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Arming Ourselves with the Knowledge of Law

The promise of America remains unfulfilled after 240 years, and we must be critical in our analysis if we hope to make the changes which will finally bear the fruits of “liberty and justice for all.” It takes strength to throw off imposed notions about what you thought was true and what you thought was possible. It takes great effort to liberate your mind from the manipulations of social engineers, and it takes courage to demand an evolutionary reorganization of our system, to in the end say, I will not accept this immoral system and its claims to authority are false.

If we want to critique our system accurately one of the most important tools to put in our toolbox is learning how the law works. Laws are essentially the code which builds the matrix of our reality, to know law is to know how to code collective reality into being… and how to unmake it.

Much effort has been invested in telling us false history and obscuring the role of law in our lives. With the invention of the internet, however, it has become easier and easier to deoccult (reveal previously hidden knowledge). So now, anyone with the time and determination can find the information which reveals the nefarious basis of our legal system and the corrupt usurpation of our creator endowed rights by our own “government.”

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient allover the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.”  ― Howard Zinn

Unlike previous generations who were restricted to written tomes which could be priced out of the general public’s hands and thereby removed from their collective knowledge, we can access almost any legal publication, from any era and any country, for free on numerous platforms. We can look up the etymology of any word in seconds to determine its true meaning, and listen to audio books by Plato, Sun Tzu, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, and every great thinker that’s ever published or been written about.

We can also watch videos on demand of other people’s research and thereby build upon each other’s work. The internet has turned knowledge from a creature of the powerful into an open source people driven project. In the aggregate, we are consuming and sharing knowledge at a rate which has never existed on this planet as far as we know, the potential of this is unknowable. The only limit on our ability to learn and share is time.

Learning the full history of law will break your heart, strip you of all the illusions you’ve been fed your whole life, and it will make you want to either lay down and die, or stand up and fight. That is how disgusting, corrupted, racist, and immoral lawmaking has been in America and the West as a whole. The entire foundation of law in the Western world is rotted, immoral, and unjust.

This immoral foundation is why the structures of power today are corrupted because law is based on precedent or “ a judicial decision that serves as an authority for deciding a later case.” Which means that if a law was rotted at inception then all subsequent laws which rely upon it are also rotted. But they do not teach you this in school. They teach you to obey the “laws” without question. They teach that the cops, lawyers, and judges are the ultimate authority on what is right and wrong, and they must be capitulated to as if they are imbued with some sort of divine providence.

These views are the mirror image of the truth. These servants get their “authority” from our consent to governance. We are the beings who have divine providence, and we are the authority figures who must be served. But they don’t serve us, do they? They serve the powerful, which is why I don't consent to their authority. If enough people joined me in dissenting, the government would cease to exist. That's how powerful knowledge of law is. Click To Tweet

Think about the fact that there are thousands and thousands of “laws” on the books in each state which are assumed to apply to everyone. Where we walk, where, how, and if we drive, where and how we shop, how and where we can hunt, where and if we can hike or boat, how and who we must get essential services from, whether we can live off the land or not, how and if we school children. Every aspect of our lives is affected and controlled by an ever-growing list of “laws.” Many of which are designed not to create justice or safety but rather to extort funds from the communities they “service.”

We might know about the nefarious purpose of these “laws” if we taught people about law in school or afterward, but we don’t. We don’t mandate any law education at any level of general education, and we don’t have continuing education for the adult populace. So, how are all people supposed to know all the “laws” which bind their behavior at any given time? And, if they are not educated about law then how can they be held in contract to follow laws under threat of punishment? It is a contractual relationship, and last time I checked no contract is valid without knowing, and willing consent.

Let’s go deeper. Should some law you didn’t even know about be applied to you, what is your recourse? A lawyer, because as any judge will tell you, you are not competent to interpret the laws of this country, only lawyers and judges have that ability. Not even cops are competent to interpret the law. But, if neither cops nor citizens are competent to interpret the law, how can they be held to the standard of following a law they can’t even understand? And, how are cops allowed to enforce “laws” that they are also considered incompetent to interpret? More importantly, if cops are not competent to interpret the law, then how are they authorized to kill human beings based solely on their individual, in the moment, interpretation of what the law is?

This is our legal system, you guys. No joke. You must get a lawyer to “Represent” you because the court sees you as incompetent to understand the very law’s which they claim you are required to know and obey. They see you as so ignorant of the law that they are loath to even address you directly in court. So, they try to compel you to be “represented,” that way they can talk to one of their own peers, who shares their interests instead, and because when you accept representation you have consented to their presumed jurisdiction over you and confirmed to the court that you are indeed incompetent.

It’s a trap, they are compelling you to surrender all of your creator endowed authority under the guise of getting help. Your “representative,” is essentially in collusion with the judge and court, they are both tasked with convincing you that you are required to accept their authority, and they are also incentivized to minimize your access to due process. Long cases cost the court and the attorneys money, and they don’t like that.

Our courthouses are more like slaughterhouses, designed to funnel as many meat suits down the conveyor belt of adjudication as possible each day. That’s why plea deals are the norm and only people with the means can buy their way off the conveyor belt. Private firms are not under the same pressure from the court, they operate based on direct financial incentives.

Does any of this sound like justice to you? This is how twisted and immoral our legal system is at its foundation. They have perverted the hierarchy of authority and placed themselves at the top, declaring all the people incompetent wards of the government. To be ruled and controlled using duress and threat of force and to be held in a contract without the knowledge required for consent. That sounds like enslavement to me, and no person or group has the right to enslave another, period.

Human beings are at the top of the hierarchy of legal authority, but until we have a system which reflects that we will continue to be the assumed slaves of this perverted apparatus. The laws the system crafts are how they enslave us, and we must break those chains. We must understand that they have perverted the “rule of law” to oppress the mass of people. By virtue of their trespasses against us, we have the right to assert our authority in abolishing immoral laws or governments.

Those with power have been perfecting their mind control technics for decades and they have had great success in manufacturing the consent of generations of our forebearers, but at the same time we have been building up an immunity to their manipulations. Now that we finally have access to enough knowledge, I think we have a fighting chance to break free of their control. And we must endeavor to make that happen for ourselves and our fellow man because we are running out of time for this to be resolved peacefully.


The economy will crash, it’s coming, and nothing is being done to stop it. Climate change will continue to devastate unprepared communities and no preparation and mitigation will occur. Our infrastructure will continue to crumble and fail and no one in power will do a damn thing about it but offer their “prayers” over the corpses of our brothers and sisters. Our homeless and hungry population will continue to grow till the rest of the population cannot bear it and the system crashes. Our military industrial complex will continue to lead us into war after war until they bankrupt the country, or they trigger an invasion because the rest of the world has finally had it with our murderous, immoral empire.

We are walking a tightrope of many catastrophes and I don’t care to argue about who is at fault. We need to spend our time thinking about how we resolve this impasse. Those in power now are inviting a violent and chaotic nationwide collapse with their detachment from the suffering of the masses, with their divide and conquer tactics, and with their corruption and hubris.

The powerful know full well that if people were taught the truth of how we arrived here, both legally and historically, then we would understand our inherent right to dissent and create a new government. They know that our knowledge of law undermines the lies they tell to keep us compliant. They have lied to generation after generation in a social engineering project to enslave our minds and manufacture our consent. Only we can end it. They will not reverse course, their project has worked for 240 years… why would they change?

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