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AIPAC Owned Bakari Sellers Questions the Activism of Dr. Cornel West

Ina series of outrageous tweets in defense of his now corporate owned friend, Ta-Nehisi Coates; Bakari Sellers decides to question Dr. West’s fight and overall authenticity as a Black Civil Rights Leader.

I’m not sure what pages of history Sellers is referencing but no one can question West’s sacrifice and fight for African Americans, the poor among us nor Black and Brown people the world over. Sellers is a known troll for AIPAC and Israel’s Zionist lobby, nothing that comes out of his shilling mouth should be met with applause nor respect. Dr. West was a 10 year old boy when Dr. King Marched on Washington, and he was 15 years old when he was assassinated, what historical civil rights leader is he making his outrageous comparison with? Was West suppose to be marching and protesting at 10 years of age?

As for Julian Bond, West is still almost 14 years younger than Bond, so why exactly is Sellers making these outrageous comparisons and statements. Sellers along with women like Reid and Rye, play to the low information voters of African Americans; they prey on those who are politically ignorant and intellectually inept. They’re good soldiers for white supremacy in Blackface.

Sellers should be made to retract and/or defend this blatant lie and attack on West, yet many Black people are applauding Sellers because they can’t get past their loyalty to a Black president who did not have a fraction of that same loyalty to the Black community, Africa or Brown people the world over. Black people who are afraid to admit that Obama was the ultimate Manchurian candidate in Blackface, and puppet for the empire.

This outrageous tweet standing with Racist Billionaire Zionist Sheldon Adelson

While Bakari was partying with Racist, Zionist and Trump backer; Sheldon Adelson, while also cashing checks from CNN and AIPAC (that were both paid to him to keep African Americans enslaved to Democratic Establishment and to keep Palestinians physically enslaved and abused by Zionist Apartheid Israel), Dr. West was putting his body on the line to fight against those very systems and people, who equally work to destroy people of color the world over. During all of the many protests shown below that Dr. West participated, you could find Bakari safely shilling on CNN, lying and denying the corruption of the democratic party and defending all things Hillary and Zionist Israel. So, if anyone should be placed under a microscope and motives and activsim questioned, it surely should be Bakari Sellers.

Dr. West — putting himself on the FRONT line in Ferguson
A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
Dr. West with my friend the late Darren Seals #Ferguson
Dr. West Protesting Police Murders in NYC
Dr. West placing his life on the line in Charlottesville, VA


West 2011, Occupy Washington Protesting Against Corporations
Dr. West Standing in Solidarity Against Dakota Pipeline.

These are only a small sample of the work that Dr. West has done on behalf of Black people, poor people and people of color the world over. Bakari Sellers’ father in his one hit wonder of self serving activism, can’t put a candle to the work that Dr. West has done, and if his father approves of his neoliberal and apartheid Israel paid agenda, then nothing his father has ever done is even worthy of historical mentions from African Americans.

It sickens me to see the many Black people who continue to cape for the boughesie, Black Misleadership Academy that people like Bakari, Rye, Blow, Reid, Boykin, Capehart etc., and now Coates have all proudly graduated from… and are equally proud working to continue the oppression of African Americans in Black face.

Lastly, I’m amused (or should I say, I chuckle) at the idea of an educated Black man using the word ‘chuckles’ to describe his father…I don’t know about y’all but if I need someone to fight for me, I will take the prophetic words and righteous fight of Dr. West over the chuckling and tap dancing of Bakari and his father any day.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

Charlie Peach

Charlie Peach

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