire together to enhance and perpetuate their power by keeping us perpetually in the dark. The very entity that was supposed to keep the powerful honest have instead cast their lot with the powerful in order to perpetuate injustice.

What Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Adam Entous committed with their front page drivel in today’s Washington Post is an egregious breach of public trust. They are reverting to the tried and proven way of selling papers by printing outrageous assertions as truth by presenting one sided lies and justifying propaganda by using anonymous government sources. They quote the CIA and assert that Russia committed an affront to humanity by meddling in the US elections while overlooking the fact that the CIA’s raison d’etre is to continuously meddle in the affairs of other nations. It takes either intentional mendacity or a complete disconnect from rationality to audaciously present this muck as news. 

A million Iraqi lives have been lost since hostilities were started by Bush against a nation that never attacked us—a war which the Washington Post was at the forefront cheering for. Yet these same pettifoggers call Putin’s action as the crime of the century. Obama’s Syrian war, which Trump is now continuing, killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians and displaced more than a million and our government has been declaring endless wars for the sake of the military-financial complex for decades. All these inconvenient truths overlooked by the Washington Post, they label the innuendo of Russia’s tampering with our election as the crime of the century.

What you are witnessing is the pretext of a war being stitched together by the Washington Post and their prevaricating cohorts in the Corporate State Media. Except the war they are now pushing us to enter is not one that will end with bullets but is one that could very well end us all. War is a cash cow to yellow press journalists but the next big war with Russia or China will lead to humanity’s extinction in a haze of mushroom clouds. A time that calls for cooler heads and adult leadership is instead witnessing the rebirth of William Randolph Hearst and the perfection of yellow press journalism. For the sake of increasing their circulation and selling more news ads, the Washington Post is willing to risk World War III and endanger humanity along with it.

This is what happens when the Corporate State Media puts profits above the principles of journalism. Even William Randolph Hearst would find the level of duplicity and disinformation that drips from the pen of our Corporate State Media mind numbing. To dismiss the carnival barkers at the Washington Post and their denizen in the bankrupt fourth estate as just entertainment is to underestimate the awesome power they have. The drum beat of war can unleash the fires of hell upon all of us—we are one mistake and one miscalculation away from the unthinkable. Fitting that the Washington Post is reverting to the William Randolph Hearst model of peddling war to enhance their profits; except this time around the Hearst model could end up being the hearse  for humanity as they drive us closer to our annihilation so they can sell their yellow papers. #YellowWashPo

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.” ~ Noam Chomsky

If you appreciated this write up and you understand the clear and present danger that the yellow press journalists at the Washington Post and their cohorts in the Corporate State Media represent to our nation, share this article on social media using #YellowWashPo and while you are at it, send this article to @washingtonpost @nakashimae @adamentous @gregpmilleron twitter and encourage EVERYONE to cancel their subscription since money is all they care about. 

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Join us starting June 29th through July 4th in #IndependentMediaWeek, find out more about this initiative by clicking the picture below or clicking on Independent Media Week and use social media to shift the paradigm away from Jeff Bezos and degenerates who have become the reincarnation of William Randolph Hearst.

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