2 thoughts on “We Are Not Black

  1. “Now understand one thing, before people from the continent of what we now refer to as “Africa” were captured and sold off into slavery, they did not refer to themselves as black.”

    This is a patently false and ahistorical statement. We BLACK/Afrikan people called ourselves “Black” in arguably the oldest language known to humankind. The classical African civilization known as Kmt (Kemet to us or Egypt to the greeks) used the Mdw Ntr (Sacred words to us or Hieroglyphics to the greeks) Kmt to mean “land of the Blacks”. Many unstudied commentators have postulated the theory that the word “Kmt” is referring to the Black soil near the nile valley. However, the great AFRICAN historian/linguists Cheih Anta Diop and Theophile Obenga have successfully refuted that false notion. There are symbols in Mdw Ntr that indicate the meaning of the word called a “generic derminative”. The generic determinative for Kmt indicates that it is defining a community or a people.

    Thank you for taking the time to analyze the word “Black” and make commentary on its etymology. However, we oftentimes take the false or derogatory understanding of white people and superimpose it on our own heritage. Just because they say that is what Black means does not mean that is its origin or the final word on its definition. Black folks have done this same thing with other things as well. It is a failed way of critically thinking about our own cultural equity.

  2. I wholly concur. I have discussed the use of the word “black” to describe people of African descent. I am the descendant of slaves, and although I don’t know my country of origin, I call myself an African American because it describes me much better than “black.” At least African American notes the continent my ancestors were kidnapped from. Yes, I am an “African American,” meaning an American of African descent.

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