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Posts published by “Bree Hood”

Bree is a published writer and a post-partisan thinker who views politics and social motivations through a lens of self-determination and community empowerment. Bree is a non-conformist when it comes to social norms and insists on seeking truth instead of repeating dogmas and the mantras of the establishment. Bree is truly an independent writer and thinker.

Capital Inequity: Conditioned to Accept Collective Enslavement and Self-Nullification

We are taught from an early age to value material items. But, that is a lie. What really matters is the connections we make with other people. It’s such a small insidious lie, but it poisons the well we draw upon to develop our value set as we mature. Rather than determining for ourselves what is valuable, we tend to take up the mantel of our society’s value system without even bothering to interrogate it.…

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