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Posts published by “Bree Hood”

Bree is a published writer and a post-partisan thinker who views politics and social motivations through a lens of self-determination and community empowerment. Bree is a non-conformist when it comes to social norms and insists on seeking truth instead of repeating dogmas and the mantras of the establishment. Bree is truly an independent writer and thinker.

We Must Confront the Authoritarian Leanings of Democrats

This last round of primary elections across the country was surprisingly disturbing to me. It wasn’t who won and who lost that caused me discomfort. I am not #DemEnter personally, I think a takeover from within is the wrong strategy. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t support my allies as they take on an increasingly authoritarian Democratic machine. If they are successful, then so am I because we seek the same goal. My preferred strategy…

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