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Posts published by “Nico Parco”

Nico is a writer, thinker, traveler and most of all a lover of human culture and our connective narratives. Originally from Utah now living in Columbia, Nico has traveled and lived in endless nations from South Africa to Ethiopia to Italy and beyond. Nico is a writer who loves to share his stories of the encounters he had with strangers and friends alike. Through the pen, Nico connects many as one.

Chengue: 17 Years of Solitude

Once upon a time, Chengue exemplified the simple, peaceful campesino life. And every year, around June 29—a day to commemorate both Peter and Paul—the small pueblo in the tropical hill country south of the Caribbean coast, known as Montes de María, swelled to more than 1,000 people for the local festival. The two-day bacchanals were renowned far and wide for an abundance of food and a wealth of gaiety. Men and women came from as…

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